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Lilly Vally....

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The Guys come to starbucks after a long night driving and meet Saria....

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Other - Published: 2007-05-23 - Updated: 2007-05-24 - 920 words

You sigh again as you look at the clock okay 25minuets to go and then your free you think as you sigh again.
You hated working the graveyard shift at Starbucks, no one showed up it's like who wants coffee any were between 10p.m to like 3a.m? You almost
cringe when the bell over the door rang, it was so quiet in the coffee shop the bell sound like
Mt. St. Helens blowing it's top. You walk to the counter and see a guy in flannel pj paints and a black t-shirt. You recognize him to be the lead singer of your favorite band almost immediately, but you not being on to jump on superstars and like try to rape them, just smiled and walked to the cash register. "Good morning what can I get for you?"
you asked politely as you could. "Um, well you see were lost and in desperate need of coffee and directions" he says sleepily. You felt bad for him, he probably rocked some kids really hard and had been on a bus for 5hours trying
to get to a hotel to sleep for a bit and then do it all over again the next day. "Well first off let me get you
coffee and then you can tell me what hotel your trying to get to okay?" you ask and he nods his agreement. "Can you hold on a sec I need to get my friends?" he asks and you reply with a court yes before he runs back to the big bus. When he returns he has four slightly tussled boys shuffling behind him. One you know before you ever even see his face is Ray Toro, you
can tell because his blonde ever-so-famous fro is tangled and wild looking. Bob sits down in a booth by the counter and Mikey, Frank and Ray fallow him. You smile at them before
clearing your throat. "Welcome to Starbucks, my name is Saria, what can I get you?" Gerard smiles up at you from his place in the both where he sat down when you had started talking. "We need lattes!" Frank begs and drops his head to the table. "Okay five lattes coming right up" you say walking to make
the coffee. When your done you carry the coffees on a trey to the table. "Okay so the coffee is now taken care of, where you trying to go?" you ask and lean against the counter
behind you. "We are trying to get to Lilly Valley" Gerard says sipping his coffee. "Oh, okay I can show you the way there it's on my way home" you reply happily. "Great!!" Mikey
says trying to smile through his yawn. "You see there's only problem, we don't have reservations" Gerard looks down gloomily. "You are never going to get a room at Lilly Valley at this time of year with out reservations!" you almost shout. Gerard simply nods and you see what there problem was.
"Well you could all of the hotels are full this time of could stay at my house tonight" you say and walk back around the counter, slipping off your green apron and hanging it on its hook. You walk back to them and look at there shocked faces. "Well you could stay here and sleep in the Starbucks parking lot" you reply to there shocked faces. "What did you see a ghost while I was gone?" you ask and look around. Gerard shakes his had and stands up
watching you as you tuck a lose strand of perfectly died black hair behind your ear. "YOU ARE THE MOST FUCKING
AWSOMEST PERSON EVEA!" He says and wraps his arms around you picking you off the floor slightly. "Well I'm not actually, you seem to think I don't know who you are, and you see, I do." you say sheepishly looking down past his shoulder.
His smile only falters for a moment but then he's back to hugging you like your Elvis back from the grave. "Well as long as you don't want to rape me I'm cool with it." Bob says looking at the weird smirk Mikey has on his face.
"Yeah I'm cool with it too." Frank and Ray say in unison obviously fallowing Mikey's train of thought. "I second that" Mikey says and you nod, wondering for a second if Gerard had somehow glued himself to you. "Ummm if you want to sleep I recommend that you let me go so I can get my keys and drive..." you say only slightly irked by Gerard's stasis
like status. "Oh, right" he says letting go and you wonder to the back room to grab your keys and your bag. After retrieving your stuff and giving directions you walk to your car and had just gotten the door open when someone tapped you on your shoulder. You turned to see a flushed Gerard
standing behind you. "Yes?" you ask and Gerard clears his thought. " see me and Frank were wondering if you would allows to ride with you were are sooo tired
of that bus?" he asked in a short breath. "Yeah sure hop in" you say unlocking the doors for Gerard who motioned to
Frank before jumping into the passengers seat. Frank took his time settling in and thanked you before falling to sleep. You drove out of the parking lot and down the dark street with the My Chem bus behind you.....
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