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Part 6:

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Date: 011107, 310108, 120208
Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 never belonged to me and never will. sighs


Part Six:

“You want it? Fine then! I will pass to you the full genetic memory of the Goauld! Do not disappoint me, Nabiki! For I will be watching!” the ponytailed girl answered in a huff as she turned around to face the middle Tendo sister.

“Now hold still!” she ordered.

To Nabiki’s shock and horror, the ponytailed girl’s finger elongated forward like a silvery shaped spear to end in a needle like point which she used to pierce the middle Tendo sister’s skin directly into her brain.

Unable to control her reactions, Nabiki fell backwards in a wordless scream and the world burst into light …

For one brief moment, the middle Tendo sister thought she could see herself as one of the evil Goauld creatures, complete with head dress, robes and weapons.

It had been twenty years since Ranma had passed to her the complete genetic memory of the Goauld but she still remembered the incident with crystal-clear clarity like it was yesterday. It was an experience difficult to put into words.

One moment, she was just an ordinary Japanese school girl in her teens knowing little to nothing about the planets and stars that made up this galaxy … and the very next moment … her mind was filled up with all this knowledge … which was clearly beyond the realm of Earth’s best scientists. It was like she had known each and every one of these things all her life … and it felt as if each and every cell of her being was bursting with this vast and incredible repertoire of knowledge.

There were no adequate words to describe the total sum of the combined knowledge of the Goauld. Centuries upon centuries, lifetimes upon lifetimes of the accumulated knowledge and experience of these cunning and manipulative beings, collected through time ... all of which lay open to her mind’s perusal …

It was incredible.

The ribbon device … the force field generator … the cloaking device … the transporter rings … the hyperdrive … the Hatak Motherships … the Cheops heavy cruisers … the secret of naquadah … the Alkesh bombers … the Deathgliders … the healing device … the Stargate … Nabiki knew all these and more … The mechanics of how each device worked and how they were constructed were all there … both in her mind and subconscious … in detail.

But the biggest wonder of all was the sarcophagus .. the Goauld device use to return a dead person back to life … something deemed to be impossible by 21st century Earth technology and was once thought to be the sole province of the gods. The power of life and death was now possible thanks to the knowledge of the Goauld …

She put a piece of tofu into her mouth and chewed on it while watching her 3-Dimenisional holographic view screen.



Breaking news … from the AD PRESS NETWORK …


The middle Tendo sister’s eyes narrowed slightly while chewing her food.

“Nabiki, the news …”

“I know sis. They have never stopped demonizing me and all my efforts to keep the Earth safe from the Goauld. But I have no choice. We must be ready for them when they return,” the middle Tendo sister spoke with conviction in her voice.

A man in a black suit quickly approached the middle Tendo sister and whispered something in her ear.

“Kasumi … catch you all later … Now I have to go and say a few words to the people,” Nabiki spoke before departing the scene.


The vast hall was already filled to the brim with people waiting to catch a glimpse of the one woman that had single-handedly revolutionalised all of Japan and much of the world. In ten years, her company, Tendo International, had risen rapidly through the world scene from a small obscure company to a mega-sized corporation with all its superior products and tools.

Thanks to her business savvy and sharp acumen Nabiki had been successful in preventing a hostile buyout from its main rival and competitor, Taki-on Technologies. Her company had also survived numerous antitrust actions by the European Union and American Justice Department.

Nabiki studied the scene before her carefully and took a deep breath. Right now … she was giving her usual speech in front of an eager audience … that appeared to lap up her every word.

Fellow brothers and sisters … I wish to briefly illuminate … my struggle against what fate has thrown against us … The time has come … to stand up … in the name of defense … defense of our freedom … our lives … and most of all … our future. For if we do not stand up for ourselves … who will?

The Russians and Chinese label us as power mongers … megalomanics … for doing so … I SAY LET THEM! Let them say the same thing when the Goauld come to Earth! Let them say the same thing when the Goauld enslave their peoples and turn their cities into rubble! Let them say what they wish when the Goauld treat their peoples as cattle and parcel them to the four winds of heaven!

I am not an alarmist! I am a pragmatist! This is the reality of the situation we are in! The powers of the world wish to take away our only means of defense against the enemy under their so-called conventions of peace and security which they claim to promote among the nations of this world.

What peace? I say. What security? The world has never been at peace! Neither has it ever been secure! And we are not talking about peace and security between nations on this world! We are talking about peace and security with those who come from the stars. Can we entrust our survival and security to a piece of paper or document and hope that our enemies will honour them?

An old Chinese military strategist once said,” Do not hope that the enemy will not come for you. Rather …gather your forces and be prepared for them.”

Our enemies do not negotiate with those of inferior might, much less sign treaties with them. The only language they seem to understand is the use of force. And this is what we will give to them! By fighting them with their weapons and knowledge! Yes … brothers and sisters … we will fight fire with fire!

And as for those who disagree with this fact … Let me be clear about one thing … I respect their choices … this is a democratic society after all … let them do so … but remember … we are living on borrowed time! The enemy can come to Earth at anytime they so desire. We must be ready when they return. We can no longer live in our own little worlds where we can just ignore what goes on out there!

Of course there are those who disagree with us … and they have brought it up in the United Nations … claiming that we are starting an arms race … and the fact that we are not sharing our advanced technology with any of them … so they threaten our nation with sanctions … but we shall stand firm! This is not only our sovereignty we are talking about … this is our survival as a species that is at stake here!

For those who would take it from us … from those who would enslave us … to the misguided fools that believe otherwise … living and dying is optional … if they wish to die at the hands of those who wish to enslave us … then so be it!

But I repeat with all emphasis … let me say strongly … they have no right to take us together with them to their graves with their choices!

But I like the rest of the audience and everyone of you … we wish to live and die as a free people! … as a free nation! … we will not bow before anyone who wishes to deny us our means and right to defend ourselves from those who would enslave us … or destroy us … We will die fighting for our lives, our people, our children and most of all … our future. For without a future, there is no hope and without hope there can be no life.

And we will do it all in the name of defense … defense of our freedom … our lives … and most of all … OUR FUTURE!

A thunderous applause shook the vast hall as the audience clapped and cheered for the speaker.

“Premier Nabiki, why hasn’t your country shared any of its advanced knowledge with the rest of the world?” a female reporter asked.

“The Chinese and the Russians are aware of the reasons as to why the Japanese government refuses to share their scientific research with them. Both countries occupy territories that rightfully belong to Japan. The Etorofu, Kunashiri, and Shikotan islands, the Habomai islets next to the La Perouse Strait … the Senkaku-shoto islands and the Exclusive Economic Zone in the East China Sea. Until they both recognize Japanese sovereignty over the disputed territories, they will not receive an iota of our advanced technology,” the female Premier replied boldly.

“Premier Tendo, the Chinese and Russians have regarded your answers as provocative and unbecoming of a national leader. What do you say about that?” another reporter asked.

“I say let them say the same when someone else has occupied parts of their respective countries. Let them practice what they preach. Japan is definitely not a Santa Claus and will not be especially with those who have taken their rightful inheritance. If the Chinese are truly sincere about making peace, they can begin the first step by not consistently reminding their citizens of Japanese atrocities committed during the Second World War. If they do so, they will find that we are more than willing to reciprocate their good will in taking a step in building a bridge between our two peoples into the future,” the middle Tendo sister answered.

“Premier Nabiki, what do you mean by rightful inheritance?” came another question.

“All territories that were part of Japan before the Second World War …They have been unlawfully seized by the Russians and we want them back,” Nabiki answered.

“Premier Tendo, will the Japanese Government use military force in re-claiming all the disputed territories?” came a question from the back of the audience.

“No. We will use all diplomatic means to acquire them back. If China can reclaim Macao and Hong Kong back from the Portuguese and British peacefully, Japan can also reclaim the occupied territories back from the Russians peacefully. Military force is only reserved for those Goauld,” the middle Tendo sister responded.

“Premier Nabiki, could you explain a bit more to us regarding the AGS defense system and what it is?” a woman asked.

“I would be happy to clarify the issue on that matter. The AGS defense system is a satellite defense grid in outer space armed with high energy weapons to destroy incoming enemy vessels ranging from fighter crafts to heavy cruisers. Currently, the system is still in its preliminary stages with two of its defense satellites in orbit. We hope to get at least double that number of satellites by the end of this year,” Nabiki explained.

“Premier Tendo, you claim to be setting up all these defense networks to protect mankind. Why have you not involved any other countries in this matter at all?” a man quickly stepped forward to ask the middle Tendo sister.

“The Russians and Chinese have already charged me with upsetting the balance of power on this world by upgrading all of Japan’s defenses and that’s one country. If I did the same with every country on this world, wouldn’t that make the matter worse?”

“Premier Nabiki, We can understand your hesitation on sharing advanced military technology with the Russians and the Chinese. What we don’t understand is why you will not share them with your American allies?”

“As I said before, I do not wish to further upset the balance of power in this world by providing the American government with advanced military technology. And that is all the questions I will answer for today. Thank you everyone for your attention.”

Later that day …

“How goes the launch?” the middle Tendo sister asked as she toured the launch site with the Royal Family.

A man in military uniform quickly stepped forward.

“Premier Tendo … the Russians and Chinese have threatened military action if you were to continue with the implementation of the AGS defense system.”

“Perhaps we should delay the launching of the AGS defense system,” another of her senior aides suggested.

“No! If they conduct any hostile maneuvers against our country … so will we! We will no longer bow down before their unreasonable demands! The establishment of a sanctuary for humanity against the Goauld is of paramount importance. All other concerns are secondary,” the middle Tendo sister insisted.

“Premier Tendo … the Russians have just launched a missile against one of the two AGS we have in orbit around the Earth,” the General answered.

“Destroy it,” Nabiki ordered.

“The missile has been destroyed,” the man at the console replied.

“The Russians are launching three more missiles!”

“Destroy them all,” the middle Tendo sister ordered coldly.

Nothing was to get in her way of implementing the AGS defense system. She would destroy all of them if she would have to. The AGS defense system was paramount to their survival.

“The Chinese have also launched a series of high-altitude missiles at our satellites!” the man added.

“Destroy all incoming missiles and the launch sites as well,” Nabiki ordered.

“The launch sites? If we open fire on the launch sites, we could wind up destroying their base,” the man answered a little worried.

“Do it!” the middle Tendo sister ordered.

“All the launch sites have been destroyed,” the General answered.

A large holographic projection of a man in business suit appeared before the middle Tendo sister.

“Premier Tendo, the Russians and the Chinese have declared war on us! Multiple ICBMs from various launch sites detected. Incoming fighter squadrons airbases in Harbin and Siberia detected. Chinese naval carrier battle group movements towards Japan has been detected. The Russian North Sea Fleet has been mobilized,” the Minister of Defense announced.

“Open fire on Beijing and Moscow. Let them know that we are not fooling with them,” Nabiki replied coldly.

“The AGS is not in position. Estimated time required to be in position … Two hours for Moscow and thirty minutes for Beijing,” the General answered.

“What about Harbin?” Nabiki asked.

“Estimated time of position … three minutes,” the man at the console replied.

“Have the Shinobi intercept all incoming hostiles,” the middle Tendo sister ordered.

The man quickly keyed in a few commands into his transceiver. On the edge of the solar system, a large aerodynamic-shaped object took off undetected from one of the moon-sized bodies orbiting the sun. It moved rapidly, far faster than any rocket on Earth could ever moved. Upon reaching its destination, it stopped and multiple discharges of energy lanced out from the heavy warship to hit various targets on Earth. Not faraway, a satellite in deep space released a highly concentrated burst of plasma energy simultaneously.

“It is done, Premier Tendo. The AGS-2 is now in position above Harbin,” the man at the console answered.

“Destroy Harbin,” Nabiki ordered.

The defense satellite in orbit above the Earth released a highly concentrated beam of plasma energy that illuminated the dark depths of space surrounding it. Below … a city that functioned as the central nervous system for the Chinese military ceased to exist.

Suddenly Nabiki heard a voice from nowhere … yet she knew recognized it … somehow.

“At 0800 hours EST, the Shinobi opened fire with all its energy weapons on the Chinese and Russian attack forces while orbiting the Earth. All hostiles have been eliminated. At the same time, the AGS defense system released a highly concentrated burst of plasma energy on Harbin. The city has been completely leveled. Estimated deaths are widely believed to be in the tens of millions. Congratulations Nabiki, for having started World War Three,” a female voice spoke.

“Ranma … what are you doing here? I’m busy!” the middle Tendo sister shouted.

“To watch the final scene,” the ponytailed girl answered.

“Behold …” she gestured as several men in military uniform rushed into the underground base.

“Premier Tendo, the Emperor of Japan has stripped you of your Premiership and ordered your arrest with regards to the war crimes you have just committed. Thanks to the destruction of Harbin and the deaths of millions of innocent lives in that city, the Japanese government is now mired in a diplomatic nightmare with the entire world. Even our allies are appalled by your actions and the Security Council is now conducting an emergency session behind closed doors in New York City. The Japanese government has applied for a complete disavowal of all actions that have led to this mess. The penalty will be paid by you and you alone. Now if you will come with us peacefully,” the man who appeared to be the leader of the escort group announced.

‘So they want me to pin the blame on me, eh? I’m not going down without a fight!’ the middle Tendo sister began to seethe while turning her palm to face the group.

Suddenly, without warning a massive ripple-like wave that distorted the surroundings left her palm to knock back the entire group. The men fell to the ground in a heap, grunting it pain.

The General quickly drew his gun to shoot the middle Tendo sister but the shots fired were deflected by a force field that had sprung into existence around her.

“My turn,” Nabiki answered and threw a ripple-like wave at the General from her ribbon device.

The man flew back from her to hit the back of the wall, hard. He did not move again. Nabiki drew out her zat-ni-ktel from her clothes and shot the console operator who had drawn his revolver to shoot her.

The man fell to the ground, groaning in pain. Turning to the rest of the escort group that were slowly getting to the feet, Nabiki opened fire with her weapon. Crackling arcs of energy struck the entire escort group, dropping them to the ground like leaves. Without wasting any further time, the middle Tendo sister operated the console and relayed a secret transmission to the Shinobi that was in orbit around the Earth.

Nabiki quickly left the control room through a secret corridor that had been built into the underground base. It took her less than five minutes to reach the surface. The secret corridor led to an access hatch at the top of the building. Upon arriving at the top of the towering skyscraper, Nabiki glanced around for signs of her escape card from the area.

A minute later she was greeted by military helicopters closing in on her position.

“Nabiki Tendo! You are hereby ordered to surrender or we will opened fire!” a military officer from one of the helicopters spoke through a loud hailer, his voice carried by the wind.

Several soldiers in the combat fatigues of the JSDF leaped down to the ground from the helicopter.

Suddenly, their advance was halted by the sight of a large vessel hovering above the building. It was the Shinobi. Transporter rings blinked into existence around the middle Tendo sister as her face twisted into a nasty smirk.

“Arrest me, then!” the middle Tendo sister shouted as the Goauld transporter rings vanished from sight with their sole passenger.

“Sir! We have a big problem! The Shinobi has gone rogue! It has taken Nabiki Tendo with them!” the military officer spoke through his communications device.

“Premier Tendo what are your orders?” the captain of the Shinobi asked upon seeing Nabiki materialize with the rest of the transporter rings in the chamber.

“Destroy the Diet! All those delegates who betrayed our cause must die!” the middle Tendo sister answered.

“As you command, Premier Tendo. Destroy the Imperial Diet!” the captain ordered and the weapons officer quickly activated the firing mechanism.

It was a good idea to fill up all members of the Shinobi’s crew with soldiers whose single loyalty and devotion was to her alone. Going to the view screen Nabiki watched as a powerful beam of plasma energy reduced the administration building into ashes. And then she remembered something …

No! Kasumi and Soun were still in the administrative building of the Imperial Diet! The middle Tendo sister screamed in horror as realization dawned upon her and then she heard a voice.

“Congratulations Nabiki! You have just destroyed the Imperial Diet! Both the Royal Family, the political delegates, including your family are all dead because of you!” the voice continued.

“No! This can’t be real! It’s all a bad dream! Wake up, Nabiki! Wake up!” the middle Tendo sister shrieked then realized that everyone and everything around her had frozen in their movements.

“What is going on? You once told me that you were able to overcome the evil within the dark knowledge of the Goauld, Nabiki! Look at what has happened! Kasumi is dead! So is your father! The Imperial Diet is destroyed and Harbin lies in ruins because of you!”

“No! No! No!” the middle Tendo sister continued to shriek in a loud voice.

“Not to mention millions of people in China are dead because of you!” the voice continued.

“Didn’t I warn you about the dangers present in the genetic memory of the Goauld? But you scoffed at my warnings! You kept adopting a holier-than-thou attitude towards my words. Fortunately for you, all this is but a dream,” a ponytailed girl stepped up to her.

“A dream?” Nabiki asked in wonder as the scene around her shifted to that of her room.

“How did you deal with it?” the middle Tendo sister asked after she had been able to regain her bearings from the revelation that what had happened to her was just a dream.

“How did I deal with it? I was forced to seal off the knowledge in my genes for a long time through constant meditation and martial arts. Unfortunately for me, at the age of six, Pops had the great idea that I could become an invincible warrior through the Nekoken. The training of the Nekoken requires that the candidate in concern be wrapped in fish products and tossed into a dark pit where hungry cats abound. He threw more into the pit despite my protests day after day. Finally, one day my control over my mind slipped and I descended into madness. I leaped out of the pit in a fury tearing anything and everything around me into shreds. Pops had disappeared by that time since he did not want to deal with the consequences. It took me a few days before I got out of the Nekoken induced madness and to my horror I discovered that the genetic memory of the Goauld within me had become active once again. I was nearly overcome by the evil present in the dark knowledge of the Goauld and I was forced to once again seal off the knowledge through constant meditation from the beginning. Many times I was tempted to use the knowledge to put an end to those who caused me suffering but with great difficulty, I managed to resist the temptation to do so. In the end, it was Pop’s final mistake that saved me. He brought me to Jusenkyo where I got cursed with the form that I am now. Thanks to the absence of the Goauld genetic memory in this form, I was free of the darkness for the first time in my life,” the ponytailed girl explained.

“So that is why you prefer to stay in girl form,” the middle Tendo sister commented.

“Yes, among other things and now it’s time to wake up now, Nabiki!” the ponytailed girl answered and the room around her faded away.


Elsewhere … in another galaxy …

From out of the depths of the spatial anomaly, a large white ship with a saucer shaped body and three thrusters emerged. Written on the sides of the ship in capital letters were the words …



This chapter was inspired by the Stargate episode, “Absolute Power” in which Shifu passes the complete knowledge of the Goauld to Daniel Jackson in a dream.

To all my fanfic readers and reviewers … Thank you very much for your many reviews. I hope to hear more from you … soon. Your reviews have motivated me to spend more and more time on this series than I would normally have. As you can see … I have been writing this more than Chrysalis for sometime now … Your reviews have caused that! grins Thanks one again everyone for your continued support! If I have not replied to your reviews, please forgive me …I have very very limited time.

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