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Part 8:

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Date: 141107, 310108
Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 never belonged to me and never will. sighs


Part Eight:

Captain's Log: Stardate 2406???

It has been two weeks since we arrived in what we perceived to be the Alpha Quadrant in our home universe. As expected things are different. The Vulcan star system does not even exist while Romulus is a prison planet belonging to one of the Goauld. Andoria Prime is a gas giant while Qonos appears to be an uninhabited world. During this time ... we have taken the opportunity to study the various races in this quadrant and compare it to what we have learned about them from the Asgard database. The phasing cloak has proven to be a great help as it has helped to hide us from hostile sensors and alien races.

We are also taking care to log in what we have discovered about this galaxy in our database ... that should we ever return to Federation space ... we may take our knowledge and discoveries with us. The dominant force in all four quadrants of the galaxy appear to be the Goauld System Lords each of whom command a large interstellar fleet crewed by Jaffa warriors to guard their large domains. Their hierarchy is not very different from the old Greek city states in the League of Corinth from Earth's past where they continue to war ruthlessly amongst themselves yet they will unite against a common enemy.

It is this possibility of unity among the Goauld System Lords that the Asgard fear for should the Goauld System Lords ever set aside their enmity and unite into a single cohesive force ... they would become an unstoppable power throughout the galaxy.

We have been patrolling the worlds listed in The Protected Planets Treaty as part of our duty to our Asgard allies. Many of the worlds are in a primitive state ... having yet to reach the industrial stage, much less a state that permits us to contact them without breaking the Prime Directive. As it is ... we are now stationed in orbit around a world under cloak ... where I have permitted the crew to beam down to the surface for a few days of relaxation and recreational activities ...

The world appears to be moderately populated with outlying villages and small towns in the vicinity ... Their technological development appears to be at a pre-industrial development ... We have detected a large source of naquadah in the mountains ...

"Captain ... I'm picking up a large spike of energy similar to that of an incoming wormhole. Whatever it is ... it's coming from that cave ..."

"On screen ...'' the captain ordered.

"A working stargate ..."

"Something's coming through ..."

"Someone ... "


"No ... Our scanners show no traces of Goauld residue in them. They appear to be purely human. They're scanning the environment. From their scans, I would say their technological is comparable to ours ... Maybe they're explorers like us ..." Geordie answered as he studied the readings from the ground through the ship’s sensors.

"Let's find out ... Hail them, No. 1," Riker ordered.

"Aye sir ..."

At first nothing happened happened ... then ...

"Captain ... I'm receiving a transmission ... from the planet below ..."

"Good! It appears they have subspace technology. On screen ..." the captain ordered.

The picture of a man in uniform appeared before them ... For a few seconds both men regarded each other silently ... as though reluctant to make contact ... Finally ... Riker decided to break the silence ...

"Greetings ... I am Captain William Riker of the Federation starship Enterprise ... Guardian for the Asgard Protected Planets Treaty. To whom am I speaking to?" he asked.

"Greetings captain. I am Commander Rakeesh of the Aschen Confederation," came the reply.


"Maybe ... we could have a face to face meeting here ..." the captain spoke.

"How about on the surface?"

"Very well ... in ten minutes ... Worf ... Data ... Deanna and Geordie ... come with me ..."

"Computer ... prepare to beam them five ..."

There was a shimmering light and then ... they found themselves on the surface of the planet ...

"Ahh ... you must be Captain William Riker ..."

"And you must be Commander Rakeesh ..."

"Forgive us for our intrusion ... I did not know that this world had already been claimed by the Asgard."

"And where are you from?"

"We're peaceful explorers from our homeworld of Aschen Prime. Please to meet you ... Though I must say that I'm surprised that the the Asgard Federation had humans among them ..." the man smiled warmly.

"The Federation is made up of many races ... We are acting as emmisaries for the Asgard."

They both exchanged words ... and William being used to standing beside his former captain in making first contact with many alien races did not find himself out of depth with the visitors through the Stargate. They other visitors had also begun speaking with the rest of the Federation crew. The conversation went on long into the evening ...

"This is good. Captain Riker ... this meeting of ours is most auspicious. I must make contact with our leaders to let them know about you and then who knows ... where this will lead?" the commander asked as he got up from the chair.

The man pulled out his datapad ... and then ... a beam of light went through the wormhole of the Stargate ...

A few minutes later ... another beam exited the portal and then the viewscreen lit up ...

The picture of a beautiful blonde woman in white appeared on the screen.

"I am First One Tale-ra, Speaker of the Aschen Assembly ... On behalf of the Aschen people, I invite you and the rest of your crew to a visit on Aschen Prime," the woman implored with a warm smile on her face.

"The Asgard Federation accepts your invitation. We will be there in three days ..."

"Very well ... we will meet in three days ... "

The rest of Commander Rakeesh's team headed back for the Stargate. One by one ... they entered it to disappear through the event horizon. Finally as the last person passes through ... the Stargate powered down ...

As usual ... Data was busy scanning the Stargate ...

Riker tapped his comlink.

"Computer ... five to beam up." Once again the five members of the Enterprise were engulfed by a shimmering light as they disappeared from the face of the planet.


In the briefing room ...

"So Deanna ... what did you think of them?" Riker asked his wife.

"They're very friendly, helpful and good-natured. But I couldn't help but feel that the Aschen were trying to hide something from us," Deanna answered.

"Not surprising. Everyone has their own little secret," the captain agreed.


"Captain ... from what I scanned of their equipment ... it appears that they were here to survey the land its people. Though just the normal scans ... nothing out of the ordinary ... " the aged android replied.


"They have the stench of the Romulans," the Klingon security officer answered.

"Still ... that is no reason to suspect them of any crime. So ... what did you think they were trying to do on this world?" Riker asked again.

"They were planning on do something ... Our sudden appearance put them off. So much so that whatever they were going to do ... they just stopped doing it ..." Geordie answered.

"Well ... what it is ... those Aschens were doing ... we're going to find out one way or another ... in three days time ..." Riker answered.

Three days time ... everybody thought.


Three days later ... in the private chambers of the First One ...

"So what do you think of Aschen Prime, Captain Riker?" asked the beautiful blonde woman in white again.

"It is an amazing place. Your world is beautiful. The people seemed so free of worries ..." Riker answered.

"A pity there are not more worlds like this," she commented.

"With forces like the Goauld running loose ... they're destroying everything," the First One continued.

Riker could not really stop taking his eyes off the woman. Oftentimes it seemed that the woman was working hard at trying to seduce him. At other times ... she just seemed to be just frustratingly friendly. In the end ... the captain put it down as some cultural thing that he must put up with ...

"First One Tale-ra ..." he answered again.

"Tale-ra will do captain ... there is no need to be so formal between friends and allies like us. Would you care for another drink, captain?" the gorgeous woman answered once again as she swept up a goblet of the blue-coloured drink that the captain was beginning to really enjoy.

"Thank you," Riker answered as he put it to his lips.

"What is this?" he asked.

"This is a product of an old favourite on Aschen Prime, captain," the woman answered warmly.

"There are many more drinks like this ..." she added, her eyes never leaving the captain's.

"So where do we go from here?" the captain asked, lifting up the goblet to his lips again.

"From here? Our journey is long but our destiny would be glorious ..." the Aschen leader answered.


"Peace ... and security ... through unity ... throughout the galaxy ... Think of it, my dear Willam ... of the potential opportunities this situation presents ... The Asgard Federation and the Aschen Confederation standing side-by-side in the face of tyranny and oppression. All the races under our protection ..."

"You don't mean ..."

"But I do, William Riker ... I have talked it over with the Assembly and they have agreed to my proposal ..."


"Yes! Something that has not been done in a thousand years! Something that should have been done a long time ago! I propose an alliance between our two civillisations - the Aschen Confederation and the Asgard Federation. A strong alliance such as this ... one that would deliver a powerful message to all would-be conquerors and ruthless tyrants bent on galactic domination. The Great Powers would no longer stand by and do nothing in the presence of tyranny and enslavement. The combined might of both the Asgard Federation and the Aschen Confederation would be more than enough to give them pause," the beautiful woman before him explained.

"I need time to discuss this with my fellow commanders in the High Council." the Federation captain answered.

"Take your time, captain. But remember ... an opportunity like this may never come again," the woman spoke, her sweet yet innocent smile never leaving her beautiful face …


"Your offer of an alliance is deeply appreciated by the Asgard and its allies. I will submit your proposal to the High Council, First One Tale-ra, but as you know ... this is so sudden and ...," Riker answered.

"We've just met. I understand your caution, Captain Riker as I would not have done any different were I in your shoes. Maybe we should get to know each other better," the woman smiled deeply as she closed the distance with the Federation Captain until her face was almost touching his.

"Yes, of course ... but relationships do take time to build. We could begin with a cultural ex-" Riker replied when his com-badge suddenly beeped.

"Excuse me, First One," the Captain spoke as he tapped his badge.

"Captain ... our Asgard transmitters are receiving an emergency signal from Bellas-4. The locals are requesting Asgard assistance in dealing with an attack by the gods," Geordi spoke.

"Sounds like the Goauld. First One Tale-ra, I have matters to attend to. I must leave now," the Federation captain stated.

"Understood. We shall meet again," the beautiful woman smiled as she nodded her head.

The Federation captain bid her farewell and left the chambers.

The First One keyed in a few commands into the system. The holographic picture of a military officer appeared in front of her.

"First One Tale-ra, what can I do for you?" the man asked.

"Have the Federation envoys left through the Stargate?" the woman asked.

"They have, First One Tale-ra." the man answered.

"Keep me informed of the situation. Do not attempt anything that might arouse their suspicion. We are dealing with an advanced alien culture here, one that is at the very least as advanced as our own. The usual package accompanying our gifts to other races must not be added until we have gained their trust. In the meantime, obtaining a full and complete understanding of their strengths and weaknesses is a priority," the woman ordered.

"Understood, First One Tale-ra," the military officer answered.

"That would be all," the woman concluded and the holographic projection disappeared.


Aboard the Enterprise ...

"So what is happening?" the Federation captain asked.

"Three Goauld ships identified as Hatak-class motherships exited hyperspace about fifteen minutes ago, Sir. Captain Beverly Crusher is dealing with them now," his First Officer answered.

"Hail the alien vessel," Riker ordered.

The picture of an imperious looking man with an insignia appeared on his forehead appeared on the screen.

"This is Captain William Riker of the Federation starship Enterprise. Your ships are in violation of the Protected Planets-," Riker added before the man in front of him interrupted his greeting.

"Your affiliations and desires are of no concern to us. You shall all serve Sokar, your new god, or be destroyed!" the man proclaimed in a loud voice.


"Sir ... they're powering up their weapons ..." the Security Officer announced.

"Evasive maneuvers. Target all weapon systems and shields," the Federation captain ordered.

An explosion rocked the Enterprise.

"Shields down to ninety percent. Targeting weapon emplacements with heavy phasers."

There was an explosion as phaser blasts struck the shields of one of the pyramid ships.

"Enemy shields down to fifty percent," Worf spoke.

Another powerful discharge of energy lanced from another pyramid-shaped ship to hit the Enterprise.

"Shield strength down to seventy-two percent," the Security Officer answered.

"Maintain fire on the first ship. How's the Defender doing?" the Federation captain asked.

As if in answer, the viewscreen revealed the Beliskner heavy cruiser in mortal combat with the third Hatak mothership.

A blast of energy lanced out from the top of the pyramid-shaped ship to hit the Beliskner heavy cruiser's shields.

"Shield strength of the Defender has dropped to ninety-five percent," the Klingon Security Chief answered.

An explosion rocked the Enterprise.

"Our shields are now at sixty percent," the Klingon officer added.

A second explosion rocked the Enterprise.

"Shields down to forty percent."

"All heavy phasers on the first Hatak mothership."

The Enterprise made a turn and then unleashed an entire volley of heavy phaser blasts on the first Hatak mothership, collapsing the shields almost immediately. A second volley of medium phaser blasts struck the top of the pyramid, destroying its main weapon system.

"Their primary weapon system has been disabled."

The Defender fired one shot at the third Hatak mothership ... destroying the shield instantly and a second shot hit the top of the pyramind, slicing through the hull of the ship faster than a hot knife through butter. Consequently, cutting the ship into two pieces.

"Target the second ship with our mega-phasers and fire."

Powerful beams of energy, capable of destroying Kingon heavy cruisers in a single hit, left the Enterprise and struck the shields of the second Hatak mothership. The shields held out for a brief instant before the long, continuous blasts tore through the ship, punturing it like a spear through soft meat.

"Hail the enemy vessel." the Federation captain ordered.

The face of an angry Jaffa commander appeared on the viewscreen.

"You will pay for this with agonizing death, human! Our god, Sokar will not forgive this insolent attack! Surrender and perhaps he will show mercy."

"Now ... let me get this straight. Your ships are all but disabled and you're still trying to threaten me? Let me put this in very simple words for you to understand. You have five seconds to get your ships out of here before we reduce them to space debris," the captain warned.

"Federation scum!" the furious Jaffa commander cursed.

"Four." The Federation captain began counting down.

"You haven't heard the last of this matter!" the Jaffa commander threatened.


"You will be hunted down and your crew tortured for hundreds of years!" he added.


On the Jaffa commander's ship, one of his Jaffa officers spoke to him.

"They're powering up their weapons. We cannot survive another strike like this! Let us return. Our master, Sokar must be told!"


"Prepare for hyperspace travel now!"

A hyperspace window opened up in the depths of space. The three heavily damaged Hatak motherships took off for the window and then it disappeared like it never was.

"Well so much for that. I guess the Asgard were right about having to check up on the Protected Planets every once in a while. Never know when this Goauld System Lords may decide to brave the wrath of the Asgard. Oh yes ... Data ... check the Asgard database for Sokar."

"There is none sir."

"None? Check it again." the Federation captain ordered.

"I have checked the database a total of one thousand, two-hundred and twenty-three times. There is no such Goauld System Lord in the entire Asgard database," the android answered.

"So we are truly heading into the unknown," Riker concluded.

"Is he a minor Goauld then?" Beverly asked.

"Unlikely sir," Data answered by way of reply to the second Federation captain.

"Explain." Riker ordered.

"No minor Goauld would dare risk breaking the Protected Planets Treaty for fear of bringing down the combined might of the Goauld System Lords on their heads since the Goauld System Lords do not wish to risk the wrath of the Asgard," the android explained.

"So whoever this Sokar is … he is no ordinary Goauld," the Federation captain concluded.

“Either that. Or a very stupid one,” Beverly answered.

"Logically, it would be unknown and powerful, sir. Especially since this Sokar does not seem at all concerned about the threat of possible retaliation by the rest of the Goauld System Lords or even the Asgard," the android added.

"This could be a problem," Geordie commented upon remembering the tense exchange with the furious Jaffa commander.

No sooner had he spoken these words, however, when alarm klaxons rang all over the ship.

"Sir! Multiple hyperspace windows opening all over the system!" the android spoke.

On the viewscreens they could see ship after ship exiting the vortexes in deep space.

"Total estimates quickly, Data."

"Thirty-two Hatak motherships and one Rashka-class mothership. We're outnumbered and outgunned," the android announced.

As they heard the android's words, a sinking feeling of doom penetrated the hearts of both captains and their ships.

"Data ... contact Thor immediately," Riker ordered his First Officer.

"Sir ... I'm trying but the transmission is not getting through somehow," the android spoke.

"Not getting through? Is it being jammed?" the Federation captain answered grimly, the worry evident in his voice.

“Still checking sir,” the android answered.

Riker went through the remaining options in his head. None of them were good. The Asgard could not be reached for the moment and even then there was no guarantee the Asgard fleet would be able to help them, busy as they were dealing with the Replicator menace in their galaxy.

"Sir ... the fleet ships. They're powering up their weapons," Worf warned.

"Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Worf. Data, contact the Aschen. Tell them we need help immediately," the Federation captain ordered.

"Are you sure, sir?" Data asked.

"We have no choice. Emergency transmission now!" Riker commanded as the Enterprise shook from multiple energy blasts hitting the shields of the Enterprise.

To be continued …


Synopsis: Faced with the threat of complete and utter annihilation at the hands of Sokar’s fleet, Riker has decided to ask the newly-contacted Aschen for help. But is this action the right one to their current predicament? What will it cost them? And furthermore what are the Aschens up to?



To all my fanfic readers and reviewers … Thank you very much for your many reviews. I hope to hear more from you … soon. Your reviews have motivated me to spend more and more time on this series than I would normally have. As you can see … I have been writing this more than Chrysalis for sometime now … Your reviews have caused that! grins Thanks one again everyone for your continued support! If I have not replied to your reviews, please forgive me …I have very very limited time.

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