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Part 10:

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Date: 030107, 310108
Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 never belonged to me and never will. sighs


Part Ten:

The last chevron clicked into place. A ripple of spacetime erupted from the Stargate, bathing the area in its dimensional energies. The Stargate had once again opened its portals to another world within the Stargate network.

Even after so many times of watching the gateway opening ... the Jusenkyo-cursed martial artist still could not fail but marvel at the ingenuity of the device and its creators ... and wondered if the spacefold effects could be duplicated by martial arts maneuvers. She had accomplished ki-blasts, ki-bombs, ki shields, ki-cloak (invisibility) and ki-clones. Was it not possible to duplicate teleportation with martial arts techniques? The ability to travel instantenously from one position to another position in the galaxy without involving the time factor? Not to mention it would be a great advantage in any conflict.

And there was also the time dilation factor with speed. Unlike canon Ranma, this particular Ranma was well aware that no one or object would be able to reach the speed of light in the conventional sense. Not to mention that said object would be vaporised long before said speed was reached.

The lightspeed barrier was the one big hurdle that eventually she would have to overcome. It was impossible to modern day scientists but to Ranma, she knew that she would have to work her away around that problem when she came to it.

The principles behind the inner workings of the Stargate had given her useful insights into overcoming this problem. Should she overcome the light speed barrier ... she would be able to travel through space without involving time ...

The possibilities were endless.

It was an impossible situation ... but the Stargate itself was the key to it ... not to mention ... the Jusenkyo-cursed martial artist thrived on impossible situations. This also brought her mind back to the time when and where she had acquired the Stargate.

Long before her drone had brought the metal pieces to her, Ranma knew that it was not Earth-born technology that she was dealing with. For one thing, the technology of the that she was dealing with was very advanced even by her standards. The metal pieces that she had examined revealed themselves to be parts of a drone similar to those she had created ... yet it had subspace transmitters that functioned on different wavelengths from those she had created.

Also its core programming was different from her drones' core programming. For one thing, she would NEVER use the command line 'REPLICATE AT ALL COSTS' as part of her drones' core programming. Such a move would have a tendency to backfire on the creator and she wondered as to who in all of existence would have been SO stupid as to do such a thing.

Meanwhile ...

Hundreds of lights away on an abandoned planet ... in a deep hidden vault beneath the surface of the planet ... an offline female android did the gesture equivalent of a sneeze.


In a hidden room somewhere ... in Washington DC ... several figures in business suits and ties were having a meeting.

"Any luck so far on Taki-on Technologies?" a voice belonging to one of the men in room asked.

"So far, all direct infiltrations into Taki-on Technologies have met with failure. We might have to use third party help in this matter," one man spoke up.

The rest of the people in the room became silent.

"We have contacted ECHELON and they have asked for payment," he added.

"How much are they asking?" another person asked.

"One billion Euros ... upfront for the information they currently have. Two billion more upon completion of the assignment," he answered.

"That's outright robbery!" one of the men at the meeting exclaimed.

"They further stated that whatever information they have now regarding Taki-on Technologies was obtained at the cost of many lives. They had never encountered such difficulty in acquiring information from a private organisation before," the man continued.

"Very well ... give them what they want," one of the men answered.

"You can't be serious ...Sir! One billion Euros!" another man countered.

"I can and I will! You forget that I am the Chief of the Joint Staffs Committee. I am well within my rights to authorise this! Do it!" the man seating at the head of the table responded.

The man at the table keyed in a password to his private accounts and did the transfers accordingly.

"Data transfer from remote link in progress. Data transfer complete. And now for what they have ..." the man answered.


As usual the Jusenkyo-cursed martial artist stepped through the event horizon of the Stargate fearlessly though aware of the danger that such a trip would create. The Stargate rippled and Ranma found himself in a dark world. Quickly ... she extended her sensor range in both the bio and electromagnetic spectrum.

Something was wrong with the planet though. The weather appeared to be going wild ... She picked up several life force signatures two hundred meters away and judging from those signatures ... they were human. Some were weak indicating that they had been injured ... The ground beneath she feet shook.

The Jusenkyo cursed martial artist quickly made up her mind. Innocent lives were at stake here. She could not just leave them to the mercy of this dying world. Without any further hesitation, she ran all the way to meet them. As usual, several of her metal companions followed her.


Omoc and his team were the last members of the mighty Tollan civillisation to leave their homeworld. They had stayed till the last second to perform one final duty ... bury the Stargate to their homeworld forever ... so that no unfortunate soul might venture through it and become trapped on their dying world.

Oh ... there were many things that Omoc regretted. This was one such incident. His people, the Tollans were an advanced race living well in this star system ... that was until somebody in the Curia got the smart idea to give the less advanced people of Serita who lived in their system with the secret to unlimited energy as a goodwill gesture.

Oh ... he and a few others had tried to warn the Curia then ... He especially as he had been against it from the start but did they listen? No ... instead poor old Omoc was labeled as old-fashioned ... rigid ... not willing to adopt change ... selfish ... senile ... Not willing to help out their neighbours on Serita like that Noran who had been loudest in saying they should be generous and share their knowledge with their neighbours.

And all to what end? Now Serita no longer existed ... its people wiped out in one planet cycle around the sun after they took the opportunity to wage war on their neighbours with renewed vigor as soon as they had applied the new knowledge to the use of their weapons.

And as for their home world ... it had been shifted out of orbit by the destruction of Serita, making it uninhabitable. Now the Curia listened ... but it was too late for Serita and for their own planet. And as for him, he and a few select others were back to bury the Stargate for good. Unfortunately ... the unstable planets had other ideas for them as it shook from the ever increasing volcanic activity.

The elderly Tollan cursed beneath his breath. A few members of his team were already incapacitated by the latest volcanic activity ... This mission was turning out to be a disaster ... when his eyes caught sight of something that he couldn't quite believe ... a lone girl bounding towards him and his companions at blinding speed.

She came to a sudden stop in front of them and spoke a few words that Omoc could not understand. He activated the language translation device and ...

"You have all got to get out of here now! This place is going to go to hell in a few minutes!" the girl shouted.

Looking at the rest of his team ... they quickly agreed and much to their surprise ... strange mechanical contraptions on four legs appeared out of thin air all around them.


The elderly Tollan involuntarily raised an eyebrow.

A platform of energy appeared beside them complete with seats.

The elderly Tollan's eyes widened as he moved forward to touch the energy. It was solid to the touch!

What kind of technology was this?

"Hurry up and get on it. We will carry you to the Stargate!" the girl shouted.

At once, several more of those mechanical drones appeared and quickly moved the entire group into the 'carriage'. It closed up and Omoc noticed several members of his team scanning the strange carriage, the drones and finally the girl ... as the carriage moved at an unbelievable speed towards the Stargate.

"The girl ... she's not human," a voice next to him spoke.

"Not human?" he turned towards the speaker for an explanation.

"She's an android. A very advanced android. She's like one of those metal drones. I've never seen anything like her or one of those drones before," he said.

The elderly Tollan sighed in relief. If the girl android was very advanced like Narim said, then it was most likely the society they were going to was very advanced as well. No danger of contaminating a less advanced culture with their more advanced technology.

Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance ... but the elderly Tollan dismissed it as yet another instability of the planet's ecosystem failing.


"The energy they're using ... it's actually all bio-energy," Narim added.

"Bio-energy? How?" the elderly Tollan asked.

"Whatever the girl android's doing, she's able to manipulate bio-energy on a scale I've never seen before. She's able to create solid objects out of pure bio-energy. Not only that ... she's doing it mentally as well without the need for an interface," the younger Tollan answered.

"That's ..."

"Unheard of. I know and her nanites ... they communicate through some form of subspace nano-transmitters."

"Subspace ... so the culture she comes from has subspace technology as well."

"It would appear so. Do you know what this means? Finally we are coming into contact with a race other than the Goauld whose technology is on par with ours. No danger of contaminating lesser cultures with our knowledge," the younger Tollan answered excitedly.

Thunder continued to rumble ominously in the background. The two Tollans as well as the others continued to dismiss it as a sign of their dying world.


The 'carriage' moved at an amazing rate until before long ... they had arrived at the Stargate ... in a split second they went through the event horizon of the Stargate to find themselves in a very dark place. The sudden change to complete darkness startled the Tollan survivors until ... the surroundings lit up to reveal nothing ... they found the carriage they were sitting on floating on nothing ...

The android girl appeared to be standing on nothing ... so was the Stargate ... and the rest of the strange mechanical drones ...

"Please activate your gas tanks or life support systems ... there is no breathable air in your surroudings," the ponytailed girl warned.

The Tollan survivors quickly did as they were told. Omoc studied his surroundings with his scanning device carefully. There appeared to be no ground to step on ... there was nothing but miles upon miles of nothingness. Still his feet settled on solid nothingness ... much to his disbelief and unease.

"What is this place?" one of the Tollan asked.

"This is a subspace dimensional pocket. I created it myself to store all my items as well as the things that I found. I find it very useful ... It can store an unlimited number of things. Not to mention it lies outside the timeline of the universe. So we will arrive at the place the same time that I entered," the ponytailed girl answered.

"Subspace application technology ... It was an idea that we never got to carry out due to the inherent dangers involved and lack of support from the Curia ... " one of the Tollans commented.

"Did you anchor this dimensional pocket of yours somewhere to the outside world?" One of the Tollan asked.

"Yes I did. We should ... there ..." the ponytailed girl answered and the scenery changed suddenly to that of a nice fenced up garden with a fish pond and a large house in Tokyo.

The Tollan were caught by surprised by this sudden change of scenery and instinctively scanned their surroundings. Much to their dismay, they found it to be primitive.

"Why have you brought us here?" Omoc asked.

"You were in danger ... and living in one of my subspace dimensional pockets was out of the question. It was not suited for organic life though it was great for my creations and me," the ponytailed girl answered.

Before the elderly Tollan could speak any further on the matter, the door to the house opened to reveal a sight that none of the Tollan would ever forget ... the Angel of Nerima. Narim's heart nearly missed a beat at the sight of the eldest Tendo sister.

"Ranma! You're back! Dinner's ready! Are these people friends of yours? You can all come in and join us for dinner," the eldest Tendo sister invited

Omoc was about to turn it down but Kasumi's charming smile was too much even for him. He reluctantly agreed to the invitation and entered the Tendo home with his comrades. Narim was especially pleased with the acceptance. Throughout the meal, he could be seen trying to strike a conversation with the eldest Tendo sister.

Akane glared at the man's perverted antics. She would take care of him as soon as Ranma's companions had left the scene. Yup ... they had tied down all her attempts to attack Ranma's friends in the past and she was warned against those actions with dire consequenses for her part in the attacks no matter how subtle.

Nabiki simply studied the newcomers with an unreadable expression on her face.

"So, where're you from?" the middle Tendo sister asked nonchalantly.

Korel, another member of the Tollan expedition was about to answer when a splash of water turned the fat man in a gi into a panda in a gi. The Tollan arrivals simply raised an eyebrow at the scene and one of them pulled out a scanning device on the man-now-turned-panda. Nabiki barely concealed her greed at the Tollan scanning device and quickly made an offer to them.

"How much for that device?" the middle Tendo sister asked.

The Tollans simply looked at her before resuming their own dinner and conversation in a language that she did not understand. Somewhat irked at their ignorance of her, Nabiki nonetheless tried again.

"I can put you in touch with some people for that device alone. They can make you very, very rich," she said as sweetly as she could.

The elderly Tollan frowned at her words.

"Your offers of monetary rewards are meaningless to us," he answered.

"I'm sure we could come to sort of an agreement," Nabiki tried again.

"We do not share our knowledge with less advanced cultures. This is for your own protection as much as it is for ours," he added firmly.

Ranma listened carefully but did not say a word.

"Why are you people so opposed to a technology transfer? I'm sure we can make it beneficial for the both of us," the middle Tendo asked ... trying with everything that she had including the dreaded puppy-dog eyes attack.

The elderly Tollan remained firm.

Korel shook his head.

"Let me tell you a story and maybe you will understand. About three planet cycles ago ... the Curia decided to approve a technology transfer to a less advanced culture on the world of Serita. We gave them the secret of producing unlimited energy. Within one planet cycle around the sun, Serita was destroyed in a civil war by the warring factions of the planet. The destruction of the planet pushed our homeworld out of its original orbit around the sun to a new one closer to it. This shift in planetary orbit caused a massive upheaval on our home world that destroyed our planet's ecosystem and forced our entire population to evacuate to a new world with every single vessel that we had. Since that time, the Curia has made it illegal to share our knowledge and technology with less advanced cultures. This is for your own protection as much as it is for ours," the younger Tollan explained.

"I'm sure we can still come to an agreement," Nabiki tried.

"No." The Tollan answered and ignored any further questions by the middle Tendo sister.

The gall of them. Those aliens. How dare they ignore Tendo Nabiki! No one ignored the middle Tendo sister and got away with them. Those Tollans, or whatever they called themselves were going to regret they had ever crossed her. She was going to make them regret it! They would wish they had never been born.

Nabiki Tendo was going to have her revenge!


In the garden outside the Tendo Dojo ...

A discussion was taking place.

"This world is more primitive than ours. We wish to go back to Tollana," the elderly Tollan added in disgust.

"Not for long. Once I have upgraded this world's technology to my standards, efficiency will increase by more than eight hundred times and will surpass even your culture," came the reply as the ponytailed girl petted one of her metal companions affectionately.

"You can't be serious! This would be nothing short of a disaster!" the other Tollan countered.

"Don't worry. This world will be my responsiblity. You worry about yours. A ship will be here to pick you up soon. I have made arrangements," the ponytailed girl answered.

At that moment ...

They could hear police sirens in the distance.

"Nabiki. Guess I was not the only one to make arrangements," the ponytailed girl commented.

'Who would have ever thought that she was such a sore loser?' the ponytailed girl wondered.

Scores of armed men in black clothing and gear streamed out of their black vehicles to surround the premises.

"COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP! WE HAVE THE BUILDING SURROUNDED!" a voice rang out from around them.


Elsewhere ... in a secret meeting room ...

"Unbelievable," one man spoke.

"If what ECHELON has provided us with is true then the world is in danger like nothing we've ever seen before," another man answered.

"Just how powerful are these Zoanoids anyway?" asked a third man.

"I would say they are more than a match for any of the Jaffa or the Goauld," a man in military uniform spoke.

"If ECHELON is aware of this threat then several other branches of the government should ... shouldn't they be aware of it?" asked another man.

"They are ... but they fear the power of the Chronos Group ... the parental management of Taki-on, correction Tachyon Technologies," the first man answered.

"Is the fear justified?" asked the leader of the men meeting in the room.

"We have always suspected the existence of a controlling force manipulating scenes from the shadows on this world. Some say the Illuminati ... others say religious orders ... but whatever this power was, it had to transcend national, racial, cultural and religious boundaries. It also had to transcend time itself if it was to carry out its hidden agenda through the ages. The trouble was no one could ever prove it ... until now," the man in military uniform explained.

"Those dirty creeps! Manipulating us like puppets for their own agendas! Who do they think they are? They ought to be shot!" the second man shouted.

"We always thought the power to be terrestrial. We never gave a second thought that the force might be extra-terrestrial in nature," a third man commented.

"ECHELON has indeed provided us with valuable data regarding the opposition we are facing. Our worst fears have finally been realised. Tachyon Technologies is nothing more than a front for a secret takeover of the entire world by a hostile alien force. We now know about the Zoanoid creatures and what they're after. Their target is a man called Sho Fukumachi and a weapon of unlimited power known only as the Guyver," the leader of the committee announced.

"We must find him before they do," the Chief of the Joint-Staff Committee added.


To all my fanfic readers and reviewers … Thank you very much for your many reviews. I hope to hear more from you … soon. Your reviews have motivated me to spend more and more time on this series than I would normally have. As you can see … I have been writing this more than Chrysalis for sometime now … Your reviews have caused that! grins Thanks one again everyone for your continued support! If I have not replied to your reviews, please forgive me …I have very very limited time.

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