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Based off of a dream I had...kinda random

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Once upon a time, there lived a guy named Frank. His last name wasn't Iero, because this is not fan fiction. So one day, Frank is walking down the street. He looks up to the sky and spots an airplane. With a curious expression, he asks no one in particular how that got there. Out of his pocket, he pulls out a ladder and puts it up to the airplane. He climbs up steadily and stumbles inside into a giant room. He nervously walks to the cockpit, unsure of who owned this thing. It might've been someone scary like Arnold Schwarzenegger for all he knew. He taps the pilot on the shoulder and is recognizes Gerard Way. Except, this isn't fanfiction so Frank just wrinkles his nose.

"You smell funny!" he shouts before jumping out of the airplane.

He lands on his feet, and continues walking. Further along the road, he sees a bleeding girl on the ground. A knife is plunged into her chest and she screams for help. Frank walks up close to her.

"What do I do?" he asks.

The girl doesn't answer. She seems kind of busy screaming in agony. Frank reaches out to pull the knife out of her heart, but she screams in protests.

"If you pull it out, I'll die!" she yells.

Frank shrugs and pulls out the dagger anyway. The girl falls over, limp. Frank nervously flees the scene. So he carries on with his walk, whistling happily along the way. Little did he know that girl got resurrected by a magical man who looks like Jared Leto (but it's not him because this isn't fanfiction) and she wants revenge.

Frank hears something behind him and turns around...nobody's in sight. Hyperventilating, he takes another step. He feels breathing on his neck and spins around. He shrieks, seeing Darth Vader. Except any action would turn this into fanfiction, so Darth Vader rips off his mask revaling...THE DEAD GIRL!

This starts a whole panic attack, and then the girl chases him around town. Frank is panting and he thinks he can't run anymore. He glimpses over his shoulder, spying the girl hot on his trail. Conveniently, he slams into someone. He gasps when he sees Mikey Way. However, there's this little problem that this isn't fanfiction, so Mikey shouldn't be there. But honestly--Frank doesn't give a shit! Mikey hands Frank a ticket to the most beautiful city ever--Paris. Frank mumbles a thank you and floats up into the air. He lands in that same airplane he was in earlier.

Hours later, he's sitting on top of the Eiffel tower, eating a croissant and feeling the French air on his face. His happiness wasn't gonna last, though, because the dead stalker girl also manages to reach France. But she got a pair of magical flying shoes! She spots Frank and flies up to him. He screeches and jumps off the Eiffel Tower, the whole 1063 feet. He runs around Paris, flailing his arms. He's too terrified to scream for help, and anyway the french people wouldn't understand. He rubs his temples as he continues his sprint, going down a dark alley. Suddenly, he trips over a cardboard box. He looks inside to find none other than Gerard Way! That guy in the airplane!

"EW!" Frank exclaims, "It's you!"

Gerard frowns at him and says something in french. Frank really doesn't care, because he hears the freaky girl's cries behind him. He grabs Gerard by the collar and pulls him out of the box. He takes the spot and crouches down.

So then, the girl couldn't find him and he lived happily ever after inside his box in France.

The End.
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