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I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake

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I sat patiently in my living room with my sister Jessica, or JJ, while maintenance changed my locks. Pete had a key and I didn't want him getting into my place. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to move again. I sipped on my coke as JJ flipped through the channels.

"Nope... nope... nope..." a Fall Out Boy video was one. "Definietly not," she changed it again and left it on some random talkshow. "So after the locks get changed are we going shopping?" JJ looked over at me.

"Yeah, I need to clear my head before my date tonight, and find something to wear," I said nonchalantly as if that would be easy to do.

"Pete's a bastard, just forget about him. You need someone with less baggage," and she was right. I did need less drama in my life. And Pete had been acting like a bastard by leading me on. Ashlee had no idea about the two of us and I feel bad for her. She was so naive when it came to our Peter. She didn't think he was capable of doing anything bad. But he was, oh boy he was.

"Well I finished the locks, here's two keys. If you have any problems with them just let me know," the maintenance guy said as he handed me two silver keys.

"Thanks," and with that he left. "Ok, let's go shopping."

We parked our car along the strip of shops and stopped into Starbucks first thing. It was still decently early and I had been up all night crying. I needed my caffiene. Too bad coffee in general makes me think of him. When we walked in I was almost paranoid that he'd be there. He knew that I came to this Starbucks all the time, and he usually joined me. His usual Starbucks was on the other side of town, but I was still paranoid. I looked around and was relieved. No Pete.

We ordered our coffee and left Starbucks drama free. I love the caramel coffee taste that danced across my tongue and I was almost instantly woken up. Then within seconds I was instantly irritated. My Sidekick went off. Fucking Wentz, leave me alone. I pulled it out and read the message. Sure you're sorry asshole. You're just mad that you won't have multiple hearts to break at one time. Can't believe he expects me to actually respond to him. I think it's time to change my number again.

JJ pulled me into a store filled with clothes. I looked through the whole store and didn't really feel like shopping. I can't believe he took that from me! JJ had an armful of stuff.

"I so can't afford any of this shit but I'm going to buy it anyways," she continued as she skimmed through the racks of clothes.

I shook my head and dialed T-Mobile and successfully changed my number. Within 24 hours Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III would no longer be able to contact me via cellphone.

JJ and I shopped for a few more hours before I headed back to my loft apartment, which Pete had paid for and put in my name. Pete was sitting against the wall by my door.

"Why are you here?" I said as I stomped my way to my door and searched for my keys.

"To see you, Kristin I wanted to apolo..."

"Shut up Pete, just stop talking! You had your chance and I don't want you around. You don't care about me or Ashlee."

"That's not true! I think about you constantly and just this one day apart is driving me insane. I don't care about Ashlee like I care about you."

"But you're with her and you haven't left her. Why don't you just go and write a fucking song about it. That's the only thing you're good at," I opened my door, walked in and went to slam it and Pete stopped me.

"Don't be like this please,"

"Pete, go away, please," I said as I tried to hold back tears.

"Is that really what you want?" He said with fear in his eyes. I nodded and he just pulled his hood up over his head and walked down the hall to the elevator and I shut my door and fell into a fit of sobs. So much for looking great for my date. I think I'm going to cancel.
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