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For Now

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Yuki and Zero indulge in something that they both seek, Kuran is a little disappointed. ONE-SHOT

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She held his head close as he sucked the blood from her neck. She wondered if she would be able to hide the two indentions from everyone this time around. Her fingers clutched at his hair, as if holding him closer would make everything easier for the both of them. It had been a while since he ad asked her the question that has been plaguing her mind for some time.

"Yuki, what am I to you?"

She had been confused by the question, which led to many night vigils, thinking over their relationship. It was true, she loved Kaname-senpai, but Zero was something a lot more special to her, a lot more closer to her heart. Kuran Kaname was an enigma to her and that was why she was drawn to him, but of course, his pure blood was the only thing that could save Zero from descending to Level E.

The sounds of her blood being drained filled her ears and she was brought back to the present, "Zero." He was taking too much. If he continued she wouldn't be able to complete her Prefect duties for she would be too dizzy. Hearing the sound of his name being whispered, Zero pulled away from her slightly, but still held her close. "Yuki, I'm so--" She placed a finger to his lips causing his eyes to widen to the size of dinner plates. It always puzzled her when he apologized. What was he apologizing for? She gave him her blood willingly, it's not as if he took it by force. He was always there to protect her and to save the day when she couldn't even save herself. To put it simply, she owed him. And yet she knew that wasn't why she had decided to give him her blood, why she held him so close to her body whilst he drank, why she closed her eyes hoping that maybe...

"Why do you always apologize, Zero?" His eyes drifted towards the floor.

"I know you hate drinking blood and especially that fact that you like it, but...I give you my blood because I want to Zero. Because you." One of her hands was placed on his shoulder and the other continued to keep that one finger on his lips. She could have sworn that his heart stopped beating for a second. Yuki cupped his face in her hands and brought him close, both of their breathing halted.

He had thought that she meant that she loved him only as a brother, but never this. His imagination sometimes ran wild and he would wake up late in the night flushed and panting. Zero realized that he had wanted Yuki for a while. He watched as her eyes fluttered closed and decided to mimic her, his eyelids feeling to heavy to keep open anyway. "Zero..." Their lips met, hesitantly. It was a light kiss that they both wanted to intensify. She felt something warm and wet graze over her lips and she blushing knowing what that was. She never thought that she would be kissing Zero only minutes after he had sucked her blood.

She opened her mouth for him, accepting his offer with fervor. Strong, muscular arms weaved their way around her thin frame, squeezing her closer to close that taunting space between them. She now straddled him, their mouths attacking one another, their tongues doing a timeless dance. How he had wanted this, he had wanted this for so long.

They finally pulled away for air, both breathing heavily. She smiled warmly at him placing another chaste kiss on his lips. How could she have missed out on something so wonderful for so long? Her feelings for Kaname only a fraction of what she felt for Zero. As if sensing her thoughts his eyebrows furrowed, "And what of Kuran?"

She paused for a moment, unable to answer right away. His heart beat furiously in his chest, he was afraid of what she'd say because when it came to Kaname-senpai, everything was unclear. She cupped his face in her hands once more, her eyes shining, lips parted to take in heaving breathes.

"He's not important right now. You are and I don't think that I feel the same way about him as I do you." She kissed him once more until she noticed how close they were, she straddled his hips, noses only centimeters apart. She had never experienced being so close to a boy before, but she felt safe with Zero because he had seen every side of her. The nerdy side, the happy, the sad, the irritated. And Yuki had seen all of those sides that belonged to him. They had always been close.

Zero wrapped his arms around her once more, not necessarily ecstatic about her reply but happy with it all the same.

Her reactions were different, she no longer acted as though she was a nervous schoolgirl and that bothered him. Kuran Kaname had not moved from his futon for at least three hours. He was contemplating the change in his Yuki and was considering going to her and questioning her health. His love for her hadn't faded and he continued to think of her constantly, waiting on her. The fact that he saw her speaking with Kiryu so animatedly (Zero not really paying attention to her) angered him to the extreme. She was always worried about that Level E drove him mad. Kaname did everything he could to make sure that she was happy. Dammit, he even kept Kiryu from being punished by the Council of Ancients for the murder of Shizuka Hio. Though he was the true murderer of the pureblood was irrelevant, he even went as far as to give the little bastard his blood!
He noticed how much attention was being paid to the Prefect and to say he was unhappy with her judgment would be an understatement. Growling softly he recalled how he had always been there for Yuki. He was the one to save Yuki's life; he had waited for her for so long to come of age. Fairness had obviously been excluded from this love triangle.

Kaname planned on biting her when she was the correct age and appearance, which just so happened to be now. Kiryu was standing in the way of his and Yuki's future and that was unacceptable. Zero needed to be put in his place and that was below him...far below him.

Standing swiftly, he made his way towards the intricate doors and down the long flight of stairs that lead the way towards the outdoors. He had a few complaints for Kiryu Zero.

Zero patrolled the halls quietly sending glares to students and a growl for emphasis to the girls who sat gossiping (most likely about the Night Class.) The fan girls were really starting to piss him off with all the fawning and pawing they did over those stupid, idiotic, vapid vampires! Zero was unwittingly muttering to himself, fists clenched as if he were about to strike one of those ‘vapid vampires.’
'If only murder was allowed on campus.'

"Ano...Zero-kun?" Yuki stood off to the side eyeing him wearily. He could easily throw that fist in an unconscious attack. He immediately straightened his back and turned to look and see if anyone caught his act. The halls were filled with whispering, pointing students—just what he needed.

"Hai?" Continuing his trek down the halls, he looked at her out of the corner of his eye. They hadn't spoken of that night since the morning after it happened and he was worried of what she thought of him. Just the simple thought that she might have disliked their kiss had him on edge. She was one of the most important people in his life, if she was afraid or weary of him, it would upset him severely.

"Zero, I want to talk with Rijicho Kurosu about your...problem with level E. I think that there might be a way for you to—" She was pushed against the wall with a hand covering her mouth.

"Are you insane? You can't just go around talking about my problems like that!" Yuki nodded hastily and Zero released her from his grasp, only to realize that their bodies were compressed together. So close they could…

They faintly heard the sound of the morning bell.

"Zero." The way she murmured his name caused him to groan in frustration. He took a quick look around and noticed that the halls were empty, which meant they should have been in class. Well, they caught up on their sleep in this class anyway so it shouldn't be a problem if they skipped a few minutes…

His mouth crashed down onto hers, tongues weaving their way around one another's. His mind went completely blank as he felt Yuki's fingers glided through his hair. She moaned quietly, arms wrapping themselves around his shoulders. Their kiss was electrifying, giving in to something that they both needed but held back. A hunger both persevered. His hands gripped her hips firmly holding her against him tightly. This is how he wanted things, both of them close together, wrapped around one another, thinking only of each other.

Quick footsteps were heard in the empty hallways, echoing off of the glistening wooden walls. A regal walk was used and one could tell by the ease in his footsteps that he was of royalty. Kaname quickened the pace; if he wanted to get to Kiryu in time before the Day Classes began he'd have to hurry. A bell rung loudly and students groaned, heading towards their class.
'Damn, I have missed him. How troublesome.' He continued to walk, however, hoping that the boy had prefects duties, which would put him in charge of making sure that everyone had gone to their classrooms faithfully, meaning Zero would have a few more minutes before having to get to class. And of course, he may run into Yuki as well. He turned a quick right and almost fell over his feet at the horrid sight before him. Kiryu had his Yuki pressed against the wall, whispering something to her with a strong glare in his eyes.

He was threatening his Yuki! In that moment Kuran decided that the situation would have to be rectified, that was...before he heard a smothered groan and saw Zero's head dip down and take his precious Yuki's lips in his own.

He was unable to move for a moment. His mind befuddled with questions and bloodlust. He was going to kill that damned hunter; he would drain his body dry that anathematized...ass! He sped through the remaining bit of space that separated him from the two who were kissing and ended up directly behind the pair. Yuki hadn't noticed his approach; Zero however, stopped his advances toward her and pulled away. Kaname noticed that his hand had grasped Bloody Rose and was about to shoot. Kuran, who had anticipated the movement, moved toward the right and grasped the prefects’ wrist in anger.

'Not only does this accursed, lowly worm sully my Yuki; he pulls this moronic utensil out. As if he could ever touch me!' Kuran was beyond angry and an angry pureblood was a terrible thing to be around.

"How dare you, you cretinous, damnable fuck?" His ears picked up a surprised gasp. Yuki had never witnessed him in such an angry mood before. And she had no idea that he would say such...horrible things to someone. She knew that he disliked Zero but...

Finding the woman you love pressed against a wall being practically molested by an enemy may be cause for naughty language.

Zero ripped his arm away from the enraged vampire and distanced himself from Yuki. He could feel a fight coming on.

Instead of battling the boy, Kuran turned towards Yuki, his eyes sending a look of disappointment. He had thought that she was truly intelligent when it came to choosing the man she would be with, the fact that she had been seemingly falling for him inapposite at the moment. She looked at him with a horrified expression; she probably thought that he wouldn’t find out about the two of them.
‘How wretchedly naïve.’ Did she truly think that Kiryu would be a proper suitor? The boy only had a small time to live; he obviously wasn’t a good choice for her. How could he take care of her in an orthodox manner? All of this passed through his mind in a nano-second before he walked away. He feared that if he stayed in her presence a moment longer, he’d honestly have to strangle her for making such a poor decision. Pausing, Kaname kept his back to Yuki but his words were addressed to her all the same.

“I hope you find happiness in your decision, Cross-san. I truly hoped that you would chose my love instead of this…” His eyes glanced into Zero’s a moment as his sentence trailed off. All three knew what he was going to say. His footsteps continued to resound in the halls until he was out of sight.

After a while, Zero made his way over to Yuki and made a grab for her arm, which she whipped away from his grasp. “Yuki.” A look into her eyes said everything: she regretted her decision. She loved Kuran Kaname more than she loved him.

‘I should have known.’ He lowered his hand slowly and backed away. An anger taking over his being, he felt a deep loathing towards not only Kuran, but Yuki as well. She toyed with his heart, made it seemed as though he were something special to her, her love interest. But she regretted her decision. He released a bitter chuckle before following the pure blood’s path. He would never trust her again, no matter what. At least he hadn’t told her he loved her. At least he could say that much, but just because he wanted to forget doesn’t mean he could omit the memory of her body so close to his, the taste of her…he huffed in frustration.

Yuki immediately felt contrite about her reaction to Zero reaching out for her. She knew that he would be angry and wouldn’t talk to her for a long while. ‘Maybe I should go after him?’ If she ran now, she’d be able to catch him before he went to class and she would be able to explain.

Feet traveling of their own volition, she sped down the halls. She hadn’t meant to pull away from him like that…it was just that look that Kaname-senpai had given her before he turned his back on her. That look was filled with such dismay. It was such an intense expression it made her think twice about her decision to be with Zero.

But when she heard his angry chuckle and saw the bitter smile on his face she knew she shouldn’t have down that at the time. She had been the happiest she’d ever been with Zero (even though he teased her in that deadpan sort of fashion or his) and they shared a lot about each other to one another (even though he didn’t say very much.) Thinking back on it, she had learned more about Zero in the short time they had been to together, than the years they’ve known one another as ‘brother and sister.’

Her footfalls grew louder as she sprinted down the halls in pursuit of her fellow Prefect. Soon his silhouette was seen and Yuki pushed herself even further until she was able to grab his arm, “Zero, wait!” He stopped abruptly causing her to run into him. “Zero, I—whatever you’re thinking, that’s not how it is!” That was the best defense she could create at the time and she knew it didn’t sound believable at all. His embittered laughter confirmed her beliefs, “And how do you know what I’m thinking?”

“I just do. I know you think that I regret what happened between us, but I don’t…just…the way he looked at me. I didn’t like it. Zero, I never want you to feel as though I don’t wish to be with you because I do, I truly do.” Her face blushed bright red, her eyes looking towards the floor. He sighed heavily, “Yuki.” Strong arms wrapped around her and he smirked, “Why the embarrassed face? You’ve been in worse situations.”

“Urusei.” His light chuckle sounded in the hall and an indignant huff followed soon after combined with a loud, “Teme!”

Their relationship would be a struggle and both of them doubted that it would end happily, but both felt complete and safe with the other. And the time that they had would be peaceful and pleasant for the both of them.

For now.
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