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Orihime is told by Urahara that she will be pulled from the upcoming battle, what if instead of running into Rukia, she met Ichigo? It seems a bit weird, but remember it's from Orihime's POV! Ichix...

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Ichigo had finished his training with the Vizards a little early that day, planning on returning to the warehouse after he asked Urahara-san some important questions about the upcoming battle and how progress was coming since he’d been training. It happened to be late in the evening; Ichigo hadn’t seen the light of (real) day for…however long because of his taking instructions from his violent new ‘friends.’
‘Nutcases.’ He muttered under his breath half expecting that midget vizard to fly out of nowhere and try to slice his arm off. Something about Shinji and Sarugaki freaked him out. His entire body ached from head to toe and walking seven blocks to the candy shop was growing to be a pain in the ass. Not only that, but the problem of only being able to hold up his hollow mask for four seconds sucked more ass than the ridiculous walk. Sighing, he pulled out the huge wedgie that was forming and continued his trek to Mr. Hat and Clogs.

Turning a sharp left the shop came into view and Kurosaki let out a sizable breath of relief. His hand grabbed the door and prepared to slide it open when, to his surprise, the door opened on it’s own accord and someone plowed into his chest. Of course the wind was knocked out of him because of the girls extremely hard head.

“Or—Orihime.” Hands on bent knees, he tried to regain his breath.

“Ano…gomen nasai, Kurosaki-kun!” Her small hand rested on his back. He backed away a bit and shook his head, “It’s alright, Inoue.” That’s when he noticed the unshed tears lingering in her eyes and the frown that marred her usually smiling face.

“Dosh’te?” She did not respond but closed her eyes as if thinking that if she did so, once she opened her eyes he would disappear. Grey eyes flickered open hesitantly, accidentally meeting golden brown.

“Nothing…please, do not worry yourself, Kurosaki-kun.” Hands fidgeting with one another, eyes watching the floor intently, she found that she didn’t have the courage to look him in the eye.

“Inoue.” His whisper filled the room and a watery smile was forced onto her face. She had to make sure he did not worry about her; he had a lot more important things to be anxious about. A sob escaped her throat and she covered her mouth hoping to stop the next one attempting to free itself. Kurosaki’s eyebrows furrowed in concerned and his usual frown deepened in intensity. “What happened, Inoue?”

“It’s nothing important, Kurosaki-kun.” Orihime’s eyes rose to glimpse over his body, large wounds and lacerations, dirt and grime covered his form. So stupid, she hadn’t even noticed that he was hurt and here she was being useless, again. She quickly walked forward until she was standing in front of him, she felt like her legs would melt into a pool of liquid at his feet. His muscles visibly tensed when she began to heal him, the calming light illuminating the entire room.

Ichigo watched Inoue the whole time, which made her incredibly uncomfortable. Occasionally, her eyes would drift up to meet his before quickly averting them to look at something else. The streetlights shining through the open shoji doors helped add light to the candy store. The healing was finally complete, and when the light subsided, her feet moved her away from the intimidating male. His frown was still deep and a sudden fear erupted in her stomach, being alone with Kurosaki Ichigo when he was in a bad mood was…bad. “All done!” Trying her best to remain her cheerful self, too bad it was not turning out so well.

“Arigato, Inoue…now you can tell me what happened.” The end of his sentence sounded like a low growl, one could not help but back away in fright. Head hung in shame, Orihime tried to think of a way to escape the painful situation. Telling Kurosaki was the last thing she wanted to do. If he ever found out why she was being so weak…she would never forgive herself. “There is—there is no reason to thank me Kurosaki-kun. Besides, it is because of you that I received these powers, so…wouldn’t be expected of me to heal you when you needed it? I feel that it’s my obligation…to you.” Ichigo looked on in surprise, “Inoue.”

“It’s fine, Kurosaki-kun. I know that I’m not fit for battle so it should not have surprised me. I guess it was just the bluntness in Urahara-sans statements.” She her giggle was bitter and self-pitying. Her mind relayed the conversation.

“As for you, I’ll have you removed from the war front.”

“Tsubaki is your only means of fighting. With him lost, I cannot allow you to participate in battle. That’s obvious.”

‘Of course it was. Compared to the others—no I can’t even be compared to the others. They all have offensive means of battle and power. I can only stand on the sidelines and wait for someone to be injured.’ Sighing deeply she made her way to walk out of the store.

“Where do you think you’re going, Inoue?” Feeling rather tired of asking her the same question over and over he pulled her towards him until her nose was only an inch away from his. He put on his best scowl and grit his teeth causing Orihime to squeal in fright, obviously she wasn’t used to being on the receiving end or Kurosaki Ichigo’s wrath.

“Well, I was told that…I was only told that I won’t be needed in the upcoming battle between shinigami and the Arrancar that is planned for this winter. I guess that I just wanted to be with my friends and fight by their sides, but it took Urahara-san to remind that I can’t fight. I—I understand why I should not be there, of all people I understand the most. My powers aren’t really the fighting type; especially since Tsubaki has been injured…I would just be a burden for everyone. You must be sick of me always getting in the way, huh, Kurosaki-kun?”

Taking in a quick search of the emotion in his eyes, Inoue deduced that Ichigo took pity on her, which was something she never wanted. She never wanted anyone to pity her, especially him.

“Inoue, I don’t feel like you’re in the way, you should know better than that."

She smiled, "Well, Kurosaki-kun. I should be leaving. I am sure that Rukia-chan was coming in a bit, I'm sure you'll be happy to see her." She rubbed her arms attempting to block out the cold. Orihime began walking into the night, depression added to the gloom she had felt before; he had not denied what she had said.

A loud gasp erupted from her throat when a large hand grasped her arm, sending her reeling back. Ichigo held a firm grip on her arm, anger building up in his eyes. His teeth grit together and his jaw seemed rigid.

"Orihime, you need to stop with the whole self-pitying thing cause it's driving me nuts. You know that you're useful so cut the crap, you're irritating the hell outta me!" The woman receiving the rant found it hard to comprehend his words for she could hardly think or breathe when being in such close proximity with him. A hard breeze blew past them, but neither noticed. One was yelling at the top of his lungs and the other completely lost in feeling. His musky and somewhat sweaty smell caused by his days of training enticed her, his hard eyes delving into hers excited something deep within her and her stomach did a weird flip.


His eyes mirrored his confusion, his grip still firm. "Inoue, if it weren't for you, I know for a fact that I would be dead right now...I don't see why you can't see your worth..." He looked upset, which in turn upset her.

"I'm sorry." Orihime noticed how her breath tickled the hair that covered his ear, how his eyebrows tensed and fused together when he frowned. She ran a forefinger over his eyebrow, marveling at how perfect they were. She usually had to pluck hers to get them to look presentable.

"Inoue...?" Ichigo's eyes lost their fierceness. She stood on her tiptoes trying to measure how tall he had grown over the past eventful year. They had all grown but Ichigo had a learned and grew more powerful than any of them.

" Orihime what are you doing?" She didn't listen, however, she opted to wrap her arms around his shoulders. Something that she had imagined herself doing so many times. Did he ever think of Rukia doing that to him? Has she?

She rested her head on his chest in defeat, the boldness she felt not moments before had been washed away with that thought. "Kurosaki-kun, I'm tired." He placed his hand on her back and nodded. She could feel his hitched breath, almost as though he were nervous.


"Yes, Kurosaki-kun?" She pulled away slightly and laughed when she noticed that their noses were touching. Her chuckles stopped at his looked and she regained her usual fearful look--until she noticed how their breaths mixed and their eyes searched one another's. Was this how it was supposed to be on a first kiss? Both afraid to make a move until they accidentally touch lips and somehow they end up giving each other a small peck? That's not how she wanted her one and only kiss with Kurosaki Ichigo.

She forced her lips upon his and gripped him tightly so when he attempted to push her away she would have a few extra seconds of bliss, but instead of that happening, his hold on her tightened and a groan came from the man before her. Orihime's eyes opened quickly, shocked to find that his were open as well, though hazy and half-lidded. His warm tongue touched her lips and she gasped in surprise at his bold move. He forced her mouth open with her tongue, causing her to moan in pleasure. And she could only imagine how they both looked, in each other’s arms, kissing the breath out of each other's lungs with the night growing darker and the wind blowing fiercely.
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