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Am I Too Lost To Be Saved, Brother?

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Murtagh asks Eragon a simple question. A simple question he already knows the answer to. ONE-SHOT

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“Am I too lost to be saved, brother?” He looks down upon Eragon. Sword in hand. He pushes his hair out of his eyes and glares down once more. Eragon pauses for a second.

“Of course not.” Eragon replies. He sneers and steps down on Eragon’s fingers, crushing them.

“It took you a while to answer. You’ve already made up your mind about me, haven’t you?”

He reflects upon his childhood in the Brodding Kingdom, the scar on his back he received at only three years of age. He hates him, him and his perfect little childhood. Living with his precious uncle while he, suffered. Constantly plotting to escape Galbatorix until, finally, on his 18th birthday he flees with his servant and friend, only to see him killed.

A contemptuous smile flits across his face. Yes, he hates his brother, he’s jealous of him.

He’ll be going back to his loving brotherRogan or whatever his stupid name is.

Yes, he hates his brother, but he loves him too. That’s why he will leave him there. That’s why he will allow him to live. That is why he will take a beating from Galbatorix.

Because he loves his good for nothing brother, and he’s the eldest. And that is what the elder brother must do. He must take care of his younger sibling.

He hears Thorn in his mind telling him to stop the worthless guilt trip and kill the damned boy. He hears Eragon denying his distaste for him. He hears…screams of pain and swords clanging and arrows meeting their targets. Sounds that he had not heard until this moment.

He looks towards Eragon again and removes his foot from his hand.

Yes, he hates his stupid good-for-nothing brother, but he loves him and that’s what brothers do. He has defeated him; there is no need to carry out Galbatorix’s request. He will travel back to Uru Baen alone. He chances one last look towards Eragon as he is getting up.

“Tell me. Am I too lost to be saved, brother?”

He says nothing more, he does not look back, he does not wait for a reply at all. He leaves him on the battlefield of the Burning Plains.

Because that’s what brothers do.
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