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The Game (revised edition 1.08)

Disclaimer: Galactic Civilizations and all concepts therein is a
product of Stardock Corporation. Ranma, Hiroshi and Daisuke belong
to Rumiko Takahashi. The Decahedron Compact, Gorushan and the Omegan
Order are copyrights of Myrmidon Press and Palladium Books.


This is the tale of a Jusenkyo-cursed boy-turned-girl, foot-in-the-
mouth, quirky, odd, pigtailed martial artist and his two friends who
transformed a rag-tag band of refugees into becoming a major power
in the galaxy. This is their story.

Part 1

Ranma was passing by the computer room when he heard the sounds coming
from it. Feeling curious, he opened the room and entered it. His two
friends, Hiroshi and Daisuke were engrossed in their terminals, so
engrossed that they didn't sense him approaching. "What are you guys
doing?" Ranma asked. No answer. Ranma asked again. Still no answer.
Turning his head, he was about to leave when he saw what they were
doing on the screens. They seemed to be moving what appeared to be
powerful machines of war and destruction across a beautiful map of
stars and planets in deep space. Normally, Ranma would not be curious
about computers or anything that had nothing to do with martial arts
but what he saw drew his attention like a moth to a flame.

His curiosity thoroughly aroused now, he studied the game they were
playing and failed to realized the time passing. Finally, he shook
Daisuke by the shoulder. "Whoa!" His friend shouted and turned around
to look at him. "What game are you playing?" Ranma asked. "Ranma, what
are you doing here?" he looked startled at Ranma's presence. "This is
Galactic Civilizations, a strategy game where you built an empire to
rule the galaxy," Daisuke replied as he moved one of his icons with the
computer mouse. "You seemed to like it," Ranma said. "Like it? Hiroshi
and me here, we live it and breathe it. It's the best strategy game
ever designed since Civilization. The AI for this game is real smart
not like any of the previous civs," Hiroshi replied. "It is smart?"
Ranma asked not familiar with the concept of intelligent software.

"Yes. The computer opponent is very intelligent. Not like previous
strategy games. If you make a mistake, it will make you pay for that
mistake in the worst way possible," Daisuke added and mumbled a curse
in Japanese at the screen. "What's that?" Ranma asked. "The Draginol.
They've appeared in the Drengin sector. Right at the time when I've
just discovered the Excalibur technology," Daisuke explained. "What's
Excalibur technology?" Ranma asked in a daze. "It's the most powerful
starship technology a player can get," Hiroshi said for the first time.
"And seeing that the Draginol appeared after Daisuke's discovery of
Excalibur technology, that's not a good thing," Hiroshi commented.

"Why? If Daisuke has the most powerful starship technology available,
he would have no problem kicking them into low-earth orbit," Ranma
asked. "The problem is that the power of those Draginol monsters are
directly in proportion to the highest level of technology available.
If the starship technology was weak, the Draginol would be weak. If
the starship technology was strong, the Draginol would be strong.
Since Excalibur technology is the most powerful starship technology
available, then those Draginol monsters would be at their strongest
which is something of a big headache to Daisuke here." Ranma nodded his
head in sympathy and remained silent for awhile as he watched Daisuke
fought the Draginol creatures on the screen.

Wanting to get away from the usual wackiness of his life, Ranma said,
"I would like to play the game too." "There's a copy of the game on
that machine over there," Hiroshi said. "I don't know anything about
computers. Could one of you guys help start it up?" Ranma asked
politely. "Sure, no problem," Hiroshi replied and went to help Ranma.
After a few minutes of explanation, Ranma got the idea and started on
his very first game of Galactic Civilizations. Hours later, Ranma left
for home, sore and tired. True to his friend's words, the game was
difficult to beat.

In fact, he swore that the game's AI was cheating to beat him. Hiroshi
agreed with him. The AI did cheat on several occasions but it was still
possible to beat the game. "Ranma, you lost the game. I thought you
said you never lose," Daisuke chided him. "Just you wait and see. If
the game was real life, I would beat it hands down," Ranma swore.
"Really .... ," Hiroshi said, disbelief evident in his voice. "Sure
thing, after all, Ranma Saotome never loses," he said. "You just did,"
Hiroshi said. "The game cheated. I'm sure of it," Ranma said. "Admit
it, Ranma. You're good at martial arts but you suck at strategy,"
Daisuke said. "No, I wish could prove to you all somehow about the
truth of my words," he added. "Prove to us that you can beat the game,
Ranma," Hiroshi said. "Fine, another game then," Ranma said as he
started a new game on the machine. What he failed to notice was the
room and his two friends dissolving around him as he did so.

Part 2

Ranma found the scene changed. The room he was in with his two friends
had vanished giving way to this high-tech room with hundreds of people
in uniform around him. With a start, Ranma realized he too was in
uniform. A voice disturbed his thoughts. "My Lord, good news! Good
news! Our forces have discovered a star system with two worlds suitable
for habitation. The first planet is rated a class 16 while the second
is a class 20. Should we colonize these worlds?" Ranma turned to see
the face of his assistant and nodded his head. "Make it so," he said in
a commanding tone, not wanting to seem out of place in this strange new
world. Ranma should right now be frantic and demanding to return to
Akane and Nerima but for some unknown reason, he wasn't. In fact, felt
a strange inner peace and calm for the first time in his life. Like he
had come home.

There was a thunderous roar throughout the ship as all the refugees
cheered. Their endless wanderings through the Void had come to an end.
The large colony ship separating into multiple colony pods as it landed
in the class 20 world. "This world is beautiful, Lord Ranma," a female
voice said. Ranma turned to see his secretary walking alongside him.
"It is, Kella. It will be a good place for our people," he said as he
held her arm and walked in the beautiful countryside. Suddenly, his
communicator rang out. He picked it up. "What? The inhabitants of one
of our colony pods have discovered what they believe to be an alien
ship under the earth? I will be right over there.

Part 3

"This ship must be more than ten thousand years old, Lord Ranma, and
in good condition," one of his commanders said. "From our findings, we
have concluded that it is a Precursor Ranger, a vessel left behind by
the first civilization in this galaxy. It is a battleship and a survey
ship rolled into one. The only thing is, it requires is ten billion
credits a month to maintain the ship," the same commander explained.
"We can afford it. In the meantime, we should use the vessel to explore
the galaxy," his Defense Minister added. "Make it so," Ranma said as he
continued to tour the landscape of the planet with one question in his
mind. Where were Hiroshi and Daisuke? And what were they doing?

Part 4

At-Choo! Hiroshi sneezed and shook his head. Must be someone thinking
about me, he thought. "Are you alright, Sir?" his female secretary
asked with concern about his health. "I'm fine, thank you," he said
trying to re-assure his personal secretary. Ever since he had landed
in this game universe, things had been rather hectic. Having played
this game a great deal, he knew that he had to get to the other star
systems quickly and colonize them before anyone else did. He knew that
they were not going to get the new colony ship ready by the end of the
month, so he bought as many colony ships as could afford on lease from
one of those corporations and sent them on their merry way.

The important thing was to get there before the aliens did. He had
allocated a +50% bonus to Navigation (wanted to reach those planets
faster than anyone else did), +30% to research (was a Tech freak) and
the remainder to sensor range (since he couldn't tell where the good
star systems were). For his political party, he had selected the
Technologists who provided a further +20% to research and +10% to
sensor range. All in all, his total bonuses added up giving him an
incredible advantage in speed, sensor range and research. Right now,
he was having his scientists research Propulsion technology to further
increase his speed. Since he had started in the Centauri system and his
two friends were not with him, he wondered where they were.

Part 5

At-Choo! Daisuke wondered where the sneeze came from. Must be one of
the guys thinking about me, he thought. "Sir, search parties from the
colony vessel have reported the existence of strange worm-like beings
on the planet that feed off the soil's nutrients. While not the most
advanced form of life we've seen, these planetary worms seem to
congregate in small scattered colonies and can communicate through
seismic vibrations in the soil they are rooted in. The quality of
the planet would decrease by 26% if we let them be. We could,
however, improve the planet's quality by 26% if we wiped them out.
Alternatively, we could just herd them into uninhabited area of the
planet and enclosed it without changing the planet's quality. What are
your orders?" his commander asked. Seeing as I'm going to be here for
sometime and they are just mindless animals after all, Daisuke made his
decision. "The people deserve the best planet I can give to them and
I'll not be stopped by a horde of slimy worm-beasts! Kill 'em all!," he
shouted, voicing his command. So far he had colonized two star systems.
He wondered how the others were getting on.

Part 6

Ranma was busy practicing his katas in his chamber when he received
a call from one of the governors of the newly-colonized worlds. "Sir,
we have colonized this world only to find that the countryside of the
planet is populated by a scattered, pre-industrial alien race. They
are harmless but they take up valuable space that we could use. If
we integrate them into our society, we could increase this planet's
production by 25%. What are your orders?" the voice from the other end
of the line called. Ranma's first thought was to let them be but then
something else crept into his thoughts. If he integrated them into his
civilization, wasn't he actually be doing them a favor in the long run
by modernizing their society? Sure they would provide low-cost labor
for his people in the beginning but that was to be expected from such a
primitive race. Once they got educated enough though, they would thank
him for improving their lives with their technology. Turning to the
communicator, he said, "Integrate them into our society. Ranma out,"
before continuing his katas.

Beep! Another sound disturbed his communicator. "What's it this
time?" he asked. A new voice spoke. "My Lord, my humble apologies for
disturbing you. The sensor scan of our starships have discovered what
they believe to be an underground base on one of the desert worlds that
they have been exploring in the nearby systems. The base is a large
chamber filled with super-soldiers of alien origin in animated
suspension. We believe that they are remnants of the Precursor Elite
Guard that ruled the galaxy and would make excellent shock troops for
our forces. To ensure their loyalty to us, however, we would have to
reprogram their minds. Should we reprogram their minds (+50% to
soldiering bonus), let them choose to serve us of their own free will
(+10% to soldiering bonus) or leave them to rest honorably without
being disturbed in their tombs. What are your orders?" Ranma was stuck
in a quandary. Even though he knew that slavery was wrong, he had the
safety of his people to think about. To let a warrior race run freely
throughout the galaxy who might choose to go to war against him one day
was a no-no. To reprogram their minds was like taking their souls away
but what else was a warrior's purpose in life other than to fight? He
made up his mind. "Reprogram their minds," he ordered. "As you command,
my Lord," the voice on the other end replied.

Just as Ranma was about to begin his kata, his communicator beeped
again. "What's up?" he asked as he threw a kick in midair. "My Lord,
this issue cannot be ignored any longer. As our empire grows and cities
built on economic success thrive, corruption in the workplace also
becomes more common. Bribes, money laundering, and unfair labor
practices have widened the financial gap between corporate leaders
and the average worker. What should we do about businesses that are
cheating the system? Do an extensive investigation - any company found
guilty will be put out of business (-8% Economic penalty). Give the
companies a second chance and devote money towards educating their
leaders in the ways of fair business (-20 billion credits). Or overlook
any corporate wrongdoings - provided they give us a cut of the profits
(+16% Interest Rate bonus)?" a voice whom Ranma recognized to be that
of the Financial Minister asked. "There are no wrong ways to make a
buck provided they give us a cut of the profits," Ranma said he thought
of the social projects that he could now built with the interest he was
going to make and continued with his kata. If you're wondering why
Ranma would do something like this, his mind, heart and soul still
haven't accepted his surroundings as being real. Ranma secretly
believes that he suffered a concussion from Akane's mallet and hasn't
woken up yet from his dream.

Three years had gone by. Ranma still hadn't come into contact with
anyone from Nerima or anyone he was familiar with for that matter.
Apart from the occasional criminals at large in the galaxy, everything
was quiet for his people. In the meantime, his people had taken over
ten star systems total. He wondered how the others were doing.

Part 7:

'Just my luck. My first neighbor happens to be the Drengin empire,'
Hiroshi thought as the picture of an ape-like creature appeared on
screen. "Greetings human cheese-ball. We find it offensive that you
have taken over the Mithras and Artemis Systems. Some of my people
wished to wipe you out but I am in a generous mood, today. Hand over
the Mithras System to us and I will postpone the decision," the ape-
like creature said. "Not a chance," Hiroshi replied as he sent his
reply back to the Drengins. "So, this monkey boy has some spine
after all. What do you want?" the voice on the other end asked.

Hiroshi did not reply. He simply switched the channel on the large
vid-screen and a display of all the planets under his control appeared.
He sent a message to each star system to start producing Battleships

Part 8:

Events that occurred in Nerima.

After a decade of searching for Ranma, Akane has given up and found
a new love interest instead, Tatewaki Kuno, who, surprisingly turned
out to be a very loving and caring husband despite his eccentricities.
Kodachi, his sister joined the order of St. Hebereke and spent the rest
of her life as a nun. Nabiki went on to pursue her dreams as a business
entrepreneur and is now the CEO of Mitrosoft Corporation, the 4th
largest corporation on Earth. When mankind made contact with the
aliens, Nabiki quit her post to join the Mercantile Party, a party that
placed strong emphasis on intergalactic trade. Kasumi married Dr. Tofu
and is now pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. Ryoga
ended up marrying Akari and they had three children. Shampoo, Cologne
and Moose returned to China with Ukyo to complete the ceremony of her
becoming an Amazon.

Part 9:

Events that have transpired in the world outside of Nerima until
Ranma's mysterious arrival.

Mankind made contact with intelligent life outside of Earth for
the first time. They were large ogre like beings were referred to
themselves as the Arceans. Soon, other alien races followed. The
Drengin Empire, the Altarans, the Torians and the Yor, to name a few.
The Arceans provided mankind with the technology of the Stargate which
enabled distances in light years to be covered in a split second
between two locations connected with gates. Travel from one star system
to another without the use of gates was impossible due to the vast
distances. After First Contact, the United Nations was revamped into a
new group known as the Terran Alliance to speak with a unified voice
with the other alien races.

A few years later, scientists on Earth perfected the hyper-drive, a
technology based on the inner workings of the Stargate which enabled
starships to travel great distances in a split second without the use
of gates. These scientists transmitted the secret of the hyper-drive
to all the alien races in the galaxy. Following that incident, contact
with all alien races came to a stop. Mankind was at first surprised,
thinking that all the alien races were benevolent and puzzled by that
incident. There was a brief period of xenophobia on the Earth and this
incident enabled the War Party, led by a man called Alan Bradley to
come to power. Alan and his fellow party members concluded that the
alien races could not be trusted following that incident and passed a
law that prohibited the transfer of any technology to any of the alien
races without Senate approval, for which the penalty was death. The
Terran Alliance then constructed two starships as quickly as they
could. These starships, a colony ship and the USS Hero, a survey ship
to carry forward the dreams of mankind.

Unfortunately, for Alan Bradley, his party's deep distrust of alien
civilizations made it difficult to deal with them. Soon distrust
between the Terran Alliance and the aliens led to suspicion and
suspicion led to misunderstanding and misunderstanding led to war. The
wars were expensive. To cope with the mounting costs, his government
increased taxes which made the administration very unpopular with the
populace at large. The fact that the Terran Alliance did not do well in
the wars at all further estranged the voters. Facing certain defeat in
the coming elections, Alan Bradley changed the Republic system back to
the old Imperial system.

The attempt was unsuccessful and further angered the voters. As
expected, the War Party suffered a stinging defeat in the elections.
The Populist Party which won the largest number of seats in the Senate
formed the new government. Refusing to recognize the new government,
President Alan annulled the results of the recent election resulting in
widespread demonstrations and riots throughout the various star systems
of the Terran Alliance. "Following the results of the election, I am
forced to dissolve the Senate and declare martial law for the future of
mankind," President Alan spoke in his speech to the loud cheers of his
supporters. That was the last straw. Entire star systems revolted
against his rule and pulled out of the old Terran Alliance to form a
new government.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand. Make no mistake, we
will bring the renegade children back into the fold through peace or
through war," President Alan declared before a galactic-wide audience.
Realizing the threat posed by President Alan and his followers, the
ten leaders of the star systems that pulled out of the Terran Alliance
formed a military alliance known as the Decahedron Compact. Since
President Alan was hunting down all of his political opponents in the
vast reaches of the Terran Alliance, Nabiki migrated with the rest of
the Mercantile Party to Decahedron space. There, the Mercantile Party
led by Nabiki Tendo was given the mandate to rule the Decahedron
Compact, no lean feat due to the economic and technological embargo
imposed by the Terran Alliance on them.

Part 10:

Daisuke cursed inwardly as another of his star systems fell into
Altaran hands. The Altarans were the good guys! Why did they attacked
him in the first place? He wondered as he ordered more of his
Battleships to intercept the Altaran Battleships attacking his empire.
"Sir, one of our sensor drones have detected what appears to be a
Precursor Ranger in the next sector. Visual designs indicate that this
vessel is not Torian, nor Altaran or even any of the galactic powers
in origin. Should we make contact?" his assistant.bowed. "What is that
symbol on the side of the ship?" he asked. "The symbol of the image on
screen magnified and then, Daisuke's eyes nearly popped out. "Make
contact, immediately," he ordered.

"As you command, Sire," his assistant bowed before leaving the throne
room. The vid-screen lit up to show a face Daisuke thought he would
never believe to see again. "Ranma! Am I glad to see you!" he shouted
in joy at the screen. "Daisuke! It's been three years. How's things
going for you?" he asked. "Not good. The Altarans are squeezing me to
death and I'm almost toast. Can you help me out?" he asked. "Where are
you?" Ranma asked. "Just follow my sensor drone and you will get there.
Hurry up, Ranma. The Altarans are not far from my capital system,"
Daisuke added. "Hang on, buddy. Let me relay new orders to my
commanders. Ranma out," Ranma added. The screen went back to life.
"Daisuke I have a problem. My ships can't travel that far," Ranma said.
"What? This is no time for delays. Ranma, I am turning over one of my
starbases in the sector to you. Please return it back to me when this
is over," Daisuke said. "Sure thing. Ranma out," the pony-tailed man

Ranma turned around to face his military commanders. "Alert the fleet.
We are going to pay a visit to an old friend of mine," he said. As one,
they followed his orders. Even with the Gravity Accelerators (Trade
Good Item) and the Propulsion and Gravity Acceleration technologies
(some given to him by Daisuke), it took Ranma's fleet of Corvettes and
Precursor Rangers at least seven months to reach Daisuke's nearest star
system. By that time, the Altaran's fleet of Battleships were laying
siege to Daisuke's Capital Star System having overrun forty percent of
his galactic empire. "Lord President, it would be better if we spoke
with the Altarans first. Perhaps they would see reason and the war
would end," his Foreign Minister advised, not too keen on the idea of
war. "Very well. Make contact with the Altarans," Ranma said as his
fleet stopped next to the Altaran Battleship attacking Daisuke's Markus
star system.

A picture of a tattooed man appeared on the vid-screen. "I am
Netromancer of the Altarans. My people find it offensive that you
exist but I will be merciful in exchange for 2500 billion credits,"
the Altaran leader proclaimed arrogantly. "No. I have a proposal for
you instead. Withdraw your forces from Daisukes's territory or be
destroyed," Ranma replied boldly. "You dare refuse my generous offer?
You dare threaten me? We will destroy you! Prepare for War!" the
Altaran leader shouted at Ranma through the vid-screen. "Attack the
Altaran fleet now!" Ranma spoke to his commanders. "Yes, Sir!" They
replied in unison before proceeding to attack the Altaran fleet of

Combat Odds:

Ranma's fleet

Precursor Ranger 1: Attack: 50 Defense:100 Hit Points: 232 Movement: 8.
Precursor Ranger 2: Attack: 55 Defense: 80 Hit Points: 272 Movement: 8.
Precursor Ranger 3: Attack: 86 Defense: 75 Hit Points: 255 Movement: 8.
Precursor Ranger 4: Attack: 45 Defense: 112 Hit Points: 236 Movement: 8.
Precursor Ranger 5: Attack: 48 Defense: 72 Hit Points 286. Movement: 8.
Corvette: Attack: 7 Defense: 7 Hit Points: 24 Movements: 9. (x15)

Altaran Fleet:

Battleship: Attack: 19. Defense: 9 Hit Points: 86. Movement: 6. (x6)
Battlecruiser: Attack 21. Defense 8 Hit Points 72. Movement: 6. (x4)
Transport: Attack: 0. Defense: 1. Hit Points 55. Movement: 4.(x4)

"Ranma, where are your Battleships and Battlecruisers?" Daisuke's face
appeared on the vid-screen. "We haven't discovered them yet," Ranma
admitted rather sheepishly. "You're that far behind? That shouldn't
be. We're already researching Dreadnaught technology and so are the
Altarans but it will take us sometime to build up our forces. I'm
downloading our entire research database into your computers. Prepare
to receive it. By the way, we should exchange all our trade good items
so we can all benefit by it," Daisuke added as he ordered his
researchers to download their database into Ranma's databanks.
"Okay....," Ranma replied then he turned to turned to the vid-screen
by the side and watched the battle commenced between his forces and
the Altaran fleet.

Two minutes later .....

"Sir, the Altaran war fleet around the Markus system has been
destroyed. We have sustained no damage to our Precursor Rangers while
our Corvettes have taken minor to medium damage to all their hulls.
What are your orders?" his second-in-command asked. "Set a course for
Daisuke's capital star system," he ordered. "As you command," his
second-in-command replied before relaying orders to his men. And the
fleet moved towards the Gandalf system.

Part 11:

Two months later ....

"We have reached the Gandalf Star system. The battle around it is
fierce." A display showing Altaran warships laying siege to the Gandalf
Star system appeared. "They appear to be constructing starbases in the
sector, my Lord. We must destroy them," his advisor spoke. "Attack the
starbases," Ranma ordered. The Precursor Rangers struck at all the
Altaran starbases in the sector. They exploded into pieces. "Now engage
the enemy forces," he ordered.

Combat Odds:

Ranma's fleet

Precursor Ranger 1: Attack: 50 Defense:100 Hit Points: 232 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 2: Attack: 55 Defense: 80 Hit Points: 272 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 3: Attack: 86 Defense: 75 Hit Points: 255 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 4: Attack: 45 Defense: 112 Hit Points: 236 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 5: Attack: 48 Defense: 72 Hit Points 286. Movement: 10.
Corvette: Attack: 7 Defense: 7 Hit Points: 24 Movements: 9. (x15)

Altaran Fleet:

Battleship: Attack: 19. Defense: 9 Hit Points: 86. Movement: 6. (x12)
Battlecruiser: Attack 21. Defense 8 Hit Points 72. Movement: 6. (x8)
Frigate: Attack 21. Defense: 10 Hit Points 120. Movement: 6. (x10)
Transport: Attack: 0. Defense: 1. Hit Points 25. Movement: 4. (x16)

Daisuke's Fleet

DS Surveyship 101 Attack: 30. Defense: 90. Hit Points: 140 Movement: 8
DS Surveyship 102 Attack: 22: Defense: 60. Hit Points: 100 Movement: 8
Defender: Attack 1. Defense: 8. Hitpoints 40 Movement: 4. (x6)
Battlecruiser: Attack 23. Defense 7 Hit Points 68. Movement: 6. (x5)
BattleAxe: Attack: 3. Defense: 12. Hit Points 60. Movement: 5. (x12)

Independent League of Non-Aligned Worlds fleet:

Battleship: Attack: 15. Defense: 6 Hit Points: 44. Movement: 4. (x10)

The ensuing battle was long and terrible. All of Ranma's Corvettes were
destroyed and half of Daisuke's fleet had been blasted into atoms. The
good news was that the enemy presence in this sector had been eliminated.

"Say, Ranma. For one moment, I thought I was a goner but you saved my
neck. I owe you buddy. Now let's recover the rest of my star systems."

"Say, Daisuke. Why is the Independent League of Non-Aligned Worlds
attacking you?"

"Long story. When the Altarans began destabilizing my star systems,
some of them became disillusioned and pulled out to join the
Independent League. Some worlds I just let them go but there were a few
I could not afford to loose," Daisuke explained before pausing.. "And
you started a war to regain those systems," Ranma concluded. "That's
right. There are certain things that you do not like to do but you have
to do. One of the worlds that seceded happened to be my Manufacturing
Capital and Technological Capital. I could not afford to loose that
star system," Daisuke said.

Ranma remained silent for awhile before continuing, "Have you gotten
them back?" "Yes, very quickly." "How's your martial arts? Still doing
it?" "Yes, still." "I will wait for your forces in the next sector. By
the way, where did you get so many Precursor Rangers?" "My people found
them. See you around." "Bye."

The vid-screen when silent and Ranma when to the training room
contemplating what Daisuke had done.

Part 12:

In another part of the galaxy, a fierce war is raging between Hiroshi's
forces and the armies of the evil Drengin Empire.

Combat Odds:

Hiroshi's fleet

Dreadnaught: Attack 26: Defense: 17: Hit Points: 112. Movement: 5. (x10)
Battleship: Attack 19: Defense: 8 Hit Points: 80. Movement: 5. (x8)
Frigate: Attack 19. Defense: 10 Hit Points 110. Movement: 6. (x10)
Battle Transport: Attack: 0 Defense: 17: Movement: 5. (x10)

Drengin Fleet

Battleship: Attack 20: Defense: 9 Hit Points: 80. Movement: 5. (x24)
Frigate: Attack 20. Defense: 10 Hit Points 110. Movement: 6. (x10)
Battle Transport: Attack: 0 Defense: 17: Movement: 5. (x10)

The result of that battle three sectors away from the Evenstar star
system was nothing short of spectacular. Like an old Persian saying,
"Never in one day died so many." At the end, only six of Hiroshi's
fleet remained, three of them having taken severe damage while the rest
took medium level of damage. The Drengin war fleet had been completely

Inside the command center, Hiroshi took a sip as he wiped the sweat
from his brow. That battle had just been too close to call.

Part 13

Meanwhile, back on Ranma's capital world ....

"Beware humans, we, the mighty Calor, have claimed these worlds in our
name," a voice said on the vid-screen. "Who's the Calor?" Ranma asked
Tse Ling, his intelligence chief. "We have no information regarding
them in the galaxy. They must be a new civilization. Our intelligence
officers would work on this immediately, Sir," she said. "Thank you,"
Ranma replied before turning away. He activated the vid-screen. An
image of Daisuke appeared on the screen. "Ah .... Ranma, my friend.
What can I do for you?" he asked. "Just want to ask you something.
A new civilization called the Calor has appeared. I was wondering if
you knew anything about them," Ranma said. "That bunch of terrorists?
They're bad news, Ranma. Find their world quickly and destroy them. Or
you will regret it," Daisuke explained when he saw Ranma's hesitation.
"But they haven't done anything yet," Ranma protested. "You do not
understand. They will destroy our people," Daisuke said in frustration
before disappearing off the vid-screen.

One week later .... News broadcast:

"Alert! Alert! Alert! A terrorist group believed to be the Calor have
poisoned the Arcean planet of Paladin IV reducing it to a planet class
of 11! The Arcean government has condemned the attack and placed a
bounty of 100 billion credits for the culprits to be brought to justice,
dead or alive. The Calor civilization has denied the attack," the news
commentator announced. Turning to his intelligence chief, he asked her,
"Did they do it?" "Sir, the evidence is overwhelming. Prior to the
event, a group of Calor operatives disguised as merchants detonated
a radiation bomb on the planet, killing millions of civilians. The
planet is now uninhabitable due to the toxins that they used in the
explosive," Tse Ling replied. "Do we have their location?" he asked
again. "Their base is in uncharted space. We would have to explore all
of space just to find them," she said. "Send our scouts and sensor
drones out, there is not a moment to lose," he ordered. "As you wish,
Sir," his beautiful intelligence chief replied before leaving the

Part 14

"Mr. President, I have bad news. The Altarans have forged an alliance
with the Torian Confederation. Several Torian Battleships have already
been seen entering Altaran space and are taking positions alongside the
Altaran fleet. Their combined fleets outnumber ours two to one. That's
not all. The Torian starship, Vascora, which is the Flagship of the
Torian Warfleet, is here as well," Daisuke's Defense Minister spoke as
she pointed to a star maps in the holographic display. "How strong is
the Torian Flagship?" he asked. Daisuke could only look in disbelief
at her reply.

His Domestic Minister was the next to speak up. "Our people have become
increasingly restless and violent. Nothing we have tried seems to work.
The people have become more and more demoralized. We thought that this
was the work of our enemies but their empires are in as much upheavel
as ours is, if not more. Several of our star systems are already in
danger of seceding from our empire. What's more, our galaxy is heading
for recession. All available funds have already been spent on war
materials and starships," he said.

"Maybe, the time has come to end this war," Daisuke said as he
activated his vid-screen. The figure of Ranma appeared in front of
him. "Ranma, I think we should negotiate peace with the Altarans and
Torians. But we have to put up a powerful display of force or else they
would think that we are weak and try to bully us in the negotiations.
Could you move your fleet to join mine here at this position," Daisuke
said. Ranma said, "Alright," I will move my entire fleet to that
position." And the display showed Ranma's entire fleet of starshis
taking up their positions alongside Daisuke's fleet.

Has Ranma finally eaten too much of Akane's cooking? Or has he been
transported across realities by The Game? Will Ranma and his two
friends ever wake up from it? Or will they ever return to Nerima?
Stay tuned. Comments anybody? Email address:

Part 15

"So both my enemies wish to beg for mercy," the Altaran leader
proclaimed. "We have not come to beg for mercy, Netromancer. We have
come to declare an end to this war which is draining our peoples' lives
and resources. My ally and me wish to declare an armistice with your
side," Daisuke spoke calmly to the Altaran leader. "And how is this a
good deal? You tell me," the Altaran leader sneered at Daisuke's offer
of peace. Suddenly, a voice disturbed him from the side making him
shake his head in disbelief and anger. "We will negotiate another time.
I have some business to attend to," he said and the vid-screen went
dark. "So there will be war," Ranma said to Daisuke.

"Sir, the Altaran fleet is withdrawing," Daisuke's intelligence chief
announced through his communicator. "Explain ...," Daisuke added.
"There has been a massive uprising across the galaxy resulting in
numerous star systems being taken over by religious fanatics led by a
mysterious figure known only as the Oracle. Some of their star systems
have joined this new religious movement. Which should explain their
sudden withdrawal. Unfortunately, some of our star systems have chose
to join them as well," his intelligence chief continued. Daisuke
listened carefully as he heard the names of the star systems that were
lost to this new civilization which was called the Fundamentalists for
their religious fanaticism.

"So, Ranma, how many star systems did you lose to the
Fundamentalists?" Daisuke asked. "Four. How about you?" he replied.
"Eight," Daisuke replied to Ranma's question. "That many?" "That's
about right. The only good news is that the Altarans lost even more
star systems than we did," Daisuke commented. "Yes. They lost about
twelve of their star systems which should explain why Netromancer was
so mad about it. Serve them right," Ranma agreed. The were about to
call it off when suddenly their vid-screen lit up. "An unauthorized
transmission from an undisclosed location, Sir," his technician said.
"Greetings humans. Please help us. The Altarans and Torians are
attacking us mercilessly," the voice on the other end said. "The
Oracle," Daisuke guessed. "Help us," the voice on the other end spoke.
Both leaders looked at each other through their vid-screens and both
said simultaneously, "Launch our entire fleet!"

Coming up next:

The Great Interstellar War -

Group A

The Altarans
The Torians
The Independent League


Group B

The Fundamentalists


Group C????

The Yor Empire (this fact is unknown to Ranma and Daisuke but the
Torians were at war with the Yor Empire).

Who will win?

In another part of the galaxy .....

Group D

The Carinoids


Group E

The Drengin Empire


Group F???

The Terran Alliance (this fact is not known to any of the three Nerima


Group G

The Decahedron Compact (also unknown to our three Nerima friends).

Neutral Groups

Group H

The Arceans
The Alexians
The Debians
The Scottlingas
The Calor
The Jarkians
The Paridians
The Windischiel

Nabiki's Civilization Profile

Civlization Name: Decahedron Compact (also known as the Exiles).
Nabiki's civilization bonuses: +20% to navigation, +30% to trade,
+20% to sensor, +30% to espionage.
Government Type: Republic +20% to economy.
Ruling Party: Mercantile Party: Bonuses: +20% to trade, +5% to
Special Leadership Bonus: +10% to trade, +10% to espionage, +10%
to diplomacy (Nabiki Tendo is a master of capitalism, information-
gathering and negotiations)
Alignment: Neutral.
Galactic Achievement: None.
Galactic Wonder: None.
Trade Good Item: None.
Most Advanced Starship Technology: Battleship.
Currently Researching: Conglomerates.
Number of Star Systems: 10.
Number of Planets: 15.
Ruling System: Greenstar.
Highest Planet Class: 30.
Lowest Planet Class: 15.
Most Common Planet Class: 18.
Total Revenue Per Turn: 100 billion credits per turn.
List of Star Systems: Greenstar, Hibernia, Sawicky, Sadat, Alvarez,
McDermott, Kando, Belem, Cherbenyev, Chulaq.

Hiroshi's Civilization Profile

Civilization Name: Hidden Foundation
Hiroshi's civilization bonuses: +50% to navigation, +30% to research,
+20% to sensor.
Government type: Star Democracy. Bonuses: +40% to economy.
Ruling Party: Technologists. Bonuses: +20% to research, +10% to sensor.
Special Leadership Bonus: None.
Alignment: Neutral.
Galactic Achievement: Economic Capital, Manufacturing Capital.
Galactic Wonder: Eyes of the Universe.
Trade Good Item: Tri-Strontium Alloy, Diplomatic Translators, Virtual-
Reality Modules
Most Advanced Starship Technology: Dreadnaught.
Currently Researching: Ranger Technology.
Number of Star Systems: 33.
Number of Planets: 47.
Ruling System: Heinlenn.
Highest Planet Class: 26.
Lowest Planet Class: 16.
Most Common Planet Class: 18.
Total Revenue Per Turn: 100 billion credits per turn.
List of Star Systems: Heinlenn, Thanatos, Wavicle, Antoine, Sheena,
Inverse, Nova, Landsberg, Biawatha, Doonesbury, Outland, Catbert,
Reagan, Bison, Dru, Dante, Augustus, Caesar, Xerox, Black Zone,
Rimmer, Rhino.

Daisuke's Civilization Profile

Civilization Name: Xenocracy
Daisuke's civilization bonuses: +30% to navigation, +30% to research,
+20% to defense, +20% to weapons.
Government type: Star Democracy. Bonuses: +40% to economy.
Ruling Party: Technologists. Bonuses: +20% to research, +10% to sensor.
Alignment: Neutral.
Special Leadership Bonus: None.
Galactic Achievement: Economic Capital, Manufacturing Capital, Hyperion
Manufacturing Center.
Galactic Wonder: None.
Trade Good Item: Frictionless Clothing, Nano-recorders.
Most Advanced Starship Technology: Battleship.
Currently Researching: Dreadnaught Technology.
Number of Star Systems: 24.
Number of Planets: 35.
Ruling System: Gandalf.
Highest Planet Class: 24.
Lowest Planet Class: 16.
Most Common Planet Class: 18.
Total revenue per turn: 30 billion credits per turn.
List of Star Systems: Gandalf.

Ranma's Civilization Profile

Civilization Name: Omegan Order
Ranma's civilization bonuses: +30% to luck, +30% to navigation, +20% to
defense, +20% to weapons.
Government type: Republic. Bonuses: +20% to economy.
Ruling Party: Federalists. Bonuses: +20% to economy.
Special Leadership Bonus: +20% to soldiering, +10% to defense, +10% to
weapons (Ranma is a master of military tactics and combat).
Alignment: Neutral.
Galactic Achievement: Economic Capital, Manufacturing Capital.
Galactic Wonder: Galactic Stock Exchange. Currently building the
Tir-Quan Training Wonder.
Trade Good Item: Gravity Accelerators, Harmony Crystals.
Most Advanced Starship Technology: Battleship.
Currently Researching: Xeno Trade.
Number of Star Systems: 12.
Number of Planets: 22.
Ruling System: Vizzard.
Highest Planet Class: 33.
Lowest Planet Class: 16.
Most Common Planet Class: 20.
Total revenue per turn: 208 billion credits.
List of Star Systems: Vizzard, Kazaa, Mendora, Andersona, Raiden,
Garibaldi, Leonardo, Azlan, Arcturus, Lavastine, Orion, Artemis.

Part 16:

"A massive Terran invasion force has been spotted in this sector, Madam
President. They appear to be on course for our capital star system,"
Nabiki's secretary replied. "How many of them are there?" she asked.
"Sensor drones in hostile space indicate there are thirty Battleships
and thirty Transports loaded with more than thirty billion troops which
will reach us in six months." "Our current defenses?" Nabiki asked. "We
have three BattleAxes and three Battleships in each star system which
should be sufficient to repel their attacks if we moved all of
Battleships to our capital system but it will leave the other systems
with inadequate defenses against hostile forces currently in the
region," her secretary explained. Just as Nabiki while was pondering
the difficult choices ahead for her people, her com-link rang up.

"Madam President, our archaeologists on Davan IV have found what we
believed to be an ancient Precursor Ranger left behind by the First
Race in the galaxy. It is a Battleship and a Survey Ship combined all
rolled into one. We can research anomalies with this ship. What are
your orders?" "Send the ship to research as many anomalies as we can
find. Our fate lies with this ship," Nabiki ordered. "As my Lady
wishes," the voice on the other end said going out. Suddenly, a face
appeared on the monitor. It was a large grinning ogre with orange hues.
"So, what does the Lord of the Arcean empire wish to speak about?" she
asked diplomatically. "Nothing much. Just that I have a gift of twenty
corvettes for you. Use these to destroy the Terran Alliance," he said
before the screen winked out.

And came back on again. "Lord Kona, what can I do for you?" Nabiki
asked the Drengin leader with unease coursing through her spine. "The
majority of my people are in favor of turning you humans into butter
to be spread over our bread but I'm willing to postpone that decision
in exchange for 700 billion credits." "This is blackmail, Lord Kona,"
Nabiki replied. "It is," the Drengin leader sneered. "Forget it,"
Nabiki said before turning away. "The Drengin have long-term memories,
human. You will pay for this insolence," before winking out. "Madam
President, Drengin warships have been scouted on the edge of our star
systems," the Defense Minister spoke. "Accursed fools, they smell
blood. And like vultures to a corpse, they swoop in for the kill,"
Nabiki swore beneath her breath.

"Madam President," a voice from her com-link rang out. "While
colonizing the Marigold system, we discovered a ship with technology
superior to ours. Should we contact the crew to find out more about the
ship (+22% to starship quality) or should we seize the ship to study it
and interrogate the crew (+77% to starship quality)? Alternatively, we
could just leave the ship alone. What are your orders, Madam
President?" "Seize the ship," she said without hesitation. "As you
wish, Madam President," the voice on the other end replied.

"Madam President, I have bad news. A disgruntled Decahedron employee
working for Cyberdyne Systems went to Sigma 3 and shot Lord Kona while
he was giving a speech to the trade representatives of the Empire. The
new Drengin leader, Lord Aalisothoh has vowed revenge for the death of
his predecessor and declared a blood feud on us all. Reinforcements
have been given to the Drengin Empire from a private source," her
Intelligence Chief spoke through the com-link.

Her vid-screen came to life once again. "We, the mighty Alexians, have
decided to provide you with three BattleAxes and three Battleships to
resist the evil Drengin empire. Use these ships that we have provided
you with to crush them!" the voice before the vid-screen went blank
again. Then it came back to life. 'Seems like there is no end to the
number of visitors I am getting,' she thought. "We, the mighty
Scottlingas, have decided to provide you with our finest starships to
assist you in crushing the evil Terran Alliance." Then it went blank.
"What did they give us?" Nabiki asked her Defense Minister. "Nothing
very useful. They gave us three Corvettes and three BattleAxes which
I doubt would of be much use against Drengin and Terran Battleships
although it might come in handy in taking out undefended Transports,"
her Defense Minister replied.

Her com-link rang out. "Madam President, there has been a new
development. One of the alien crew members of the starship that we
seized has escaped and sent a distress signal on a previously unknown
subspace frequency into deep space. We have been unable to locate the
alien since and we suspect he or she has already fled the system," her
Security Chief announced to her through the com-link. Nabiki swore
under her breath. "I want every detail of the incident on my desk as
soon as possible! Is that clear?" "Understood, Madam President," the
voice on the other end clicked off.

Part 17

Ranma, Daisuke and the Fundamentalists battle the Altarans, the Torians
and the I-League in a war that will determine the fate of the galaxy..

The Great Interstellar War

Combat Odds:

Ranma's fleet

Precursor Ranger 1: Attack: 50 Defense:100 Hit Points: 232 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 2: Attack: 55 Defense: 80 Hit Points: 272 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 3: Attack: 86 Defense: 75 Hit Points: 255 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 4: Attack: 45 Defense: 112 Hit Points: 236 Movement: 10.
Precursor Ranger 5: Attack: 48 Defense: 72 Hit Points 286. Movement: 10.
Battleship: Attack: 24 Defense: 12 Hit Points: 94. Movement: 6. (x37)
Transport: Attack: 0. Defense: 1. Hit Points 25. Movement: 4. (x20)

Daisuke's Fleet

DS Surveyship 101 Attack: 30. Defense: 94. Hit Points: 140 Movement: 8
DS Surveyship 102 Attack: 25: Defense: 61. Hit Points: 100 Movement: 8
Battlecruiser: Attack 23. Defense 7 Hit Points 68. Movement: 6. (x5)
Battleship: Attack: 21 Defense: 11 Hit Points: 90. Movement: 6. (x32)
Transport: Attack: 0. Defense: 1. Hit Points 25. Movement: 4. (x20)

Fundamentalist Fleet:

Battleship: Attack: 17 Defense: 8 Hit Points: 60. Movement: 5. (x68)

(in every game that I played, the Fundamentalists had massive war
fleets ^_^)


Altaran Fleet:

Battleship: Attack: 19. Defense: 9 Hit Points: 86. Movement: 6. (x50)
Transport: Attack: 0. Defense: 1. Hit Points 25. Movement: 4. (x20)

Torian Fleet:

Vascora: Attack: 70 Defense: 100 Hitpoints: 200. Movement: 8.
Battleship: Attack: 19. Defense: 10 Hit Points: 102. Movement: 6. (x30)
Transport: Attack: 0. Defense: 1. Hit Points 25. Movement: 4. (x12)

I-League Fleet:

Battleship: Attack: 15. Defense: 6 Hit Points: 44. Movement: 4. (x30)

UPC Log Stardate 2190:

In the most intense battle fought yet in almost every sector in Altaran
and Fundamentalist space, an undeclared alliance of three minor races
has successfully stood up to two galactic powers, the Altarans and
their allies, the Torians. It was the first time in recorded history
that three minor races had been able to fight off a joint attack by an
alliance of two major galactic powers in the galaxy. The result of this
battle has deeply shaken the UPC, threatened the Torian and Altaran
empires and upset the balance of power in the Delta Quadrant. Much of
deep space in that quadrant of the galaxy is now in anarchy and turmoil
with no one in control. Roving bands of pirates, criminals, Belua and
most recently, Gorushan marauders from uncharted territories prowl the
area for raiding and looting.

The UPC is now in session to discuss this development.

"The minor races have defeated two of the council members in the UPC.
Up until now, they have never formed a military alliance in direct
opposition to any of the major powers in the galaxy before with any
success. This will set a precedent in the galaxy if this is allowed
to continue. What appropriate action should be taken against the
belligerents?" the speaker of the UPC asked.

"I say that a joint attack be carried out by all the members of the
UPC on them!" the Altaran leader shouted.

"I vote yes," replied the Torian leader.

"I vote no as I don't see the point in doing so as this is an Altaran
problem. I say a trade embargo on the belligerents is sufficient," the
Yor leader said.

"A trade embargo is enough," the Drengin leader spoke apparently in
agreement with the Yor leader..

"I vote for normal relations with the belligerents," the Arcean leader

"I prefer a trade embargo," the Terran leader replied.

The UPC has passed a resolution to impose a trade embargo on the
Fundamentalists and their allies throughout galaxy. All races and
civilizations will be required to break off diplomatic ties and
economic trade with the belligerents as of this hour. The Council
is dismissed.

Part 18

"What???!!! Those lunatics at the UPC meeting have decided to force the
entire galaxy to impose a trade embargo on all of us?? That's not fair!
The Altarans started the whole war first! Besides, we're not even
represented in the UPC!" Daisuke shouted as he received the bad news.
"It's true, sir. Already, all our trading partners with the exception
of the Omegan Order (Ranma's empire) and the Fundamentalists, have
cancelled their trading routes with us in accordance with UPC law.
We will run into financial trouble soon unless we find some way to
compensate our financial resources," his Economic Advisor reported.

Suddenly, a shrouded face on the vid-screen appeared. "Greetings,
Oracle, what can I do for you?" Daisuke spoke politely. "Greetings,
human. The UPC has passed an economic embargo on us all, effectively
becoming enemies of our precious cause. With response to this display
of foolishness by the UPC, my followers have advised me to double all
trading routes with our allies. Will you accept this agreement?" "We
do," Daisuke replied. "Then it is agreed. Effective as of this time
090034 and date 2199, all trade routes between our empires will be
effectively doubled. Should more revenue be required, we will triple
all the trade routes," the Oracle spoke. The vid-screen went blank.
Daisuke negotiated the same deal with Ranma and trade between the
three empires increased by a magnitude of ten times.

Meanwhile in Decahedron Space ......

"Madam President, there has been a new development. The UPC has imposed
an economic embargo on three races that we have yet to encounter, the
Fundamentalists, the Omegan Order and the Xenocracy," the Foreign
Advisor declared. "Contact them immediately," Nabiki ordered. "The UPC
has explicitly forbidden diplomatic ties and economic trade with any of
them," her Foreign Advisor protested. "We are just doing our standard
reconnaissance of new civilizations. We're not breaking any laws.
Besides it's almost impossible to trade now with any civilization
thanks to the economic blockade by the Terran and Drengin war fleets.
If the UPC wishes to take action against us, let them. I don't see how
they could make any things worse since we're already under an economic
blockade," Nabiki explained. "As you wish, Madam President," her
Intelligence Chief spoke before leaving the room.

"Alert! Alert! Alert! A terrorist group believed to be the Calor have
infected the Terran planet of Gattaca II killing every living person
on the planet! The Terran government has condemned the attack and
placed a bounty of 200 billion credits for the culprits to be brought
to justice, dead or alive. The Calor civilization has denied the
attack," the news commentator announced. Turning to her intelligence
chief, she asked, "Did they do it?" "Madam President, the evidence is
overwhelming. Prior to the event, a group of Calor operatives disguised
as scientific researchers blew up the Center for Xeno-biological
Research on the planet, killing millions of civilians. The planet
is now uninhabitable due to the viral toxins released into the
atmosphere," her Intelligence Chief replied. "What is their location?"
she asked again. "According to intelligence reports, their base of
operations is on Saruman VII, in the heart of Drengin territory. To
reach them, we would have to enter Drengin space," she said. "Thank
you, Caitlynn. Nabiki out." 'A terrorist movement that could strike
anywhere, anytime, their base of operations in the center of the
Drengin empire. This certainly is not my day,' Nabiki whispered under
her breath.

Part 19:

The Gamma Quadrant, Sector 32, 42, 28, ...

President Hiroshi was busy contemplating the strange new UPC law in
his Presidential Suite. 'A trade embargo on three minor races by the
UPC. That's never happened before in the game. And the Omegan Order
and the Xenocracy. That's two minor races I've never come across or
heard it mentioned either by the game developers and the players on the
Internet. Must be some hidden race the developers deliberately hid from
the players. Some kind of weird dream that this is turning out to be,'
he thought. "Amanda, I would like you to find out some information
about the Omegan Order and the Xenocracy. Also, please find out the
location of the Calor home world. Those terrorists must be stopped
before they cause anymore damage," he told his Intelligence Advisor.
"As you wish, Sir," she said before the vid-screen winked out to be
replaced by that of his Foreign Minister.

"Sir, the Drengin Emperor, Lord Kona has been assassinated by
Decahedron operatives. His successor, Lord Aaliasothoth, has declared
war on the Decahedron Compact. I believe this incident presents a good
opportunity for us to weaken, if not destroy the Drengin Empire which
has been a thorn in our side all these years," Foreign Minister said.
"True, but we can't just do that openly. The Drengin Empire and the Yor
Empire are close trade partners. Any attack on the Drengin Empire would
cause the Yor Empire to intervene on behalf of its largest trading
partner." "Then let us just supply arms to the Decahedron Compact.
Put me through to their leader," Hiroshi replied.

Part 20

"Greetings, President Nabiki Tendo of the Decahedron Compact speaking,
Hiroshi??!! President of the Hidden Foundation? What are you doing
here?" Nabiki asked in disbelief at seeing her old Furinkan school
mate victim. "I should be asking you the same question. How long has
it been, five years, ten years. You're still very much the same after
all this time," Hiroshi replied. "You have grown, more matured and
sensible," Nabiki commented. "It comes with the job. When you enter
the political arena, you can conform to its rules or die," Hiroshi
said nonchalantly.

"Yes, say Hiroshi, how about a little help for old times sakes?" Nabiki
asked. "A little help for old times sakes? Very funny, Nabiki. My happy
memories do not include you in it, " Hiroshi replied. "This is serious,
Hiroshi. The Drengin Empire and the Terran Alliance are attacking me.
Their combined fleets vastly outnumber mine. I am sure you could
provide me with some financial aid and war material. Do that and I'll
forget the old debts from High School," Nabiki said.

"Nabiki, you've got to realize something. We're no longer in Furinkan
High School where you can push everyone around to do things your way.
I can't just provide you with financial support and war materials even
if I'm the President. I've got the strategic interests of an entire
race to consider. If I provide you with financial support and war
materials, the Drengin Empire would renew their war on the Hidden
Foundation and the consequences could be devastating for my people.
Also there is the danger that Mr. Alan Bradley who I believe to be
rather erratic and paranoid in his behavior might get the wrong idea
and go after me," Hiroshi explained.

"You already possessed Dreadnaughts. What have you got to fear from
them?" Nabiki countered. "The Drengin Empire and the Yor Empire are
close to sealing a military and economic alliance. If I were to engage
the Drengin Empire in war at this time or the near future, the Yor
would move against me. I cannot provide you with outright support.
There is nothing that says that you cannot buy anything from me,
however," Hiroshi said. "In that case, I would like to buy your
Dreadnaught technology," the former Ice Queen of Furinkan high replied.
"How much are you offering, Nabiki?" "One hundred billion credits," she
said. Hiroshi did not reply straight away but turned to his advisors.
His Foreign Advisor and Defense Minister shook their heads.

"Is the Universal Translator working? Tap! Tap!" Hiroshi laughed.

"But that is a good deal already. One hundred billion credits is a
lot," Nabiki protested.

"Nabiki, that amount you suggested is nothing short of robbery. If
I allowed such a deal to go through, I might not survive the next
election. Not to mention, an impeachment process by my own party,"
Hiroshi explained.

"You drive a hard bargain. Two hundred billion credits," Nabiki

Hiroshi looked at his advisors. They gave him a thumbs down almost

"This is unacceptable. My intelligence sources indicate that you
have insufficient funds for such a technological transfer to make it
worthwhile. For old times sakes, however, I will provide you with an
alternative bargain. I will lease out my Dreadnaughts to you for two
hundred billion credits up front for each Dreadnaught provided plus
one billion credits a month for six hundred months. Consider my offer
carefully, Nabiki. If you think the price is steep, remember this. No
other race has Dreadnaughts except the Hidden Foundation," Hiroshi

'I will get you for this, Hiroshi,' Nabiki thought before saying,

"How many Dreadnaughts would you like, Madam President?" Hiroshi asked.

"Five. Hiroshi, please ... Do not call me 'Madam President'", Nabiki

"Alright, Nabiki. Until next time. Give the old Furinkan gang my
regards. Hiroshi out." The vid screen went blank.

UPC - United Planets Council

How was that for my first fanfic? Any comments or ideas, write to New notations: (x10) means there are ten ships
of that particular type in that sector so (x100) means there are one
hundred ships of the same type.

Part 21:

In the Terran Alliance, Emperor Alan Bradley has changed the government
to that of a Star Democracy to increase revenue (+40% to economy) as
the war with the Decahedron Compact reached a critical level. To gain
support for his party, he passed two bills in the Senate and Global

Transmission from TNN ....

Excerpts from the speech of our most Honored President of the Terran
Alliance, Alan Bradley.

To all the brave and loyal citizens of the Terran Alliance, twenty
years have past since we have given the secrets of the hyper-drive to
all our alien friends. And what did they repay us with? They repaid us
with contempt and hostility. They threaten us. They make wars upon us.
They are our enemies in the open. Yet there are also enemies in closets
like wolves in sheepskin. They smile and laugh at our jokes. They
praise us with their words and shower us with gifts. But they are not
our friends. In the darkness and unseen light they plot our downfall
and conspire with enemies out of the empire. But we will not stand idly
by and watch while they plot and scheme behind our backs. As of time
230592 and year 2193, I have passed into law this amendment to save

Terran Amendment XXXIII

All business enterprise(s) and those of the government would be
required to have a minimal ratio of thirty-six percent human employees.
Failure to do so would result in the termination of the business
license and their assets seized. The number of students of alien or
non-human origin in all governmental and private institutions of
learning would be reduced to twenty percent. The remaining of which
would be reserved for humans. This would all a part of the Improved
Economic Vision of the Terran Alliance.

Terran Amendment XXXIV

Due to the Emergency situation in which we find ourselves in, we
have no choice but to enforced this decree. Anybody found harboring,
planning or participating in any action with intent to destabilize or
endanger the security of the Terran Alliance can be held without trial
indefinitely until the Terran Secret Service of the Terran Alliances
deems it otherwise.

Thank you.

For all mankind ...

Alan Bradley,

President of the Terran Alliance.

"Alan Bradley's really gone off the deep end. The Terran economy can't
run completely on human affirmative action alone. This is going to
cost him the economic and production efficiency of the empire," the
Decahedron President commented after hearing the new ruling.

"This may not be sound decisions in the long run but it will win him
the votes needed to control the Terran Senate for the time being.
Already human supremacist movements throughout the Terran Alliance
have begun discriminatory steps against aliens and non-humans, Madam
President," her Intelligence Chief reported.

"The fool. He is going to start a xeno-racial war inside and outside,"
The entrepreneur-turned President shrugged as she studied the image on
the vid-screen..

"That's not the only thing. Take a look at this. The person standing
with him. The new leader of the Terran Secret Service," her
Intelligence Chief pointed out as the vid-screen zoomed in on the
Presidential Entourage on the news.

A bald man with beard and piercing eyes stood beside the Terran
President in the picture.

"Yuri ... I thought he died a long time ago in that lab accident,"
Nabiki whispered under her breath.

"You were wrong. I was wrong. Yuri is still alive ...," her
Intelligence Chief replied.

"Madam President," a voice from her com-link rang out. "Three large
vessels of unknown configuration have appeared outside our system. So
far, they have refrained from any hostile actions. They are, however,
demanding compensation for the loss of the ship that we took from
them," the voice on the other end replied. "We're receiving an
unauthorized transmission from one of the vessels," the voice
continued. "Greetings, human scum! Return back what is ours and pay 500
billion credits in compensation or face the consequences. You have one
hour to decide," the alien on her screen declared before winking out.

Nabiki pondered the options before her. "Would it be possible to seize
control of the ships out there?" she asked her Intelligence Chief. "We
can do so with a computer virus but the energy required for such an
undertaking would be 2000 billion credits with a 66% chance of success.
It is also likely that the security system of the three alien ships are
more advanced than ours given their level of technology. Our probe team
can be moved into position within the hour," her Intelligence Chief
replied. "Gather our top operatives. We will capture their ships within
the hour. There is no margin for error," Nabiki replied. "As you wish,
Madam President," her Intelligence Chief departed the scene.

Part 22:

"Madam President, I have good news. The mission is a success. The alien
ships are now fully under our control. A full diagnosis of the alien
warships have revealed them to be Avatar warships, a new class of
warships armed with anti-matter weapons making it superior to that of
the Dreadnaughts in terms of firepower and durability. Information from
the ships' computers and interrogation of the crews have also enabled
us to build our own Avatar warships. In addition to that, we found
out the position of the alien's home star system. These aliens call
themselves Aglians and they come from Biraktes. Though their level of
technology is superior to that of any other race in the galaxy, they
appear to be for the most part, a peaceful race. Wars among themselves
are almost unheard of," her Intelligence Chief reported.

"Which should explain their poor security systems. By the way,
congratulations on a job well done! Have all the operatives who
completed the mission successfully appear before me. They deserve
a reward." "As you wish, Madam President," her Intelligence Chief
replied. Nabiki pressed another button. Her defense minister appeared
on the screen. "How long would it take for the Avatar warships to be
ready?" she asked. "A year at the earliest, Madam President," the
Defense Minister replied. "How far is the Terran war fleet from the
capital star system?" "One month away." "Prepare a surprise for them,"

Nabiki said. "As you wish, Madam President," her Defense Minister

Meanwhile on Biraktes ...

"The humans have proven to be more resourceful and barbaric than we

"I agree. They have taken our second most advanced class of starships
from right under our noses."

"They must be stopped."

"How? Sending the more powerful Overlord warships to attack them would
be foolish given the fact that they have already acquired the Avatar
technology from us by capturing our starships in the first place. We
cannot risk having our more powerful defense technologies falling into
their hands."

"I concur. However, we must launch an all-out offense before the humans
put the Avatar technology to use."

"We are a peaceful race. Attacking another race is uncivilized."

"What other choice do we have? If we allow them to build up their
forces, they would surely come for us now that they know we are easy

"There is a way."

"We create a defense system as adaptive and resourceful as the humans."

"What do you mean?"

"This ...," the Grey Alien explained.

And the group of grey-skinned humanoids got to work.

Comments, anybody??? Write to

Three months later ...:

"Mr. President, unknown forces attacked and destroyed the colony
on Mazaron II," the Defense Minister approached the President.

"What?!! So the Decahedron traitors are now resorting to terrorist
tactics!" the President exclaimed.

'Strange, I keep getting the feeling that this is the work of a new
enemy,' the man at his side thought, voicing his opinions to no one.

Coming Soon:

"I now proclaim Yuri as the new Supreme Commander of the Terran
Alliance Defense Forces."

"Yuri, I know that this is your fault!" The lost boy swore as he
heard the pronouncement all over the assembly.

"General Ryoga, you will do as you are ordered!"

"I have grave news to announce. Our dearly beloved leader, President
Bradley has died of a most hideous assassination. As the Supreme
Commander of the Terran Alliance Defense Force, I declare myself
acting-President of the Terran Alliance until the next general
election. My chief investigators have informed me that this
assassination to be the work of General Ryoga Hibiki in complicity
with Decahedron agents and GLA terrorists. As of now, I declare
General Ryoga Hibiki as a non-person in Terran space and he is
to be arrested on sight as soon as possible."

"No! Damn it! Yuri! This is all your fault!" the lost boy shouted
for once not blaming it on Ranma.

"It is not the spoon that bends, but the mind that bends. With the
psychic beacon, I will bend all their minds and then souls of every
living thing that ever existed to my will," Quote by Yuri, Supreme
Leader of the Terran Alliance.

Coming Soon:

"Mr. President, a planet, no, make that several planets appear to be
travelling at light speed towards our position," a scene of several
planets moving at incredible speed appear on the screen.

"That was the last message before our sensor drone and the Battleship
patrolling that cluster was destroyed. These are enhanced pictures
right before of the planets moving towards our positions that we were
able to recover right before our patrol was destroyed in that sector,"
the Defense Advisor explained.

"That's no planet. That's a fleet of Antaran Doomstars .............
and ........ they don't look very friendly. We are in serious trouble.
I should have known. The Gorushan Marauders must have been their
frontline scouts and cannon fodder. The Belua must have been their
genetic experiments. The Antarans had been testing our defenses all
along, " the President spoke.

Major Powers (UPC):

Drengin Empire
Torian Confederation
Arcean Imperium
Yor Collective
Altaran Republic
Terran Alliance

Galactic Threat:


Gorushan Marauders

Coming Soon:

Antaran Hegemony
Manhunter War Machine
The Precursors
Void Hunters

Medium Race:


Omegan Order
Hidden Foundation
Decahedron Compact

Coming soon:

Damocles Society
Yuri's Initiates
Galactic Liberation Army

Minor Race:


Minor Civilization Profile

Civilization Name: Aglians
Aglian civilization bonuses: +20% to sensor, +80% to research,
Government type: Star Democracy. Bonuses: +40% to economy.
Ruling Party: Technologists. Bonuses: +20% to research, +10% to sensor.
Alignment: Good.
Special Leadership Bonus: None.
Galactic Achievement: Economic Capital, Manufacturing Capital, Hyperion
Manufacturing Center.
Galactic Wonder: The Terraformer.
Trade Good Item: None.
Most Advanced Starship Technology: Overlord.
Currently Researching: 4D-Phasing.
Number of Star Systems: 3.
Number of Planets: 5.
Ruling System: Biraktes.
Highest Planet Class: 40.
Lowest Planet Class: 20.
Most Common Planet Class: 28.
Total revenue per turn: 30 billion credits per turn.
List of Star Systems: Biraktes, Inkestra, Haphilon.

Minor Civilization Profile

Civilization Name: Alexians
Alexians civilization bonuses: +20% to sensor, +80% to research,
Government type: Star Democracy. Bonuses: +40% to economy.
Ruling Party: Technologists. Bonuses: +20% to research, +10% to sensor.
Alignment: Good.
Special Leadership Bonus: None.
Galactic Achievement: Economic Capital, Manufacturing Capital, Hyperion
Manufacturing Center.
Galactic Wonder: The Terraformer.
Trade Good Item: None.
Most Advanced Starship Technology: Overlord.
Currently Researching: 4D-Phasing.
Number of Star Systems: 3.
Number of Planets: 5.
Ruling System: Moo.
Highest Planet Class: 40.
Lowest Planet Class: 20.
Most Common Planet Class: 28.
Total revenue per turn: 30 billion credits per turn.
List of Star Systems: Bullwinkle.

Part 23

"No!" Ranma cried as he received the bad news. "They will pay for this
atrocity!" as he looked at his capital star system from afar. A fleet
of thirty dreadnaughts and sixty battleships was stationed around the
Vizzard system as they tried to contained the alien creatures escaping
from the rifts that had opened due to the intense concentrations of
strange energies in the ruined star system. Vizzard II had been hit
by an anti-matter weapon.

In a split second, twenty billion lives had perished from the explosion
that shook the system. The death of so many lives in an instant
resulted in a massive release of a previously unknown type of energy
that filled up the planet to the brim and more as it overflowed out
of the planet into the surroundings of the star system. Due to the
intensity of the strange energies surging throughout the Vizzard star
system, countless rifts acting as dimension gateways opened and closed
randomly to different dimensions and worlds depositing all manner of
creatures, demons and life forms from unheard of places and time. Some
had even become permanent gates, unable to close and rapidly became
a headache for Ranma's military forces as they had to destroy every
creature that came out of it.

They had been unable to save the inhabitants of Vizzard VII as they
were too busy trying to stop the deadly aliens and creatures that
had appeared from the rifts in space around the Vizzard system. "Sir,
the strange energy around the Vizzard star system is increasing in
intensity and has begun to affect the neighbouring star systems of
Andersona, Kazaa and Mendora," Tse Ling reported. "Move a few ships
over there. If dimensional rifts begin to open up near the three
systems, you know what to do," Ranma said. "Yes, Sir," she replied.
Eventually, the flow of the unknown energy from the Vizzard star system
slowed much to everyone's relief though it did not come to a complete

To be continued.....
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