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Chapter 12

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Learning the horrible truth of what the future holds Harry begins his quest to become the perfect wizard and change the future of death and destruction he's foreseen. Harry/Katie Bell

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‘Looks like I don’t need my invisibility cloak after all,’ Harry thought as he stepped out into the moonlit night. He wasn’t the only one awake. Actually, from the amount of activity and noise around him, it almost seemed like the Wesley’s were the only ones to go to bed. Still, to be on the safe side Harry kept under his cloak until he was well away from the Weasley’s tent.

Unfortunately, because of how cheap the tickets Katie and her friends had were, Harry actually had quite a ways to walk. Though he was sure that during the day it wouldn’t have been so bad, at night and with only the moonlight to help guide him, it was a nightmare. Eventually though, he found the right camp site and went looking for Katie. It had taken him nearly an hour to get there, but he was pretty sure it’d only take half that to get back to the Wesley’s tent now that he knew the way.

Glancing to the left Harry saw her silhouette through the crowd. Stopping, he took a long look at her. Katie wore an modest skirt and turtleneck. Somehow though, it was still enough to make him blush. He hadn’t realized how much he missed spending time with her until he’d been at the Weasley’s. This had been the longest they’d gone without seeing each other since he originally ran into her only a couple weeks into the summer.

Harry’s stomach rumbled and threatened to erupt as he notice two older boys he didn’t know were standing close to Katie, far too close for his comfort. A part of him wanted to run over there and kiss her in front of them all to show she was already taken, that she was his. He managed to squash the feeling down though. He’d already made a fool of himself by being jealous once before. Katie had thought it was cute at the time, but he wasn’t about to test things.

“Katie!” Harry called out to her as approached the a group students she was with.

“Harry!” she called out in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

"I'm here with the Weasley's. They went to bed early though, so I snuck out to come see you.”

"That's great!" She said with a smile. There was an awkward pause afterwards, where they each patiently waited for the other to say something. The silence was broken though, by a couple of the girls nearby falling into giggles. That brought them both back to reality, and Katie introduced him to the group she was hanging out with.

Harry asked in a good time talking with a group, but he was still rather put out. He snuck out to see Katie, not to talk with other people. He didn't know what to say to her however, so we just went along with everyone else.

Thankfully, he only stayed for another 20 or 30 minutes before Katie made their excuses. Once out of the group she and Harry took a walk away from the campsite and towards the woods. Harry opened his mouth to try to say something, but nothing came out. His heart was racing yet his throat was too dry to function properly. This was not how things were suppose to go!

When they were sufficiently away from the crowds, Katie turned towards him and taking his hands, told him that she was glad to see him. How they had spent so much time with each other this summer that she hadn't realized how much she missed him until he was gone. Harry was rather surprised by that, not only because it described exactly how he was feeling, but because she missed him! In all his thoughts about her, it never even occurred to him that she might miss him as well.
She looked into his eyes for a moment and must have seen something she liked, because her lips instantly found his. Emotions swirled together, lust and desire winning out as they began to kiss with a need and ferociousness that surprised them both. Nine days apart was just too long. Though his hands stayed on her waist, Katie’s somehow ended up around him, both pulling him closer and driving him mad by slowly moving up and down his back. This kiss was more passionate than any of their previous kisses.

The kiss ended just as abruptly as it began, with Katie pulling back and walking further away from the camp site like nothing out of the ordinary just happened. Harry just stood there like a buffoon, his eyes huge and his throat surprisingly dry. It took him a few moments to regain enough motor control to follow her. Well he hadn’t planned that either, but he wasn’t about to complain.

The walk was rather silent and a little awkward as each was too busy thinking about the mind blowing kiss they just had, and not knowing how to act now.

When they arrived at the spot she was leading them too, Harry stopped and stood in awe at the scene before him. A small pool dominated the clearing, casting reflections off its mirror-like surface. Trees arched over it, their boughs defining the moonlight into bluish beams that struck the surface of the water like magical energy flowing down a stream.

The young pair blushed as they heard the unmistakable sound of a moan filter through the silence. Apparently they weren’t alone in finding such a wondrous spot. Glancing around Harry could see a movement in at least two or three different spots around the edges of the clearing.

The intensity and lust from before was gone now, leaving Harry nervous and unsure of what to do or say. Katie turned toward him as they reached the dark shadows of a tree and he could tell that she was just as nervous as he. Oddly, knowing that she was just as much a stranger to these feelings actually calmed him down a bit and bolstered his courage.

Placing his arms around her shoulders Katie almost unconsciously moved closer to him. Her face tilted up slightly and Harry lowered his lips to hers, kissing her lightly. This wasn't the powerful intense kisses of before, but it was a tender kiss, their eyes wide open and watching each other.

Finding no resistance, Harry kissed her again and this time parted his mouth a little, savoring the soft feel of her lips. Katie reached around his neck and held him close. They stayed like that for a long time, kissing, nibbling, and tasting each other as they hugged.

Eventually though the slow kissing just wasn’t enough for Katie. The feelings coursing through her were overwhelming and she wanted more. She deepened the kiss and, bringing her hands around to his front, yanked at his shirt and slid them under to feel the warm skin of his toned stomach. His pulse racing at the touch of her hands, Harry eagerly reciprocated.

Sometime later a brilliant light interrupted them. When Harry’s eyes adjusted to the light and saw who it was in front of him, his face paled dramatically. It was the Ministry.

Did the Weasleys notice him missing and notify the Ministry? Harry wondered as a hand on his shoulder began to pull him away. He tried to steal a glance towards Katie but the gruff voice snapped to keep his eyes forward. Harry complied immediately.

“Your name?” The gruff voice asked once they were a little ways away from Katie and the other member of the Ministry.

“Harry,” he answered rather nervously. Maybe they weren’t looking for him, but then why were they here?

“Harry what, son?”

“Harry Potter, sir.”

He saw the man still for a moment and the light, which was coming from the man’s wand, did a tell-tale flick towards his forehead.

“You really are Harry Potter.” said the man in a much less threatening voice as he lowered his wand.

Harry let out a sigh of relief as he saw the man for the first time. The man was older, with slightly graying hair and wasn’t nearly as ominous looking as he had appeared only moments before.

Thinking that things were over, Harry turned to head towards Katie but was stopped by a hand on his shoulders again.

“Sorry, son.” The ministry official said slightly apologetically, “but you can’t disturbed them until after my colleague is finished questioning your friend.”

“Questioning her? Why!” Harry demanded.

“It is nothing serious,” the man placated. “We merely need to ensure she is here of her own free will and not under the influence of alcohol, or any other substances, before we send you back to your camp site.”

“Send us back? What’s this all about sir?”

“There was a disturbance a little bit ago. Nothing to worry about,” he assured Harry, “but we’re asking everyone to return to their tents.”

Harry stood there wondering what was happening with Katie. They’d each had a couple drinks while they were at the party, and Katie had been at the party long before him so she could have had several before then. She hadn’t seemed drunk to him, but would that be enough? And what would happen if they were found to have been drinking. Harry knew it was technically illegal for him to drink, but as a member of the house team he’d been invited to the older year’s parties since his first year and had often indulged in alcohol. At the party tonight it just seemed natural to be drinking and he hadn’t given it a second thought.

Thankfully he didn’t have to wait too long for Katie and the female Ministry official, an Auror from the looks of her red robe, to come back. Harry was a bit nervous as they arrived, and he could tell Katie was as well.

“Alright kids,” the man next to Harry said to them, “which camp site is yours?”

“I’m in Ganymede Seven.” Katie told them.

“Um… I’m not really sure what mine is,” explained Harry. “It’s the one for the box-ticket holders though.”

The female Auror whistled at that, obviously impressed. “No worries, could use a walk anyways. You go on ahead Mitchell. I’ll escort these two back.”

The walk back to Katie’s tent was short and rather awkward. Harry didn’t know how to act and, with the Auror walking just ahead of them, couldn’t really say what he wanted to.

“Alright, I’ll wait out here while you two take a few minutes to say goodbye.” The Auror said with a teasing grin as they reached the campsite and Katie pointed out which tent was hers.

They stopped just outside of Katie’s tent, blushing. Each knew exactly what they wanted, but were too nervous to do anything about it.

“Uh.. Thanks for sneaking out to see me Harry,” Katie said in a soft voice, so unlike the confident and somewhat boisterous Chaser he knew she was.

She turned to go inside, but Harry snapped out his hand to her shoulders and stopped her. “Wait.”

“I’ll see you on the train right?” he asked.

She grinned, “Yeah, I’ll...” she began but Harry cut her off by claiming her mouth in a kiss.

Groaning, Katie’s hands grabbed onto his shirt and pulled him close as Harry opened his mouth to deepen the kiss.

“Is that you…” Angelina trailed off as she opened the tent flap.

The two of them, having been standing right at the entrance to the tent, tried to spring apart immediately. In their haste to separate though, they’d forgotten just how close they were to each other and became tangled together as they fell right into the tent, one on top of the other. Angelina found herself jumping out of the way as the pair suddenly landed right in front of her.

Harry cringed and grunted in slight pain as he looked up at Angelina’s bewildered, and slightly stunned, face. “Hi Angelina.”

She just blinked.

“Well… I’ll just be going then.” Harry said with a blush as he picked himself up off the floor.

Thankfully, the girls managed to wait until Harry was out of the tent before breaking down in giggles.

“Ready?” The female Auror asked, smiling from the rather adorable antics she’d just witnessed.

“What was the disturbance?” Harry asked as they began walking.

“Oh, just a few idiots dressing up as Death Eaters and causing some ruckus.” She explained.

Harry started as memories of Death Eaters came crashing into his consciousness.

“Don’t worry,” she added when she noticed his reaction. “The cowards fled as soon as the Aurors arrived.”

“Hold on a mo,” the Auror said as she screwed up her eyes in a strained expression as though struggling not to go to the bathroom. A second later, her hair turned from shoulder length dark brown to a short, spiky, pink. A few moments later her face changed slightly to take on a more youthful look, reminding Harry of many seventh years.

Harry gapped at her, not in amazement at what she’d done, but in who she was. This was the woman from his dreams! Sirius’ cousin or something, Ollivander had recognized her from Harry’s memories earlier that summer. She’d been the one to help the future him when fighting Death Eaters in the kitchen.

“Pretty cool huh?” she asked after she noticed Harry had stopped walking. “I’m a Metamorphmagus. Been able to change my appearance since before I could even walk. Mitchell is a real straight arrow though, so I had to keep to that boring look while on patrol with him.”

“That has to be cool, changing what you look like.”

“It’s great. Bet you wouldn’t mind hiding that scar sometimes, eh?”

Harry started at that, he hadn’t thought she’d known who he was. She never stared at his scar or mentioned it before then. “Err. Yeah, it’d be dead useful.”

“You have to be born with this, but there are some pretty clever concealing charms you can learn. You should talk to Professor Flitwick sometime. I’m sure he’d be able to help you.”

Harry felt stupid, he’d never thought of that before! He had learned a concealing charm towards the end of second year from his Quidditch Captain, Oliver Wood, but that one surrounded him completely. Harry used it when he needed a bit of privacy at night. One that worked just on his scar though…

“So… is this what you really look like then?” Harry asked.

“For now. Being a Metamorph is a bit different than just self-transfiguration. Every form I take is permanent. So, if I never change again I’ll age in this body just like anyone else would. Not that that’s likely. I enjoy my gift.”

“Oh, wow. That’s pretty cool.”

After that they chatted for a bit about Auror training. Tonks was still a trainee and had a year left before she began her six months of mentorship. Harry was rather surprised to find out she had only graduated from Hogwarts at the end of his second year. The first form he’d seen her in had looked years older.

At first Tonks was doing all the talking as Harry listened to her stories, but that changed as he became more comfortable in the conversation. Using what he learned from Sirius’ stories about his time as an Auror, Harry felt he was able to keep up his side of the conversation fairly well. Though he didn’t have his notebook with him, Harry was keeping mental notes of what Tonks was talking about. Ollivander would’ve been proud.

There were certain times that Harry nearly laughed while she was talking. Tonks was a character, that was about the only way to describe her. Her hands, facial expressions, as well as hair length and color were all part of how she talked. When she was really into the topic she’d talk faster, use more hand motions, and her hair would change to more loud and outgoing colors and styles. When she was reporting some of the worse parts of the training; learning all the rules, laws, exceptions, and class work, her voice would become softer and less outgoing and her hair would change to match.

For her part, Tonks was impressed with Harry’s knowledge of being an Auror, and of the training she’d been going though. Being an Auror had been a dream of her for years, but to be accepted into the training right out of Hogwarts had been an incredible surprise, and she was proud of it. Most of her friends had quickly grown tired of hearing about the Aurors though. Her parents, at least, still listened to her prattle on about it though. They’d been good about it in the beginning, but after nearly a year of training she could tell they weren’t interested in what she was talking about outside of the fact that it involved her. Having someone new to regale with stories of everything that had happened throughout the last year was fun.

“How is you know so much about the training?”

“It’s what I want to become once I graduate.” Harry replied. It wasn’t a lie, at least not completely. After Ollivander had told him that his father and Sirius had been Aurors, he’d been thinking of becoming and Auror just like them. Besides, it wasn’t like Harry could say that his Godfather, the most wanted man in Britain, told him about it.

“Really? That’s great! I can put a good word in for you, and if I get stationed at Hogwarts this year I can help you prepare some. Give you a few pointers.”

“That’d be great!” Harry still wasn’t certain exactly how Ollivander was going to be helping once Harry was back in Hogwarts again, but it couldn’t hurt to have an Auror help him too.

“What do you mean stationed at Hogwarts?” Harry asked a moment later. He’d been there for three years, and though he didn’t know everything about Hogwarts, he was sure he would have noticed red-robed Aurors around. Were they adding Aurors because of the trials?

“Guess you haven’t been up on the news, huh. Between the attacks these past few years and the curse on the Defense Against Dark Arts position –did you know I had six different teachers for that class! Anyways, the parents have been worried for a couple years now but nothing came of it. I guess the incident with a Dementor nearly kissing a couple students was the last straw though. The Head of Magical Law Enforcement was forced to resign earlier this summer. And the new one, Amelia Bones, will be stationing a couple MLE agents there. My superiors hinted that it…”

“Harry!” A voice he instantly recognized as Hermione’s called out to him.

Glancing towards the entrance to the campsite Harry’s blood froze. Hermione, most the Weasley’s and two Ministry officials were looking towards him.

“Oh bloody hell.” he whispered to himself, though from her slight cough Harry was sure Tonks caught it as well.

Taking a few steps their way, Harry mentally prepared himself for the chastisement he was about to receive. It'd been worth it, whatever the penalty. Spending nearly two hours snogging Katie was easily worth anything they could throw at him.

"See, Mr. Potter" Tonks called out a bit loudly considering she was right next to him. "I told you I'd get you back here." As she passed a few steps in front of him Harry saw that she'd changed her appearance back to the older, more mature look she wore earlier.

"I'm sorry if we've worried you any," she said, addressing the coming group. "I've had several people to escort back to their camps, and Mr. Potter's was furthest away."

Harry blinked. He had a hard time believing this Auror he'd met only a half hour ago was covering for him! He knew from his memories of her in the future that'd she been nice to him and had risked her life for his, but she couldn't know those...

"Who are you?" A Ministry wizard with beady little eyes and a nasal voice asked.

"Auror Trainee Tonks, sir." Tonks said, respectfully addressing the man who likely outranked her by quite a few pay grades.

"No harm done." Mr. Weasley said coming up and clapping Harry on the back, a gesture he had always disliked. "It was quite easy to get separated during the chaos, while I bet there will people still strangling back when the sun comes up in a few hours."

Harry was sure a couple of the Ministry Wizards would disagree, but thankfully didn't comment except to dismiss Tonks. He hoped she wouldn't get in trouble for helping him, but from the looks of the one's face, figured she would.

"Tonks," Harry called out as she was walking away. "If you do get stationed at Hogwarts, make sure to say hi. We didn't get to finish talking about your training." And with that seemingly innocent comment, Harry established the beginnings of a friendship that would change his coming year dramatically.

"What was that about mate?" Ron asked as Harry turned back around towards them.

"Nothing. Just talked on our way back here. A bit of excitement huh?" Harry asked, fishing for information about what exactly happened while he was gone.

"Oh, come on." Hermione said in a huff as she dragged Harry and Ron away from the others. "What really happened Harry?" she demanded once they were far enough away to not be overheard.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, trying to play innocent. Of course, Hermione would be the one who noticed.

"I mean, where were you? Everyone assumed you became separated in the chaos and I didn't mention otherwise, but I know you weren't there Harry. You weren't ever with us."

"I went over to visit Katie." He admitted with a sheepish grin.

"You snuck out?" Hermione asked as Ron let out a quick “Way to go!”

"I wouldn't say snuck out really... It’s more like I just didn't mention where I was going to anyone."

"In the middle of the night after we'd already gone to bed?" Hermione pressed.

"Well... We did go to bed pretty early.” Harry tried to reason.

"But you snuck out!"

He just rolled his eyes. "Oh come on Hermione, relax a little. It’s not like it’s the first time one of us has snuck out. We’ve done it plenty of times at school."

"With the Tornados trading for Mathis, think they can take Puddlemere this year?" Harry asked as he turned toward Ron, hoping Hermione would get the point and drop it.

"Puddlemere, are you kidding? The Tornados may've traded for Mathis, but Puddlemere has that Russian bird and Alstead for beaters and they'll take care of her. That’ll leave most the pressure on the other two chasers just like last year." Though Harry didn’t agree with his friend’s assessment, he let it slide for now thankful just to be out of Hermione’s glare.

“Sorry for caring enough to worry!”

"I still can't believe Bulgaria won!" Ron complained, “I know Krum is the great, but the Irish were favored to win."

"At least you didn't bet on it like Fred and George," Harry commented absently. A slight pang hit him in the gut as Hermione walked quickly back to the rest of the group. He really didn’t care that he snuck away from the Weasley’s, seeing Katie had been well worth any trouble he might get in from them. But Hermione had worried about him, and somewhat surprisingly, he felt guilty for that. Only a few days ago he had been thinking of how he could make things up for last year… And now he’d already gone and mess things up even more. Shaking the thought away Harry turned back to Ron. "Can you imagine what your mum will say when she finds out they lost everything though?"

Even Ron, who rarely showed any compassion for his older brothers, cringed in sympathy.

After showering Katie laid down on her bed frustrated with herself. As mortifying as it had been to be questioned by that Auror about their activities, she couldn’t help but feel a bit of gratitude at being interrupted. She'd known they were going too fast, but couldn’t stop it. She couldn't let things go that far again. That she knew. She wasn't like those other girls... A bit of kissing was alright, maybe some light petting too, but that was it. She'd just have to draw the line there. Harry would understand, she was sure of it. He was probably thinking that they were moving too fast as well, but being too nice to say anything. Now if only she could only convince herself to slow down when it mattered…

The feeling of his lips, of his body pressed against hers, had been amazing. The power she glimpsed in those kisses and the way her body responded was intoxicating. Even just thinking about it now was causing her body to tingle again. Grabbing a pillow she hugged it to her chest as she tried to force herself to suppress those feelings. Oh why couldn’t her body just obey her mind!
Harry couldn’t help but smile as he looked into the mirror and stared at the barely recognizable person in it. He’d grown a lot since last year, he’d known that. Even Katie had noticed early in the summer. The new clothes looked good on him, and the lack of glasses changed his facial appearance a bit. His muscles too looked slightly more defined than he remembered. Harry doubted he’d even have huge muscles like a few of the older years he knew, but he was fit from all the running and years of Quidditch – it may not be the hardest sport in the world, but no one was going to tell him that straining and pushing yourself to, and often beyond, your limits for multiple hours nearly every day for three years was easy. No one that actually played sports anyways. He’d heard more than a few whispered comments from some of the other kids about how easy Quidditch was; just sitting on a broom all day they would say. Yet he never remembered seeing a single one of them out on the field, even during the inter-house pickup games.

What really caught his eye wasn’t the physical changes though. The boy, no- young man- after spending nearly two hours snogging and feeling up Katie, Harry wasn’t going to consider himself merely a boy again. There was a bit of confidence in how he held himself now that hadn’t been there last year, when he’d been a lowly third year. He was looking himself in the eye now and wore a smile that he rarely wore before. It was kind of difficult to see that person in the mirror and realize it really was him. Something was changing, part of it was Katie’s doing he knew, but he’d like to think that he’d matured this summer as well.

“Well?” Ron asked eagerly, surprising Harry who, lost in his own thoughts, hadn’t seen him come in.


“How was is it?” Ron nearly demanded from him.

Letting a grin fall back onto his face, Harry turned towards him. “Bloody Brilliant!”

Ron grinned back. “I knew it! Now come on, don’t keep me waiting!”

With only a couple hours left until sunrise it wasn’t really worth going back to sleep. What Harry really wanted to do was go snog Katie again! Several of the Weasley’s were up and about. It’d be difficult to sneak out, but he was still certain he could do it. He doubted he’d really have time for that now though, so instead they took a seat on their beds and talked. Katie, of course, was the main topic of conversation and Harry tried to do his best to describe exactly what happened. After a rather pitiful explanation which didn’t begin to do it justice, he finally settled on telling Ron he’d just have to find a girl to snog himself to understand. The conversation then changed from what happened tonight, to everything that had gone on between he and Katie this summer and how he landed himself such a hot bird.

Harry was still rather confused about that part of their relationship, or rather how in they even came to have a relationship at all and was of little help. He told Ron everything that happened between them during the summer and they both decided girls were just too confusing to figure out. Instead, they tried to narrow down a list of girls for Ron, mostly centering around the older years with the largest chests. Though, a few from their own year did make the cut. Hannah Abbott grew quite a bit last year and even Gryffindor’s own Lavender Brown had been filling out her top quite nicely when they’d left last year. The topic of conversation instantly changed from girls to the coming school year when Hermione and Ginny, having also decided it wasn’t worth going to sleep, came in.

Hiding the disappointment of not getting to browse through all the shops and activities later that morning, Harry helped with taking down their magically enlarged tent. The box-ticket holders had their own port-keys back, so they didn’t have to wait in the ever lengthening line near. Katie, Angelina, and Alicia’s campsite wasn’t actually scheduled to leave for another three days. Though, Harry wasn’t sure if they’d be staying that long. Thankfully, living nearby meant they could walk to the Floo and head home whenever they wanted.

When the Weasley’s, with Hermione and Harry in tow, arrived at the Burrow the next morning they were all surprised to see Hermione’s family was already there waiting for her. She hugged them eagerly and genuinely seemed pleased to see them, but Harry could tell that her smile was a little forced. He understood and actually commiserated with her; leaving his friends and the Wizarding world each summer was one of the hardest parts of the year. He never really thought about it before but in a way it was nearly as bad for Hermione. While she normally had a great summer with her family, she had to leave her friends at the beginning of every summer and then leave the family she loved at the end.

Harry, on the other hand, never regretted leaving the Dursley’s. This year was a bit different than any other, though, as he finally understood what it was like to leave a ‘family’ behind. Mr. Ollivander had told him they’d continue his lessons even while he was at Hogwarts, but Harry doubted he’d bring Sirius along. He was the most wanted criminal in Britain after all.
Time, as it has a habit of doing, moved on. Without Hermione there things were actually a bit boring. Though Ron was his friend, Harry could only take so much talk about Quidditch, chess games, or flying. The stay at the Weasley’s was just cementing the idea that he wasn’t the same as he had been before. When he stayed there for a couple weeks after his first year, he’d been fine with doing nothing. Now, though, Harry wanted to do something. Whether it was to study, talk, explore, or even read one of Ollivander’s books on history. He didn’t think he was bored enough to read from his school history text, Ollivander’s ones were actually interesting. Snog! That was also something he desperately wanted to do again, and soon. In short Harry missed the freedom he’d felt all summer. Surprisingly, his morning runs with Bill or Charlie were actually becoming the highlights of his day as nothing else interesting really happened.

That was, at least, for the first four days back. On the fifth day he and Charlie walked into the kitchen for a drink after finishing their run when they head Bagman’s unmistakable deep voice. The only reason Harry could think of for Bagman to stop by was to collect money his winnings from the twins. No one had wanted to mention that little fact to Mrs. Weasley yet.

“Oh, horse shit Arthur. Your lads were old enough to know what they were doing. I would have paid had they won after all. It’s just how these things works. Besides, they’re young and in Hogwarts. It’s not like they actually need the money.”

“Was my pleasure,” Bagman continued after Mr. Weasley said something they couldn’t hear. “Besides, it was a big hit having all those VIPs meet the Potter boy! Great work you did Arthur. Minister was right pleased. Several weren’t his biggest fans, but with Potter supporting him Fudge thinks he can gain some serious support when newest bill goes before the Wizengamot next month. You really got yourself noticed with that. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little something heading your way after it passes, if you know what I mean.”

Harry couldn’t help but gasp when he heard that. Part of him felt betrayed by Mr. Weasley. He hated that he was known as the boy-who-lived and using it for his own gain was something he imagined the Dursley’s and Malfoy would do, not something he’d do, or thought the Weasley’s would ever do. On the other hand, Harry had had a great time at the World Cup and the only reason he’d gone at all was because of the Weasley’s. Was it really so bad that Mr. Weasley used his name? It’s not like anyone was really hurt because of it.

“Let’s get out of here.” Whispered Ginny, who had been eating breakfast, and Harry couldn’t help but agree. Thankfully, Ginny and Charlie didn’t feel the need to bring it up as they all walked out the backdoor.

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