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“Lietté Gaillen, Seventh Handmaiden in the First Class for Padmé Amidala”

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TITLE: “Lietté Gaillen, Seventh Handmaiden in the First Class for Padmé Amidala” PAIRING: Lietté Gaillen and Roché Jodelle, a fellow handmaiden from the same training class. RATING: Uhm, ...

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“Lietté Gaillen, Seventh Handmaiden in the First Class for Padmé Amidala”

01.) Pretend: She likes to pretend that it was selfless devotion to the people and to principles of democracy and freedom that led her to politics (it is, after all, what people expect of their leaders, on Naboo, and it is, moreover, so very deliciously silly, that anyone could ever be so naive as to believe such a thing), but the truth is that everything else that doesn’t involve the machinations and power plays of politics and lawmaking bores her to tears, and she wants to work in an area where her talents will shine and people will see and adore her, and so logic, not loyalty, is wholly responsible for her current place in life.

02.) Future: Three months in to the new Queen’s reign, she knows, without a doubt, that Amidala is too sentimental and naive to be the kind of leader who can guide Naboo to a truly free and prosperous future, not when the ravenously greedy wolves of the Trade Federation are howling at the doors, and she quietly starts to cast out feelers, preparatory to an attempt to seize the reins of power herself (for Naboo’s own good, of course!).

03.) Like: Roché – who looks no more like the Queen than she does, which is to say that she is a slender, somewhat petite brunette of roughly the same age as Amidala and that this is where their physical resemblance essentially ends – is like her, only a little less stable and intelligent and a wee bit more poisonously vindictive, physically strong, and ruthless, and she considers their alliance to be a match made in the heavens, for while Roché can gather the fear and hatred and worshipful awe of the people, she can gather in their love and loyalty and devotion all for herself.

04.) Power: The Trade Federation strikes far sooner and far more openly than she ever would have thought the cowards capable of, and she curses herself for not working faster, knowing that she has no way to seize or stay in power so long as they are actively occupying the planet and that she will therefore have to work with them, as a collaborator and ally, if she wants to fool them into giving her enough power to eventually persuade them to turn the running of the world over to her . . .

05.) Pressure: Tyché and Acharé are easily turned – a little pressure brought to bear against their families, and they crumble and fold, turning into willing allies – while Essé shocks her by seeking her out deliberately, as the alarms are still blaring, to demand to know what she’s going to do and to be included in her plans, and Rosé follows lazily along after Essé, but Tillé and Maitané have to be tortured into cooperating, and it is while licking the blood off her lips (and experiencing a wholly unexpected orgasm) that she discovers she has both a craving and a talent for the infliction of pain.

06.) Toy: Roché likes a bit of pain with her pleasure and doesn’t mind being humiliated and hurt, so long as it’s in the private of their bedchambers (or somewhere else inclosed, where no one can come upon them) and she receives prompt enough treatment for any actual wounds that break the skin to keep her from scarring, and she takes great delight in shocking and frightening the Trade Federation’s rather prissy Viceroy and his Neimoidian henchmen, by ordering them to seek out certain whips and flechettes and restraints and toys for them to try out, both on each other and on the prisoners, to make them talk.

07.) Pain: She finds that she likes the title being whispered behind her back, “Our Lady of Pain,” enough to be willing to give over her initial plan to gather the people’s love while Roché gathers their fear, and takes a great deal of pride and satisfaction in gleefully founding a cult of herself, recruiting adolescents from the detention camps and taking enormous pleasure in breaking and remaking them (through a careful process combining sleep deprivation, ritualistic infliction of pain, and various elaborate ways of making them take part in atrocities so horrible that they have no choice, at the end, but to give their lives and their dedication over to her) as loyal acolytes of pain, worshiping her as a living avatar of a goddess of suffering, pain, and death and eagerly obeying her every order.

08.) Private: Essé is a little/ too/ fond of pain, as it turns out: when Rosé finally manages to, ah, “accidentally” strangle her to death (far past the point of any possible resuscitation), they find thirty-seven bodies of various prepubescent, once quite lovely girls and teenaged boys stashed in various stasis devices in the makeshift dungeons attached to her suite of private rooms.

09.) Control: Rosé is too damned ambitious and too willfully stupid to make a good minion or ally, especially without Essé there to control her, and so she does the smart thing and throws her to the rebels, letting them capture her and do with her as they will, so that she won’t have to personally dirty her hands with Rosé’s death (which, judging by the state of the various fragments of Rosé’s body that show up scattered all across Theed and even in the mail being delivered to the Palace for the next week, was both lengthy in coming, extremely messy, and quite possibly the finest work of a master artist of a torturer she’s ever come across, outside of her own dungeons).

10.) Spineless: The Trade Federation leaders are all spineless dupes, but the Zabrak who comes to them from their supposed Sith ally (/Sith!/ In this day and age! She’s not sure if she’s more terrified or more excited and aroused by the prospect of an actual living Sith!) is terrifyingly powerful (though she can easily spy the telltales that prove he’s been thoroughly broken and reshaped to another’s will), and she’s forced to revise her plans yet again, in light of the fact that she’s fairly certain he’d come and kill her out of hand, if she attempted to seize control of Naboo from the Neimoidians currently leading the Trade Federation.

11.) One: The Neimoidians are terrified of their Sith ally and seem even more horrified to learn that there are two of them (though why they should be surprised that there should be more where there is one, she surely couldn’t say), and so, when Darth Maul asks them about their prisoners and any information they might have on where the Jedi and the Queen of Naboo may’ve fled to, they turn to her and Roché, point the Zabrak to them, and basically turn tail and flee like spooked rodents, leaving them to try to answer his questions.

12.) Proud: She’s proud of the work she and Roché have done, with the prisoners, and she thinks that someone like a Sith should be able to understand and appreciate the kind of work they’ve done, here, but he seems wholly unimpressed by them and their dungeons and actually even sneers something disparaging about amateurs before demanding to be left alone with Saché and Yané, the two handmaidens who were with the Queen right up until the moment she boarded her ship and escaped (when she left them behind, supposedly because Amidala considered the danger of getting shot down and killed or else recaptured, while attempting to run the blockade, too great for Yané, the youngest of all her handmaidens).

13.) Vindicated: A part of her is fiercely glad when the Sith eventually reappears, snarling in frustration over his inability to get anything at all useful out of either of the prisoners in question, feeling wholly vindicated by the Sith’s failure to get anything out of either of those two, who have steadfastly refused to give up anything of use irregardless of what she and Roché (or even Essé and Rosé, when they were still alive) have done to them.

14.) Plead: She’s a bit surprised when the Queen eventually actually makes it to Coruscant (despite the Zabrak hunting her party and a Sith Master out there somewhere, actively plotting against her and her Jedi rescuers) to plead the case of the Naboo before the Senate and even more surprised when the naive little fool calls for a vote of no confidence in Valorum, but is wholly unsurprised by the Senate’s inability to do anything at all useful about the Trade Federation’s blatantly unlawful invasion and occupation of Naboo, and so she’s shocked to learn that the Queen fully intends to return to Naboo with the two Jedi who helped her escape in the first place, aid from the Senate forthcoming or not, to try Force alone knows what kind of crazy scheme to free the planet on her own.

15.) Alive: She and Roché vowed never to be taken alive, though neither one of them ever truly believed that they would have any need to fulfill that vow by arranging a way off planet, in case the Queen somehow managed to defeat the Trade Federation’s droid armies and the Sith both to reclaim Naboo, but she is a firm believer in the old maxim about how it’s better to be safe than to be sorry, and so she secures a fast fighter for her own personal use and, when it becomes clear that a miracle has in fact occurred and the Queen is going to win, she and Roché gather up all of the jewels, clothes, creds, and valuables they can, and they flee the planet, vowing one day to return and retake their rightful places and entirely set on the notion of finding and allying with the Sith, in order to accomplish precisely that goal . . .
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