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While Naruto played tricks, and gained everybody's attention, I showed Iruka-sensei what I could do, and sometimes he would forget about me and give me a passing mark. Yes, I was easily forgotten

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I am Hotaru Mitsuyo. I am a Jounin of Konohagakure, fifteen years old. I was the shy girl in the back of the classroom that nobody noticed. While Naruto played tricks, and gained everybody's attention, I showed Iruka-sensei what I could do, and sometimes he would forget about me and give me a passing mark. Yes, I was easily forgotten. I've been all alone since I was five years old. Without purpose, without love, all of that. I came to see what kind of person I am at a very young age, one who watches others happiness, but doesn't get any in return. That's what I thought as I walked through the bustling village, a book hugged tightly to my chest. I was going to meet my old sensei, who was my only friend at the time.

"Hey! Hotaru! Come over here!" He yelled, waving me over to him. We were heading towards a Jounin meeting, and I was running late.

"Hello Kei-sensei." I said in my soft, quiet voice.

"Why do you still call me sensei, we are equals." He sighed, ruffling my long white hair none-the-less. He was tall, at least 6 foot, he only had a few inches on me. He had short, spikey, black hair, with blue streaks in it. He didn't wear a jounin vest often, but he was in it now. In fact, he was all "ninjad out" as he'd call it. He always had a warm smile on his perfect face, especially when we were together. He was the only one who didn't forget me(Other than the fifth Hokage, she had no choice but to remember me though, and she seemed to pity me.).

"You will always be my sensei, everything I know I learned from you." I answered, a small smile on my face.

He sighed, "Ahh whatever, let's get going, we're going to be late."

I nodded and followed him to the hall where we'd meet for things. There was a buzz because Sasuke Uchiha was back in the village. From what I know, he and Naruto had it out for each other, and Naruto had successfully brought him back. Supposedly Sasuke had passed some sort fo test that the fifth had out for him, and he was a jounin now.

"Hotaruuu. Hellooo?" I snapped out of my thoughts to look around the meeting hall.

We were really late. I thought. There were two seats left, but they were on opposite sides of the room. One next to an old ninja who had retired from his position as an ANBU Black Ops Captain to a Jounin a few years ago, and one next to Sasuke Uchiha. I struggled to see if my seat, the one in the very back, was open, but we werwe completely packed, even the back row was full. Normally, the back row consisted of me, and me only. Seems like this is a very important meeting, even ANBU Black Ops members are here.

"Hey, Hotaru, you sit next to Sasuke, I don't want you sitting next to Shigure, he's a creep." Kei whispered in my ear, walking over to the side where Shigure was.

I sighed and took the seat next to Sasuke. He looked at me for a second, but I didn't give him any type of look. I wanted to smile. Back at the academy, most of the others scared me, especially Sasuke Uchiha. The way he gave everybody who looked at him, those looks, ones that made it feel like a hole was going to appear in your head at any moment and end your life. Now, he didn't intimidate me, almost nothing made me shake with fear anymore. I was almost a changed person.

"On another note, I have a question for all of you." Godaime stated, looking at me. I wasn't paying much attention, "The Academy, what can we do to improve things for the students who go there?"

I looked to the other side of the room. I had opinions, but no one would listen to me, so I averted my gaze to the table in front of me, my black book on it. I wanted to stand up, and tell them what I thought, but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle all those eyes on me. I couldn't even lock eyes with Kei-sensei, I felt so pitiful.

"I know."

My eyes widened. Did I just say that? I thought as everyone's eyes landed on me. I stood, and people started whispering.

"Who is she?"

"I don't know, but she's really tall."

"And pretty. Really pretty."

I wanted to kill myself.

"Yes? What is it that you propose we do?" The Fifth asked, a small smile on her face.

Did she find my pain amusing!?

I looked at my book, "I...P-propose tha-that we do have our chunin do their best to make each student f-feel welcome, and tomake sure they pay equal attention to each student, and that they spen time, maybe after they take tests, to introduce all the students, so everyone is familiar with their comrades." I choked out, not looking up one time.

"Hmm. I find that a very interesting proposition." One of the elders, I think it was Koharu, said.

"I agree, you have quite the idea there." Godaime nodded.

I almost smiled at that, but kept my gaze on my book.

"Who else agrees?" Godaime asked.

"I do!"


"Over here!"

There were countless other replies like that, until one person stood.

"That's a foolish idea."

Everyone looked over, everyone but me. I felt like crawling in a hole and dying.

"Kakashi." Sasuke whispered from next to me.

"What makes it so foolish?" Godaime asked.

"With all of the students being so chummy, there lies nothing but sadness when one of them decides they don't like one certain person. It will divide the students. You of all people should know that."

I nodded, "Yes, you are correct, Kakashi. It was a stupid idea." I said. I looked up for the first time, "Is this meeting over?"

Godaime looked at me sadly, "Yes, that was it."

I nodded, grabbed my book, and left. Eventually, the entire room filtered out, but I didn't acknowldge them, I simply walked past them.

"I thought it was a good idea."

I looked back, only to see Sasuke leaning on the wall of some random building. I turned forward again, not in the mood to talk to anyone, not that I had anyone talk me before(Other than Kei-sensei). I walked away.

"Wait," He sure was persistant, "what's your name?" I clenched my fists, that just made my day worse.

"You should know, I was in your class at the Academy." I hissed, looking over my shoulder. He looked shocked at the news, and I simply walked away, glaring at nothing in particular.

~~Sasuke's P.O.V.~~

I was so shocked. In my class? I tried to remember the faces of the class I was in roughly eight years before. I couldn't bring any faces up, well none other than Naruto, Sakura, Kiba, Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Shino and Hinata. I almost felt bad, with the way she said it, it must have hurt for me to ask.


I cringed, what could she possibly want?

"How was that meeting Sasuke? It must have been great. Being a Jounin must be great." Sakura practically swooned, and I hadn't said a damn word to her.

"Sakura! Wait for me!"

Is alone time impossible? I thought, mentally cursing my bad luck

"Hey Sasuke!" He sang, slapping me on the back.

I glared, "What do you want?"

"We just wanted to see how you were doing, we never see you anymore!" Sakura whined.

Maybe that's how I like it. I thought, smirking mentally.

"So, been up tp anything lately?" Naruto asked.

I gave him a look that told him I didn't want to talk, but I eventually gave in and answered simply, "No."

Naruto frowned at me, "Well, why not?"

I walked away.

"Sasukeee!! Where are you going!?" Sakura yelled.

I looked over my shoulder, "I want to be alone."

~~Hotaru's P.O.V.~~

I walked into my quiet house, and locked the door behind me. I slammed my book onto the table. The legs wiggled and groaned, but stayed standing as I sat on my couch. I looked at the little coffee table in front of me, and picked up a picture frame on it. I was three years old, a huge smile on my face, my red eyes smiling almost as big as I was, my father was holding me, a smile on his soft face. On his left, he had me, and on his right, his arms were around my mother's waist. My mother's features were graced with a smile as well. We looked so happy. A tear slipped out of my eye, and landed on my face in the picture. I set the picture down and looked at a more recent one. It was after Kei-sensei and I became a team of two. I had a small smile on my pale face, and was sitting on Kei-sensei's lap. My paper-white skin contrasting majorly with his tan body. It was the day he gave me the big black-and-white bow I still wear, and was wearing in this picture. I looked at my arm, to see that I hadn't tanned a day since I was thirteen. I pulled the bow out of my hair, and let it fall to the couch. I thought about getting it cut, but dimissed the idea, I had the same hair as my mother. Other than the picture, it was the only thing I had to remember by, it was important.

"Knock, knock."

I looked to the door to see Kei-sensei, leaning on the doorway.

I quickly wiped my eyes, "Kei-sensei! You know I hate it when you do that!"

"Yeah, but the look on your face is always priceless." He smirked.

"What do you want?"

"I just wanted to see how you were doing, is that a problem?"

"You just saw me an hour ago." I sighed.

"You looked pretty upset when you left, and then when you talked to that Sasuke."

"May I ask why you wer following me?"

"I was just making sure you were OK."

I sighed, he was like a father to me, "Come in, I'll make tea."

He smiled wide, "That sounds like a great idea!"

I made the tea, and presented him with a cup, "Here you go."

He smiled and took a big sip, I was glad I'd made alot of tea.

"Thank you very much little one!"

"Don't call me that."

"Why not? It totally fits you!" He yelled.

"I thought you said we were equals?"

"Yes, but you insist on calling me 'sensei'"

I growled, I had nothing to say to that. He totally had me.

"So, what did Sasuke say that made you so upset?" He asked, pouring himself more tea.

"He asked me my name." I answered, looking out the window.


The night progressed, and we talked about other things. Kei-sensei ended up staying over until midnight. When he left, I went up to my room, changed into a pair of black and white pajamas, and layed in bed. I looked out the window next to my bed most of the night, but eventually(about three o'clock in the morning.)I fell asleep.


"Get up!"

I turned over.

"You have a mission!"

I sat up, "What Kei-sensei?"

"You have a big mission from Godaime."
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