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Sadly Christmas

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This is my version of what Naruto's first few christmases may have been like in the academy. Its depressing really.

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I had this as a spur of the moment idea in class last year and it took me forever to get it typed (my comp sucks).I am new at this so if it sucks to bad. I had one of my friends read it and she told me it was good, but I need to make it happier. Sadly I couldn't. I wrote this to show what I thought Naruto's first few Christmases may have been like when he was in the academy. So I'm sorry if you become depressed after this cause I was when I wrote it. Any ways I better get on with it.


Naruto's Christmas

Christmas again in Konoha. Another cold year for Uzumaki Naruto. Yesterday he spent his meager income on presents for his classmates which he piled over by the door with a small stack of homemade cards on top. Looking around his small, shabby apartment he smiled when he caught sight of his little tree. It wasn't big or as filled out like everyone else's trees, but it was enough. His smile widened when he looked at his self made paper decorations on his tree. Nothing to fancy just some paper angles and his paper star on top. He couldn't help but smile in pride at his creativeness and his tree. His. That word reminded him how alone he was. How he had no one to share this with. The smile on his face faded a little at the small reminder. The reminder that he is alone. A typical Christmas for him. Sighing he picked up the presents and pocketed the cards. Pulling on his only jacket, which in his opinion was a bit to thin, he opened his door and was immediately his by the harsh cold of winter. Shivering under his jacket he set off to deliver his presents. First stop, Sakura's house.


So sad. I actually get teary eyed when I read this. Many I wish I could make it happier, but I can't . Sorry.
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