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Those Hands

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Patrick Stump One Shot

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I dedicate this to my sincerest friends. I really do treasure you, I'm just the dust on your weighing scales....

I'd never had a relationship that even verged on the intensity of the one I had with this man.

Patrick Martin Stump(h)

The chemistry was flawed but it resulted in amazing things.
The biology wasn't supposed to work but it did - why? Because evolution within a relationship is a very scary but wonderful process.

We'd been together for years, safe to say, I'm even losing count of them and I like it. I love how I remember the first time he saw me but I forget everything in-between and we're just here, at this place and I'm with him and he's still with me. Sometimes, he looks at me like that first time and maybe sometimes he looks at me like he never wants to see me again and he thinks I don't notice but I do and I don't even care...

I love his imperfection as a whole, that means, I love all his singular imperfections. I love it. I actually warp when I see those imperfections tear though his calm demeanour. Every once in a while, he'll absolutely loose his stack and I'm always there enjoying every moment of it and that's usually when I get that look, you know, the one I talked about, where it looks like he'd happily never see me again. I'm not made of material that cares.

I don't.

I just love.

I'll talk about his hands. Those Hands. In fact, the majority of this piece forward will discuss exactly those very subjects. The hands that I've watched mature over the years, how they always hold me with the utmost care.

I hate to warn you that when those hands are gripped around my neck and he's touching like he just can't get through it anymore, that's when I'm happiest. Yes, yes it is, when his hands are writhing over my curves and he's holding me with a faithfulness that only hate could bow out of.

Again, I go back to the first time....I was inexperienced and the hands that had touched me were mechanical. He was nervous and I didn't know what to do to make it easier for him. All I could do was watch and hope he just got better. Hope is a good thing too. Because - and I know you should never start a sentence with because - BUT - wow, did he get better at it. It's a nature within him, it's an instinct and he is an animal of the wild in how he hunts down what he wants. He has this courage now, courage to explores and delve into what I, yes I, have to offer him.

What happens when we are together this way is so beautiful, that often, the words don't seem to be suffice. Do you believe in the tale, that you can be made for someone? I really believe I was made for him. Wait, I didn't let you answer the question - bygones.

When he holds me close to him, often TOO close, I think it would hurt but it doesn't and I don't know why. We align perfectly, the movements are synchronised and the rhythm is always governed by him. By him. And by Those Hands.

Did I mention he hits the G like an angel. I sing it loud.

When he gets it wrong, I feed back. He's OK with it. It's like a mutual understanding, I can only what he wants me to do, when it doesn't happen for us, he figures it out and we go again. That's workmanship for you.

I could tell you so many things about this amazing man, I could tell you what he really thinks and feels about his band mates, I could explain why he's untamed with music but a recluse with the simpler but indecent acts of media intrusion.

The things we have achieved together, the places we have been together, the ways in which he's made me better at what I do, the way he respects me, the manner of his aggression, always laced with a kindness and a sense of regret.

I will always enjoy the eyes of everyone on us as we conquer the world. Eyes of sheer delight, encore and devotion.

We will go on to do bolder, better things but he will always lead, it's just better that way. I'm happy for him to take the credit for everything we have achieved together because no-one deserves it more than him.

Because, he is the leading manand I am his leading guitar.

Now read me again and appreciate me.
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