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Everything We Had

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It's been 5-years since Simone Way gave birth to little Audrina Elena Beckett. William and Simone graduated high school and haven't spoken since graduation. Every time that Simone looks at her youn...

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Simone's POV
I can't believe that my baby girl is turning 5-years-old. Little Audrina is getting more and more beautiful, everyday. She's already started kindergarten and she was ahead of her class. Audrina had medium-lengthed brown wavy hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and a smile that brightened-up a room. She also looked a lot like her father, William Beckett.

"So who is all coming to little Drina's birthday party??" asked Amy.

"I have invited Kristy and Gerard, Alicia and Mikey, Bob, Ray, and of course Frank will be here. It's his house too," I said.

"Did you make a cake or buy one??" asked Amy.

"I bought one. You know I can't bake for vegetarian baked beans," I laughed.

Amy laughed too and continued to set up for the party. We were having a princess/tea party theme for her birthday. All of her little friends are going to be dressed up and look adorable. I think I'm more excited than she is.

Just then I heard a knock at the door. I wonder who it could be. I don't really recognize the car outside. It is a 2007, black crossfire, and it looked to be brand new. As I made my way over to the door, I was not expecting to see it to be him. He was standing in the door way with a gift in his hands. He was dressed in a black and white striped shirt, a black leather jacket, and black tight pants. His smile was alluring, but I tried to hold back the temptation.

"William??" I said, softly.

"Hi Simone," he replied.

I couldn't believe what was happening. William Beckett stopped talking to me after we graduated from high school and his band was signed. The same guy that had abruptly stolen my dignity and purity six-years-ago. Why would he just drop in out of the blue, like this?? So many questions and thoughts kept racing through my mind.

"Where's Audrina??" asked William.

"Why are you here??" I asked, bluntly.

"Well today is our daughter's birthday, so I decided to give her a visit," William explained.

Still confused and not to mention a little hurt by his visit, I brushed it off and let him inside the my home. He looked around the room and then made his way outside and onto the deck. I closely watched behind him; scanning his every move. He had gotten taller since I had last seen him. His hair is shorter and he seems to be more tone, still slender, but had some muscle to him.

"Mommy Mommy, are my friends here yet??" asked Audrina.

I took my focus off of William and looked down at my daughter. She was tugging on my shirt and desperately trying to get my attention.

"No they're not, but Audrina, there is someone I would like you to meet," I said, picking my daughter up into my arms.

We walked outside and onto the deck. William heard my approaching footsteps, turned around, and smiled.

"Hello Audrina," said William.

Audrina leaned closer to me; not knowing who her own father was.

"Audrina, say Hi to daddy," I said.

Audrina looked confused. She knew that Frank wasn't her father, but then again she didn't have a clue who was. William rubbed her hair and smiled. His warm smile made Audrina feel at ease. She then squirmed for me to put her down. I did and she ran to William. Placing her arms around his torso and embracing. William placed his hands on Audrina's back. Re-united five-years-later, a daddy and his daughter.

I decided to let the two have some privacy, so I went inside and got out some finger foods for our guests. Within minutes, our guests were piling in and the party was well underway. I played the radio and went over to talk with the other adults at the party. I'm only 22-years-old so I am still young, but I'm not a little kid anymore.

Frank came over to where I was standing, gave me a kiss, and then asked where Audrina was. I told him that she was playing with the other children that were there and he smiled. He loved Audrina so much and she loved him right back. Frank and I are engaged to be married and that is perfectly ok with Audrina, at least I still hope so. She seemed to take a liking to her daddy, but was still too young to understand the true meaning of loving another person; besides a family member. William is not my family. There is not one drop of Beckett blood in my body, but I am connected to him by giving birth to his child. I am in-love with Frank and everyone can see it. It wasn't until my eyes met William's that I even thought of his name. My heart still holds a place for him, but it also cries out for Frank's love.

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