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myserious "G" turns up in franks front yard xD

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My eyes darted around my room, checking there was nothing out of place, nothing here that shouldn’t be. The note pretty much terrified me. I read it over and over again but I still wasn’t any closer to figuring out what the hell was going on. “I’m so fucking sorry?” It had to be from the guy from last night. I tried to remember as much as I could about the figure I’d seen for only a fraction of a second. I could vividly picture the eyes. Hazel coloured and filled with fear, now I thought about it.

But how could he know my name and where I lived?

I racked my brains for anyone I knew who’s name began with “g” but could think of no one. No friends from school, no distant relatives, no one…

Absentmindedly, I had been staring out of my window. The sun was slowly setting behind a massive brick factory across the street. I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was seeing. Then suddenly I noticed the flash of flickering amber light as someone lit up a cigarette out in the street. I hastily wiped away the condensation from my breath against the cold glass and peered out at the lone figure standing below my bedroom window.

It was a boy, or a man; it was hard to tell how old he was from here. He had shoulder length black hair, falling into his face and obscuring his eyes. He was wearing all black; black skinny jeans and a misfits tee shirt – shivering against the cold wind and leaning on the railing that surrounded my front yard. My pulse raced as I watched him standing there, only a couple of meters and a sheet of glass separating us.

I don’t know what made me do it. It wasn’t like me, but there was something about this guy. Just being this close to him made the blood rush to my head and caused me to do irrational things. I knocked on the windowpane. The guy looked up at me. Hazel eyes.

My heart racing – I knew I was being sooo stupid – I opened my window and climbed out. Manoeuvring myself from the windowsill, cat like, onto the shed roof then the ground next to the stranger.

“Your quite the acrobat, aren’t you?” He chuckled. His voice seemed light and friendly, but I could see his eyes searching my neck – checking how much damage he had done.

I went straight to the point.

“Who are you?” He just looked at me with those deep brown, puppy dog eyes.
“Who do you think I am?”
“You’re the guy from last night? You’re the one who left the note?”

He was being so vague it was getting annoying. I glared at him and he winked at me. Winked at me! My heart beat even faster in my chest. I couldn’t stay mad at him for long. What am I talking about? I didn’t even know him!

“Dude, I’m sorry about what I did.” His voice now reflected the sadness in his eyes. “I couldn’t help it, and you were the only guy around. Wrong place at the wrong time, man. I’m so fucking sorry.”

“I don’t understand…” It just hit me how insane I was being. This guy had attacked me! He had BITTEN my neck! Why the hell was I here talking to him, calmly as though what he did was perfectly normal?

“I – I should go! I don’t know why I came out in the first place… I have to go!” I began backing away from him quickly.

“Oh no you don’t!” he stuck out his foot and tripped me. I fell flat on my back in the dusty ground. Now terrified, I backed away as fast as I could on my hands and knees, wishing I had had the sense not to come out in the first place! I opened my mouth to yell for help.

Fast as lightning, his soft, cold hand was covering my mouth and nose. I couldn’t breathe, never mind shout! His hazel eyes bored into my own, warning me not to try and break free. Somewhere in those eyes I thought I saw a trace of regret, guilt, even.

For the second time at the hands of this man I didn’t even know the name of – I felt myself slowly slip into unconsciousness. The last thing I knew before I completely blacked out was the pressure of something soft against my cheek. It almost felt like lips…
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