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Some DMLE officers plan to move against the BSOS. Blaise marks the Dark Lady's followers. Bella and Eliza check out a new bistro.

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Chapter 21 – Appetites

Senior Auror Brian Wright looked in on his watch commander, Randal Pierce.

He knew Pierce to be a conscientious man, tenacious as a bulldog when it came to prosecuting the low lifes of the wizarding world.

“Brian, I thought you would be home by now, have a cup of coffee!”

“Thanks Commander, don’t mind if I do. Wouldn’t mind a bit of the Irish in it.”

Commander Pierce’s eyebrows went up at that. He called for his secretary, a new recruit fresh out of training, and told him that he and the Senior Auror were investigating a new case and needed at least one unbroken hour.

The erk saluted smartly and set about his gatekeeper duties. Neither the Commander nor the Senior Auror would be disturbed.

Pierce poured two cups of DMLE mud and flavored both with the contents of his hip flask.

“This must be important.”

“How’d you suss that?”

“You’ve stayed well beyond your watch, you came to me personally, and you need a drink, badly.” The older man shrugged, “pretty simple really.”

Wright produced a copy of the memory and asked, “Got your penseive handy?”

The Commander nodded and stood to retrieve the small stone basin from his filing cabinet.

“Do we need the departmental penseive?”

“No, sir, I’d rather not revisit that reminiscence.”

The senior auror waited patiently as his commanding officer viewed the memory. When the ashen faced officer lifted his head from the basin he fixed his old friend with a dispassionate stare. He wasn’t fooling anyone; he was just as affected by the vision as Wright had been.

“All right Brian, tell us what you’ve got.”

“I’m ninety-nine percent certain I know the identity of one of the attackers.”

The commander’s eyes went wide. “Admissible in court?”

“Not yet, sir, but if we do this right we’ll bag the whole lot.”

“Show me what you’ve got.”


The inner circle of the Benevolent Sons of the Serpent met at Nott’s London flat. The recruiting drive was going well. Blaise noted, with satisfaction, that a large number of the new people would be earning promotions to the second tier, the enforcers, those who made sure “dues” were paid in a cheerful and timely manner. Enforces didn’t pay dues, they collected them.

The first tier, the inner circle, consisted of Blaise, Theo, Mitsy, and nine hangers-on from their school days. This evening the Dark Lady was holding court, Mitsy knelt beside her lover prepared to do anything for her Dark Lady out of love born of gratitude.

Blaise, the man, tried his best to please her. The fact that he didn’t often succeed hardly mattered, she loved him for his valiant efforts - so what if his todger wasn’t often up to the task, there were fingers and tongues and all manner of wonderful toys. . .

Blaise, the woman, valued her advice and opinions. Indeed she didn’t consider any course of action without first co-opting Mitsy’s judgment. So this twisted transsexual had become her friend, her lover and her savior.

Tonight Blaise was clutching her book, “Soul Majiks Most Darke,” and smiling at the members of the inner circle.

“None of us took the Mark when the Dark Lord reigned.” The Dark Lady said. “And that is fortunate, because if we had, we’d be in Azkaban now or under a lifetime of probation and scrutiny like our old friends the Malfoys.”

“So that’s why we haven’t recruited Draco,” Nott mused aloud.

“Precisely,” Blaise said while handing Mitsy a polished wooden box. Mitsy opened the lid and displayed the contents, several thin gold chains. The Dark Lady’s lieutenant removed one of the chains and placed it around her neck. A small gold serpent, coiled as if ready to strike, rested between her breasts. All of the men present noted the coiled snake tattoo on Mitsy’s left breast.

“These little trinkets will allow me to summon you at any time. The charm is a portkey, once it begins to vibrate, just touch it and say my name and you will port to where ever I happen to be. Be sure to have your wands at the ready when that happens.”

Mitsy walked around the circle handing out the charmed chains. Once all the chains were in place Blaise strutted in his full Dark Lady persona, stalking the circle.

“Sons of the Serpent, what is our destiny?”

“Pure blood rule!”

“Are we of one mind?”

“We are of one mind!”

“There are those who will oppose us, what for them?”

“Pain and death!”

“Are we of one mind?”

“We are of one mind!”

“Who is the head of the Serpent?”

“The Dark Lady!”

“Who here will pledge their lives, their fortunes their families and their future to the Sons of the Serpent?”

“I will, I will serve the Sons of the Serpent!”

“Who will bind their will to mine?”

“I will, I will bind my will to yours Dark Lady!”

“Redimio vestri mos volo, redimio vestri mos volo, redimio vestri mos volo!”

There was a sizzling sound, like bacon in a skillet, along with the acrid smell of burnt flesh and hair as each gold chain burned into the skin of its wearer.

Pain and enchantment combined to bring all those of the inner circle to their knees, save for Mitsy, who had already pledged her will and her life to her Dark Lady.

When the charms cooled each man there had an identical coiled snake tattoo on the skin above his heart.

Blaise kissed Mitsy, now ranked first amongst the disciples, then knelt before each newly marked liegeman, kissing each one, further bending each man’s will to that of the Dark Lady.

“Now you are all truly mine, iam vos es mei.”

The exotic transsexual chose one young follower, a gorgeous, well muscled young man and pulled him to his feet. Blaise caught Mitsy’s eye and nodded in the direction of their chambers, she smiled; this would be one of the nights they both got fucked to exhaustion. Proving again that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Remus drew Bella into a tight embrace, giving her as much warmth as he could from skin to skin contact.

“Bella, dear?”

“I’m awake.”

“I heard about the new Sanguinaria that’s opened in Chelsea.”

“Eliza has a big mouth.”

“I’ve already made reservations for you, happy birthday.”

Bella sat up in the bed.

“Are you so eager to be rid of me?”

“Not at all, but you need a little variety in your diet and, well, frankly. . .”

He looked a little embarrassed.

“. . . I’m a little, um, spent.”

“You know that if I don’t kill my ‘donor’ my nature will take over?”

“Even so, you need this.”

“Doesn’t it bother you that vampires more often than not become intimate with their entrées?”

“Bella, when I pledged myself to you in marriage it was with both eyes open. I know your nature, and I accept it. I just have one request.”

“And that is?”

“Bring your warm body home to me when you’ve fed, and let me satisfy your other appetites.”

“Have I told you, husband, that I love you?”

“Yes, everyday, but I love to hear it.”

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

Eliza snorted. “Quick, someone give me an insulin shot!”

The elder vampiress was looking better, but still bore the burn scars from the attack on Ian’s place. She let her ebony tresses veil the worst of her disfigurement.

“Please forgive my ancestress; she woke up on the wrong side of the coffin this evening.”

“Ah, young love. It’s so . . . hormonal!”

“Hey, we’re not that young!” Remus objected.

“P’sha, when you’ve crossed the five-hundred year mark then you can say you’re not that young.”

Remus handed Bella a small box.

“Happy birthday, darling.”

Inside were two bangle style bracelets, one with fire opals surrounding a deep blue multifaceted tanzanite stone, the other a simple beveled circlet.

“Oh Remus, they’re beautiful.”

“They’re reusable portkeys as well. The tanzanite stone will always bring you home to me, wherever I may be.”

“Oh darling, that’s so poetic.”

“I have my moments.” He smirked, “the other has been set for Chelsea. I know you can apparate, but this way you can take my ancestress in law.”

Eliza kissed the werewolf’s cheek. “Thank you descendent in law, welcome to the family.” Then added, “Well, get dressed niece, I’m hungry and your husband is “spent,” or so I hear.”


Eliza shrugged.

Bella put on her normal evening wear, tea-length deep purple gown with the lace bodice under a dress evening cloak. Tonight she wore gleaming black cuffed boots.

“How do I look?”

“Delicious, now go get some food before I ravage you right here.”

Bella hesitated, “I’ll stay if you’d rather. . .”

Eliza intervened. “Here,” she said, handing him a bottle of blood replenishing potion. “Drink this, get some rest, you’ll need your strength later.”

“That’s a promise.” Bella added in a low sexy growl.

She held the bracelet out so that Eliza could grasp it and said “Chelsea.”

They disappeared in a rush of wind and a swirl of colors.


Bella and Eliza stepped out of the alcove that served as the Chelsea portkey terminal.

“Here we are, Draycott Avenue, we need One Hundred Twelve, just up this way then.”

The ladies saw a que had formed at the newly refurbished One-twelve.

“I don’t sense any others of our kind here.” Eliza said. She released a powerful burst of pheromones that made it perfectly all right for the two newcomers to go to the front of the line.

“Handy talent, that.”


The receptionist recognized the nature of her customers immediately.


“Si, Senora?”

“Private sitting for two.”

“Si, Senora, if the senora and senorita will follow me por favor?”

They followed Armand into a familiar looking sitting room. Eliza sat in a comfortable wingback, Bella followed the example.

“This looks just like. . .”

“Like Senior Ian’s, yes, it was modeled after his establishment, such a shame.”

“Indeed, did you work for Ian?”

“Only briefly, Senorita, would you like to see the entrees?”

Eliza seemed a bit taken aback by the question, having become to the level of service at Ian’s. She quickly recovered.

“Of course.”

Two young men and three young women stepped into the sitting room. They were attractive enough, but their eyes had a dreamy, unfocused look. They were being herded by an imposing looking man, a lycan from the scent of him, almost as though they were being compelled.

“Anything to your liking, senora, senorita?”

“Yes,” Eliza said, “We’ll take the lot.”

“Of course, senorita.” To the lycan he said, “Gustavo, suite three por favor.”

Eliza motioned to Armand, “Tell me, senior, who owns this establishment?”

“I am not at liberty to say, senorita, but it is an old and respected family, I assure you.”

Eliza released a powerful burst of pheromones and asked again.

“A corporation bought this establishment earlier this year.”

“And the name of the corporation?”

“It simply goes by the initials BSOS Inc., senorita.”

“Gracias, senor.”

“De nada, senorita.”

The lycan was, of course immediately enthralled by Eliza’s vampire charms, and susceptible as any man to her drop-dead gorgeous figure.

“Tell me, Gustavo, are you ever on the menu?”

“No ma’am, I like my garlic too much.”

“Hmmm, I like a little spice now and again, interested?”

“Well, um, that would be up to the boss here. . .”

“Whatever the customer wants, Gustavo, you should know that by now.”

Eliza dismissed Armand and followed the six humans into the sitting room.

Several large mirrors adorned the walls of the suite.

Eliza took Bella by the hand and the younger vampiress was startled to hear her ancestress speaking in her thoughts.

“This place is dangerous.”

“What do you mean.”

“Armand is a manager only in the sense that a pimp is.”

“And Gustavo here?”

“Muscle, he’s a bouncer.”

“And dinner?”

“Look at them, girl. Look at their eyes.”

“Compulsion charms or drugs, amount to the same thing, but I think it’s worse than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“If the entrées have been given potions it could be a way of subverting us.”

“So if we dine on them, we become. . .”

“Potioned or poisoned, in either case not good for us.”

“So what do we do?”

“Feed on Gustavo here, appear to feed on the others, and then see what happens.”

“When you say “feed” you mean?”

“Drain him dry. I’m famished.”

“I’m feeling a little peckish myself. . .”

Gustavo was blissfully ignorant as the two hungry vampires smiled toothily at him.


Author’s Note: “erk” is a Briticism for rookie

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