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Zara is the new girl in Bellville, New Jersey, who lives with her mom, after Her father marries a women who has a daughter which she didn't like much. She has mixed emotions about Shaant, the boy w...

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New Home, New Life

Future. That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true and our happiness is assured.
- Ambrose Bierce

I was completely done with this nonsense, and my dad made it even worse with his constant nagging about me staying home with him, and not my mom. It wasn’t him that was driving me away but it was his new wife, my step mom who was making me go away. I told my dad a million times that I hated her and she was too young for him. He still is blinded by love and he just can’t see what she’s really doing. He was reaching for 42 and she was reaching for 26, But that wasn’t the only bad thing, she had an annoying daughter around my age, who acts like a brat and doesn’t have a once to be civilized, she’s also a drama queen, and everybody’s eyes have to be around her.
We reached the Bellville sign and for the million times he asked me, “Are you sure about this?” I nodded. “Yes dad, I told you before.” He took a deep sign and watched the road. “I don’t think your mom is capable of watching over you.” I shook my head. “Neither is Diana.”
“But she had Victoria, and she watched her ever since I came around.” I laughed. “Yeah since she was 14 or something,” I looked at him, “I told you not to marry her maybe if it was just me and you, things would be different, maybe I wouldn’t have decided to move to moms.” It was quiet for the rest of the way to moms, we finally reached the house, and it was a light shade of yellow and had white picket fence. My mom was outside smiling like a Cheshire cat, and was almost jumping up and down.
Dad parked in the driveway and I jumped out before the car even stopped. “Mommy!” I yelled. I tackled her with my famous hugs. “Zara you have grown so much.” We let go of our embrace and faced dad. “Dave, how are you?” He nodded. “Alright I guess.” I went to the trunk, trying to ignore the tension in the area from mom and dad. I grabbed my bags and went inside the house. I don’t know why but I felt so at ease here, like I could breathe in and out without trying, maybe it was because I had a new life here, but I really didn’t care, I was happy.
I finally had my room perfect and I was about to go down the steps when I head my mom talking. “What do you mean Dave, its Zara’s choice not yours.” I heard my dad’s frustrated signs. “I know that’s the problem, It shouldn’t be, you’re not capable of watching her, remember last time?” “That has nothing to do with this, which was about you not Zara.” Mom said. I heard a noise and the door opening and closing. I decided to go down the stairs and I saw mom in the kitchen. “Hey mom.” I said. She turned around and smiled. “Is dad being a jerk again?” She nodded. “He always had been.” We started laughing. “So, tell me about Dave’s new wife.” I grimaced. “Well, she is 26 and is way too young for him, she as a drama queen daughter, and I pretty much hate them.” Mom nodded.
“He never really cares about anybody about him self.”

I was bored at the house so I decided to explore around the block. I went outside and it got slightly cold. I only started my so called adventured, and a dog came towards me. I put my hand out and it sniffed it and licked my hand, I giggled and I began to pet the dog. I noticed a collar which had a blue nametag. “So, your name is starbucks?” Starbucks barked. “You found him!” I snapped my neck up to see a guy around my age, which had pale, prominent features, raven black hair which was sticking in all different directions. “Thanks.” I blushed red alittle. “No problem.” He looked weird at me for a moment. “You’re not around here are you?” I shook my head. “No, I’m from New York, I just got here today. I’m living with my mom.” He nodded and then smiled. “Nice to meet you, I’m Gerard.”
“I’m Zara, and nice to meet you too.” He put the dog collar on starbucks. “Well, hope to see you soon.” And with that he left. I didn’t know how long I stood there when he disappeared around the corner, but the sky started turning different shades when the sun slowly went down.

I walked inside the house, hearing mom in the kitchen. “Mom, do you know a guy named Gerard?” I walked into the kitchen, sitting on a stool. “Who again?” I rolled my eyes. “Some kid named Gerard.” She nodded. “Yeah, me and his mom go way back, why?” I shrugged. “No reason, I just met him while I was walking, His dog’s name is weird.” Mom laughed. “You got that right.”
Dinner was alright we were mostly talking about how was life before I practically came here to live wit her. She wanted to know about my friends, what I do in New York, and school. And that’s what I dreaded the most about when we started talking about school. Where was I going to school, and to top that she already had a school she had already signed me in. Bellville High.

Today was the day that I dreaded the most. Yesterday, the day before, and before and continuously, I wasted my time looking for Gerard just wanting Starbucks to get out again, or him walking aimlessly around. I searched the internet typing Gerard Way to see if he was a mass murderer or something, but nothing. I was tired and pretty cranky. I was finally ready and I walked up to my bus stop. But in the distance I saw something yellow. The Twinkie was moving, I ran, today was beginning of the day was horrible. The bus didn’t stop but went faster, I stop trying to catch my breath. The bus was going father away until it was gone. I kicked a stranded rock and started to yell curse words. I sat on the ground, trying to figure out what to do. “You need a ride to school?” I looked up to notice that same raven black hair. Gerard.


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