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You Can Put your Weed in there!!

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This is basically what happened to me and a mate, but in the eyes of MCR!

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Gerard's POV

”RAAAYYYY! I’M HUNGRYYY!!!” complained Frankie for the 15th time today.
“We will be at the sushi bar soon I promise!” Ray said for the 15th time today.

We were in Sydney, it was a beautiful November day and we were looking for the sushi bar near the entertainment center that we were supposed to meet Brain for lunch at before our sound check. I could see all the fans lining up waiting for 7pm when the doors would open, I heard a group of fans chatting as they walked to star bucks for coffee, there was a short girl in black skinnys with misfit slip-ons she was also wearing a three cheers shirt that had “fire at will” on the back, her hair was short like Franks in I’m not okay, she was very pale and she had red around her eyes with thick black crosses over her eyes, you could tell she idolized Frank, she was smoking and hyper. She was with a very tall and skinny boy that was simply wearing black lose jeans with skate shoes and a three cheers shirt as well, he was smoking with her. And there was one other friend, another tall skinny boy wearing tight bright red jeans, black and white cons with a black parade shirt, he had a hello kitty necklace on, he had hair like Davey Havok and he had a cigarette in his mouth but it wasn’t alight, you could hear him announcing that it was there for show and it was to make him “fit in” the girl laughed and called him a “fucking wanker” whilst she was pointing to the word “wanker” written in liquid paper on his black hat that he was putting on.

They continued to walk on to star bucks, which was the same way we were going. I watched the girl and the two boys mucking around and being idiots together, they only looked between 15 and 16 when the girl announced before exhaling her smoke that it was 12 days before her 15th birthday and the fuckers that were invited better come otherwise she would knock ‘em out. As they were walking they were taking bets on who would be pulled out of the mosh pit first, the boy in the lose jeans said he would because he was the weakest and had a bad heart, the girl said she probably would be second because she had asthma and she was too short for mosh pits and never survived in them. The “wanker” boy in red tight jeans said her would hardcore dance all night in the mosh pit because that’s how he rolled.

As they were about enter star bucks a guy with a plastic bag came up to them and he exclaimed at the girl “YOU CAN PUT YOUR WEED IN THERE!” as soon as Frank heard that and saw the girls reaction, which was bursting into hysterical laughter, she ended up falling on the ground laughing, with the boys just looking at her laughing, he wanted to go have a photo with the guy, he quoted him as well.

“Gee can I go say hi to the weed guy??” I heard frank whine again.
“no frankie, we will be recognized!” I replied
“NO FAIR!” Frank said rather loudly, he went quiet for a moment.

Yes peace at last I thought for a moment as we walked past the three teens and onto the sushi bar. But peace was no longer.

“Gee Guess what?” Frank whispered in my ear
“What frank?” I asked a little irritated
“YOU CAN PUT YOUR WEED IN THERE!” he yelled with a dirty plastic bag he found

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter, no I know that I’ll never be able to Sydney again without thinking of “you can put your weed in there” and plastic bags. Oh well its another memory I can add to the collection.

A/N: I know it was lame, but in November 2007 I went to MCR and there was a guy who jumped out at me and my 2 guy friends and yelled in my face “YOU CAN PUT YOUR WEED IN THERE” with a dirty plastic bag. It was hilarious! I am the little short chick, my mate Jake is the guy in the lose black jeans and Brad is Wanker Boy =D my cousins actually were doing what MCR were doing in the story, anyways that was my adventure at MCR 2007, although I was pulled out first and got crushed during the 2nd support band, I never did see MCR perform cries I will get my revenge on fat old men! So technically I own $50 bucks to some peeps =( Review please!!
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