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Welcome Home

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In time we all go home

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Welcome Home

947years After the Battle of Yavin

He made his way to the Senate Chamber felling his time slipping away. He was a man from another age, an age where darkness was everywhere but betting back with his light. Today he turned 965 years old, but he knew that this would be his last day. "Senators and everyone in the galaxy. The Jedi Order asked to address the galaxy today. For we owe the Jedi much I ask you all to hear what they have to say." addressed Chief of State Guinan Palm of Expel. A hush whisper rose from the chamber as everyone wondered what the Jedi wanted to say. He watched as one of the Jedi with him walked up to the speaking tower and smiled as the thought of all the changes that he has seen. The Jedi lowered his hood revealing his blue skin and glowing red eyes. "I am Jedi Master Droma Kaan. The oldest and wisest of are order has asked to speak with you." At that Kaan steps away and looks at the old Jedi. "Just like a Chiss, always to the point", thought the old Jedi as he slowly made his onto the tower. He looked all around the chamber but he vision was long gone.

"I am who the Jedi call the old one, but once along time ago I was better known as Luke Skywalker." Gasps and "it can't be him" where heard through the chamber. "For over 900 years I have watched and protected the galaxy and New Republic. From the Rebel Alliance, to the Vong invasion, to the Chiss Wars I was there." He takes a deep breath and continues. "I have walked on Death Stars, battled sith, watch as my sister and wife die of old age. Watch as my sister's children and my child die and turn to dust..." he stops a moment to collect himself. "To see the Skywalker and Solo family lines die out. I have watched the Republic become something great. I tell you this because soon I will die." As he says that he feels a great pain in his chest, and he knows there is not much time.

"I leave my lightsaber and my fathers lightsaber to the Republic to put in a museum next to R2-D2, C-3PO, and the Millennium Falcon. I also leave the Jedi Order the Skywalker Holocron. Study the past to understand the future." He grows weaker, his breath more shallow. "Always keep your wits sharp for the dark side is always looking to come back to power." He can feel himself becoming one with the force. "Remember to take care of yourself and others. May the force be with you all..." At that he falls but no body ever hits the ground. Palm rose from her sit. "What happened?" she says. Kaan simply says, "he has become one with the force."

He woke up to find himself on a dirt road. He starts walking down the path and is greeted by friends long gone. He continues walking meeting many people from his long life Intel he reaches a small house. There he sees Mon Mothma, Corran Horn, and Wedge Antilles. After the hugs he receives from his friends Wedge points to the house and says "There in there." He smiles and walks into the house and sees what he has missed the most. In the house where Han, Yoda, Anakin, Jacen, Jaina, Leia, Ben, Chewbacca, Lando, and Obi-Wan. The all smile at him and point to the back door. He opens the door to find his father and a woman he has never seen before. She rushes and hugs him whispering, "I'm so proud of you, my little Luke." He now knew that he was meeting his mother for the first time.

Dearing the long hug she smiles up at him and says, "She is waiting for you out side." He lets go of his mother and walks outside to find the one he has dreamed of. He runs up and wraps his arms around her. He looks up at her red-gold hair and green eyes felling the tears falling from his own. She smiles and wipes the tears away. "Welcome home, farmboy, welcome home."
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