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A day away from these white walls

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Its been along time since i've seen the outside world, Since i've breathed "real" fresh air. I miss the sun lights rays.

I am not well, My condition is deteriorating. The docters say I probally wont make it to my next birth day. Its only 5 months away.
I'm a bed ridden paracite. I just stay in this room all day long doing nothing.

"There gonna clean up you'r looks, With all their lies and there books, Too make a citezen out of you" my mobile goes off with my "teenagers" ring tone. Opps i was supose to turn it off. I quikley turn and answer it.

"Hello?" I have know idea who it could be.

"Oh hi Celeste Its Gerard. Look we were wondering if you would like some vistors? We just landed. Sorry We havent Visited in a while"

I almost drop the phone in shock.

"Umm yeah Of corse i would love that"

We discus times and dates and then Gerard calls the hospital.

Tonite i will go to bed a very happy person.

12/12/08 10:15 am-

There going to be here any minute.
I am sooo excited to see them all.
Geard, Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob.
I just sit on the bed for ages. Im weak and sore but i'm trying to numb that so today can be a happy one.

The door handle turns.

"Wheres my little Ray of sunshine" Bob smiles.

Ray looks like he was about to say something but then i guess he thought about it.

Gerards eyes look teary and at a close expetion so does every ones.

"Whats the matter?" I ask.

"Oh nothing, dont worry about it hunny. SO we have a suprise for you today." Frank says changeing the subject.

"What?" i say a smile comeing across my face.

"Well after a punch on with the nurse" Frank jokes "They finally let us take you out of the hospital for a day, So we have a fun filled day planned for you!"

"Really?!" Im not sure what im exited for... A day away from these white walls or A whole day with My Chemical romance!

We chat for awhile and then Bob says " Well we better get going theres a whole day to talk and theres plenty to do!"

I put on my shoes while Frank and Bob Get the wheel chair.

The docters say I have a very agressive form of Acute lymphocytic leukemia. Already I am finding it hard to breath. I get through the day pretty well but i cant really walk iether so im pretty stuck.

The boys come back and we set off. They take it in turns to push my wheel chair. They are soo sweet.

"So....where to?" the limo driver asks.

Ray reaches over and whispers it into the drivers ear.

"Its a suprise" Gerard smiles.

First we go on this massive ferris wheel then we go to Imax. I feel soo spoilt but they dont think of it as a chore. It seems like they acutaly enjoy it. They take me every where from the shops to the beach. Although i can't really go on the sand its still a nice view.

Im having sooo much fun but then I turn for the worse.
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