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When i got home i told him this is were i live. He turned around and pointed to my house. I nodded.
"Well welcome to the neighbourhood neighbour!"
He said that with the biggest grin. It was like his smile was to his ears.
"Oh my god! You live there?"
I was pointing to the house on the right.
"No i live on the left. My mate, Paul lives on the right side. Well........ this is weird."
"Do you skate?"
"Yeh. Do you?"
"Fuck yer. Skating is my life! Do you want to go for a skate? I can show you around!! PLEASE!!"
"Yeh sure just wait five minutes cause i just got a new deck and i need to change my wheels."
"Come out here and do that beacuse i have to do the same too."
"Okay see you in five minutes."
I ran inside and saw my brother Corey crying which was realy strange beacuse i had only ever seen my brother cry when dad died last year.
"Whats wrong Corr?"
He just shook his head and burried his head into his hands.
"Come on hunny. Tell me... I am you sister and i HAVE to know. PLEASE... I'll give you my eyeliner?"
"Well if i get your eyeliner i will tell."
I ran upstairs to get my eyeliner that he always tried to steal. I handed it to him.
"Now tell me."
"Okay. You know howi had been dating Jeanna for four years?"
"yer.... what about it?"
"She dumped me."
I could see the tears running down his face. I rapped my arm around him and asked him Why?
"She says that she only dated me to get to Jayson and that after three months of us dating she started sleeping around. She said that you and her also slept together."
"So it isnt true?"
"Of course it isnt!! Even IF i was lesbian she is a pastic mole. Hunny i have to go beacuse Billy is waiting for me. I'll come home in an hour and we can talk more if you want?"
"Who is Billy?"
"Our next door neighbour and a kid in ALL of my classes exept one! Oh and could you also tell mum? Thanks."
"Oh. Okay. Cya Jezz. Take as long as you want. I'll be in my room unpacking anyway."
I grabbed my deck and my wheels and ran to the door. Billy was sitting there impaciantlly.
"Sorry. My brother was crying."
"Its okay. Oh my god! Is that a Converse boared?"
"Do you like Converse?"
"They are the best!"
"I know. Well lets go."
He took me around to the beach, parks, skate parks which were lame as, the shoping centre or so the americans call it, the mall and he also took me to a spot in a cove. He told me that no one exept his ex girlfriend knew about this place. We went home at around six - thirty. We stop0ped out the front and i gave him a hug and walked inside. My mum came out of the kitchen and started screaming at me.
"I was out with a friend. I told Corey to tell you."
"Well he didnt."
" Mum i do have a cell phone you know. You sohuld have just called me."
"I didnt think of that. Well get washed up for dinner. It will be ready in five minutes."
"Were is Corey?"
"He is up in his room crying."
"I dont know he wont talk to me."
"i'll go up."
What now. I dont see what is so upsetting he cheated on her four months ago with MY best girlfriend. I caught them.
"Hay bro whats up?"
"She just fuking txt me that stupid whore."
"I thought you were upset."
"I was until i found this!"
He was holding up my diary. This was bad!!
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