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[One-shot] Fight or flight. Sometimes, to a certain extent, they can mean the same thing. 183 words.

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This was written as an answer to one of the questions for a University Arts, Design and Media intake test.

Credit: To WY for giving final input to this short fiction.

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He was in a dream, a faraway place of cramped houses and old ladies who took too much pleasure in punishment than what was sensibly enough. He saw it, red-stained lips, a Cheshire grin that promised more awful things to come, opening to articulate his name. He heard it again, louder, and again, when the harsh sound of shoes slapping against gravel woke him from his stupor. He glanced up, blinking stupidly at the sun. He turned and saw her; his little girl. His sister gave a loud laughter; it was the first happy sound he heard from her ever since he grabbed her and fled from the town of nightmares. She grinned and ran, sending a flock of pigeons towards the sky. He squinted up, pass the deafening noise of flapping wings, to see haphazard shards of light cutting through grey feathers. Seeming to have found his peace, the young boy rose from the wide stairs that led down to the plaza and walked towards the girl with a smile, while she continued to chase the birds in her own one-sided game.

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