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The Meaning of Change

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This is written as though Gaara were thinking it, all his nights are sleepess, so I guess he'd have plenty of time just to think. Drabble/one shot. Whatever ^_^

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Gaara's POV. I'm not so proud of this one. I feel like i'm just stating the obvious...

He never wanted to be alone. He never wanted to be a monster. This, he knew.
For a long time, He thought that being a monster, being feared by others, taking lives… He thought that those were his reasons for living. He thought that he was born to be alone, born to suffer that pain.

But now he sees clearly.
Now he sees that an existence such as that is not worthy of continuing. He see that he was wrong, and he has discovered something called regret.

He has changed.
He often wonders weather this change was a conscious decision, or weather it happened regardless of his will. Perhaps he always wanted to change. Perhaps the desire to change burned inside of him, somewhere so deep that he could not feel it. Perhaps that’s why, when he realised that he could change, he let it happen so readily.
Or perhaps he realised that change was the only escape from the hell that is loneliness.

In any case, he wanted his existence to take on a new meaning. He wanted it to be necessary to others.
He wanted to be capable of love. To be capable of forming bonds with people. he wanted to be able to feel what it’s like to have people who are important to him. To know how it feels to have people who he wants to protect. He had never known these things before, but he wanted them more than anything.
Because in the blue eyes of a stranger who knew his pain, he saw these things. He saw that these things gave that boy's life meaning, and made his existence worthy of continuation. These were the things that made him strong.
These were the things that made Gaara want to be like him. Made him want to be strong like Naruto.
And these things form the most important reason for his change.
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