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Thoughts On A "Monster"

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Kankurou's thoughts and memories of his younger brother, set before the events of the chuunin exam.

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I promise the next fic won’t be sand-sib related. This one if focussed on Kankerou’s thoughts on his younger brother. No-one seems to delve into the character of Kankurou. I don’t even think I’ve done a good job =P. There’s a ton of Temari introspection out there and it’s all very good. But this ones for Kanurou, who’s thoughts are hardly ever explored.
I always thought Kankurou was the quickest to warm to Gaara after the Konoha incident, I guess this kind of a quick look at why. Set before the chuunin exams.

“No-one can defeat Gaara. No-one can even touch Gaara.” Kankurou had forgotten how many times he’d said or thought that. He’d never brought himself to add the ending to that statement that everyone else in suna seemed to have no trouble adding. “..Because he’s a monster.”
He didn’t say it because he knew, or at least he hoped , that Gaara knew how to be a human being. After all, he could remember a time when Gaara had been younger, when he seemed to be just as afraid of himself as everyone else was. When Gaara was really young, Kankurou knew that he did not hurt people with intent, the way he did now.
He even remembered a time, when Gaara was six and Yashamaru was still with them, that Gaara had injured a girl from the village as she played with her friends. He remembered Gaara running out of the house in a strange sort of excitement, after telling he and Temari wildly that he was going to say sorry, that he was going to give her an ointment to make her better, that Yashamaru had explained to him about pain and love.
Kankurou had always wondered what it was Yashamaru had said to make Gaara act like that. Or even why he’d said anything to make him act like that. He knew that Yashamaru had always hated his youngest nephew.
But he had known, and perhaps Yashamaru had known, the instant that his brother left the house that it wasn’t going to work. He knew the girl would, out of fear, just slam the door in his face. He also knew that he didn’t want to be in Gaara’s way when he came back, because he himself was afraid of his brother when he was upset.
If he remembered correctly, that was also the night Yashamaru died. The night that Gaara changed for the worse.
It was after that night that the constant threats started. Get too close to him and he’d kill you, say the wrong thing and he’d kill you, try to protect someone from him, and he’d kill you, get in his way, and he’d kill you.
Kankurou, despite all this, didn’t hate his brother. He just hadn’t quite forgiven him yet. He’d always thought that if Gaara ever realised that he was wrong in everything he’d done since that incident, if Gaara ever changed for the better, if he acted more like a brother should, maybe then he could forgive him.
But he also thought that Gaara had been damaged beyond repair. That the beast within him had taken over too much of his mind for him to see clearly. And therefore that Gaara could never change.
And If Gaara couldn’t change, then Kankurou could never forgive him.
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