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I Love You, You Know?

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A Sequel To "How She Became His Everything" Story.

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Tour starts today, or at least a part of it does.
Day 1 is only about the plane flight all the way to England to then settle down in one of Donington’s hotels.

Still, with all of its simplicity, this day couldn’t have turned out to be messier than it actually was…

“I can’t believe we over slept!” Said Lynn going from one room to another with piles of clothes in hand to be packed.

“Don’t forget your make up kit sweetie.” Said Frank closing his bag.
“Right, right. My make up kit.” Lynn repeated rushing to the bathroom to get it.
“Did you get the frames and photos you had of your parents honey?” Frank added just as she thought she finished packing.
“Oh my god, right.” Lynn exclaimed pecking Frank. “Thank you for reminding me.” She added rushing her way to the living room.

“Guys, hurry up you’re late!” Mikey said as he was passing by their open front door, dragging his baggage right after him.

“Are we done?” Lynn stood there looking at the stuff she and Frank had packed.
“I think there’s something I forgot.” Frank replied looking around.
“What is it?” Lynn then said.
“I don’t know…” Frank answered staring at the stuff, trying to remember.
“Think Frankie, think!!” Lynn added getting nervous, grabbing him by the shirt, they were already late, they were too late.

This was the first part of their day. Everyone rushing their way to the airport trying to catch that plane.

“We’re always late!” Said Lynn in disappointment. “How come we’re always late!” She then added as she and Frank stood in front of the airport’s large glassed window, watching their plane take off with everyone else in it, except for them…

“Well I guess that’s why we’re meant to be, right? We’re the only ones late, well late together.” Frank added humorously with a grin on his face.
“That’s not funny!” Lynn replied poking him. “Brian is going to be so pissed!” She added frowning.
“Oh come on, we’ll go after them, I’ll just go book us the next flight out.” He added pecking her to then head to the ticket stand.

Lynn grabbed a seat, waiting for Frank to get back.
A couple of minutes later her mobile starts ringing in one of her bags.

She rushes to get it as she opened one bag after another, going through the stuff in there to finally get to it and answer…

“Lynn! Where are you guys?” Said Gerard.
“Gee! We’re still at the airport!” Lynn exclaimed as he then replied:
“Where’s Frank, let me talk to him.”
“He’s trying to get us tickets for the next flight…”
“I’ll call you back later to check on everything.” Gerard said.
“Alright…” Lynn added.
“Alright then, talk to you later, keep your phone on.”
“Ok Gee, bye.”

As soon as she hung up, her phone rang again.

“Yeah Gee?” Lynn answered.
“Pumpkin, is that you?” Replied the voice at the other end of the phone.
“Uncle?” Lynn mumbled under her breath.
“Lynn?” Stan then added waiting for her to answer.

It was the first time she speaks to him after she found out he was a drug dealing criminal.
She was speechless as millions of thoughts started rushing through her head.
She couldn’t let Stanly know that she knows about him, she is supposed to be oblivious of everything, she wouldn’t want to upset him…
Though she didn’t know what to say that might not sound suspicious to him, she got so scared of saying the wrong thing that simple words couldn’t come out of her mouth…

“Lynn can you hear me?” Stan started questioning.

“Who’s this?” Frank asked as he got back, looking at Lynn.
“S…Stan.” Lynn mumbled to Frank.
“Ohh, good old Stan.” Frank replied with a grin. All that Frank knew about this was the fact that Gerard was forced into a drug deal which he managed to get himself out of with Lynn’s help. Frank thought the problem was over and didn’t even know that Stan was involved.

“Let me talk to him.” Frank added taking the phone from her.

“Hey Stanly! What’s up!” Frank answered humorously.
“Who is this?” Stanly replied firmly.
“It’s Frank, I was at your place the other day.” Frank said to then add: “I just want to let you know that Lynn is safe and sound, I’m taking real good care of her.”

Lynn was somewhat glad he actually took that phone out of her hands. Talking to her uncle at that moment seemed to be too hard for her to handle as she now looks at him in a whole different way…

Listening to only one side of the conversation, Lynn heard Frank say…
“Oh we were just on our way to England…Yeah….no, it’s Donington, yeah….that’s the one, really? That would be awesome…I think Lynn would be thrilled…Yeah…Ok, so I guess we’ll see you there, ok, bye.”

“We’ll see you there?” Lynn repeated after Frank. “What? What’s that supposed to mean?” She then added getting nervous.

“It turned out that your uncle is going to meet us at the hotel in England, he said he has business to deal with there so…” Frank explained as the first think that hit Lynn’s mind was Gerard.
“Are you okay sweetie? You look pale.” Frank added putting his hands on both sides of her face, gazing at her intently.

“I’m…I’m fine.” Lynn added faking a smile.
“What’s wrong Lynn?” Frank asked frowning.
“Nothing it’s just…” She stopped to think. She found no real reason why he should know about Stanly and Eliza and that the whole problem hasn’t actually disappeared, after all, he couldn’t do anything about it.
“I was just thinking about how we’ll manage to find time to spend together with the touring and all…” Lynn explained lying at him…trying to end the questions.

“We’ll be fine sweetie, I promise you that.” Said Frank softly, trying to comfort her.
“Besides, I have a surprise for you after we get there.” He declared passing his arm around her waist. “Speaking of getting there…” He then added. “I got us tickets for the next flight out; we should get on board now though…” He said pushing her closer to him with his arm wrapped around her to peck her and then turn to walk to the gates as she stopped him saying:

“Wait, Gerard is going to call us from the plane we need to wait for him.”
“Come on honey, you’ll talk to him from the plane then…” Frank added taking her hand to lead her to the plane as she stood still and said: “My cellphone goes off when I get on a plane!”
“We’ll be seeing them when we get there anyways…” Frank then said insisting on heading to the gates at that same moment, he just didn’t want to miss another plane.
“Fine, just so you know, you asked for this.” He added grinning widely, placing one hand on her back and the other on the back of her knees to then lift her.

“No Frankie come on!” Lynn tried to explain herself, she really needed to talk to Gerard, she wanted to tell him that Stan was going to be there with them but she failed as she wasn’t able to stop her giggles. Frank made her laugh every time he did this.
Besides, getting him to let go of her after he carries her was never one of the options… Frank carried her all the way to the plane, followed by the security guards and baggage, careless of what everyone else’s thoughts were.
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