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Again, and Again

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Frank has to get a new job to pay back Gerard. Or does he?! ferard!

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Filling out a job application is probably one of the biggest wastes of time I’ll ever endure. Name, Date, Address… again with the Date… doesn’t get more boring than that folks, yet this is my favorite part of the whole ‘job’ process… to tell you the truth, I have no idea why…

“Frank!” Gerard screamed as he ripped the form from my hands. We’d been at this for only a few seconds and I already screwed it up… great.

“Last name first!” he pointed to the tiny black lettering. I gave a small sigh and erased what I had written of my name.

“Stupid fucking small print” I muttered. Gerard giggled sending a shiver down my spine. I smiled as I printed out my name in the correct format. The next few questions were getting me frustrated and confused me and my stomach growled in a hunger protest.

“Here,” Gerard walked across the kitchen standing by the fridge and getting me a snack. I smiled and nodded giving my thanks.

“Need some help?” He asked leaning so his stomach was against my back. I felt my ears heat up at the contact. I cursed at myself for getting so uncomfortable around him.

“N-no” I stuttered. I hated this… I hated how the simplest of touch could do this to me. Yet, I loved how it made me feel, made me yearn for more. I bit my lip as he walked around the table to sit across from me. A smirk planted on his face.

“I think someone’s lying!” he taunted me. I rolled my eyes and continued on with my work. There were so many god damn questions! I just wanted to crumple it up in a ball, throw it away, and blow up the garbage can. I considered this as a possibility until I remembered the debt I was in…to Gerard.

“Ugh. Isn’t their any other way I can repay you?” I asked, my perverted mind decided to comment and suggest a bubble bath. I heard myself hum, low and soft. So soft I highly doubt he heard me. I look up, and you’re fiddling with your fingers. Only twice have I seen you do that. Once when you got the lead role in the play Peter Pan, and you were worried about everyone making fun of you for tights. Then once again when you were about to tell me that you were gay, which was one of the best conversations of my life.

“What…” You glance up at me and shake your head. I roll my eyes. “Don’t try to tell me it’s nothing, I’ve seen this before Gee...” I say putting down my pen.

“It’s… there is another way.” You say in a whisper, barely audible for me. My heart immediately stops. It doesn’t get faster, it just stops. What could he want? It’s probably just washing his car, or something stupid like that. I was thinking in such perverted terms I could feel myself getting hard.
“Gerard, you’re going to hate me for this” I whispered. He looked up confused and opened his mouth to say something, but I had none of that. I jumped up onto the table and slowly crawled over to him. When I finally got to him, I kissed him. I didn’t hesitate; I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his. He tried to push me away, but I could have cared less.

I went for it. I didn't care. I really didn't. I figured that you only live once and God damn it, this was going to happen. So I clutched Gerard's hips and flung open his belt. Gerard made a sudden sound of surprise, of protest, but when I tugged open his pants, allowing his erection to pop through, I just stared down at him, letting my mouth hang slightly open. He felt the same way? Had I done this? What was going on?

“I...I-” I didn’t let him say another word. I covered his mouth with mine. His hands found their way to my back. I like this; I liked this more than I thought I would. I looked up at his face which now had a smirk on it. I giggled and got down under the table, in-between his legs. He looked so ready, so beautiful, and so yummy. I treated his cock like a lollypop, like a child wanting to savor every single lick of the delicious flavor. I started off so slow it was even painful for me, but I was a tease I loved hearing them beg, putting me in control.

“Damnit Frank!” Gerard moaned as I slightly bit down on the head of his dick. He had arched his head back; it was now out of my vision. I giggled and thrust my mouth over him, taking his as much I could. I grabbed his ass straining to get him further. He screamed. Not just a moan, but a scream.

Right then when I was enjoying him squirm, the garage door, which is connected to the kitchen, flung open. Gerard gasped, from pure pleasure or surprise I’m not sure.

“M-Mikey!” Gerard rushed. At this time I didn’t stop, as a matter of fact I highly doubt I could. “What are you doing home so early?” He asked, trying to sound calm. I was grateful for being under the table and out of view.

“Nothing, its 4… I usually get home around now.” Gerard sighed, obviously struggling with himself.

“Oh!” He let it escape from his mouth; I could almost hear him mentally slap himself. “That’s great!” He improvised.

My tongue swished over Gerard’s tip to keep him from becoming soft and he shuddered and winced, one hand pressing down on my head. This just caused me to take more into my throat as he tried to hold still.

“Are you okay?” Mikey asked. I heard his footsteps nearing my end of the table and Gerard bent forward to hide me.

“Yes!” he squealed in a high voice. “YesyesIamfineMikeypleaseleave.” Mikey’s footsteps stopped and I pulled my lips along Gerard’s shaft, causing him to buck his hips into my mouth.

“What’s WRONG with you?” Mikey asked.

“NothingIhaveastomachachepleaseleave,” Gerard gasped out. I put my hand on his shaft and pumped gently. Mikey gave a little scoff and said something like, “Weirdo…” before I heard him walk out of the room. Gerard leaned back in the chair. I expected him to scold me but instead he pushed my head down and said in a firm voice, “Now finish.”
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