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When it's Over.

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Frank needs to protect Gerard. No matter what. Ferard.

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“Gerard… It’s over” Frank whispered. He couldn’t even look up from his hands. He heard the hitch in Gerard’s breathing as it painfully slowed down. He could sense the panic rising inside his friend’s stomach.

“You… You don’t mean that” Gerard spat at him “You don’t know what you’re saying!” He jolted up from his chair. His hand slammed the table, knocking over his plate and glass. The crash seemed almost in slow motion to both of them. They just watched it fall and break. Gerard had to muster up all his mental strength to keep control in front of his lover.

“Gerard…” Frank finally looked up; he could see that any moment he was going to break. He couldn’t be with him though. No matter how much he longed for him, or wanted to spend every waking moment with him, it was too dangerous.

“No!” Gerard violently shook his head. “DON’T!” he screamed. That was it; the tears just couldn’t be contained any longer. Frank shifted in his seat, he wanted to just tell the singer he loved him, to tell Gerard to hush up and kiss him. But that couldn’t be done, he was watching. It was all too dangerous.

“You’re a fucking liar,” his hands were shaking, clutching to his body, making him all the more beautiful. He began to walk backwards, still shaking his head. Frank wondered what was going through his mind. What memories he was playing, what kisses, what smirks, what phone calls. Then he realized that he was backing up into the traffic, there were cars zooming by.

“Gerard!” Frank yelled. He jolted up from his spot at the restaurant. The cool air was refreshing, but not enough to comfort him. The guitarist ran towards the singer. His eyes widened, and he was forced to his knees.

“GEARD!” He screamed again. Gerard kept shaking his head, and walking backwards. Frank was held back by the man, the very man that was tearing them apart.

“Let him go,” the man whispered. Frank shook with anger, exhaustion, and misery. He hated this man, the man he once found so innocent and cute. “Let him die.” Frank shook his head.

“I love him!” He said, more to himself than the man holding onto his shoulders. Frank watched as Gerard backed into the street and right into the black car speeding to make it pass the yellow light. He couldn’t look away, he wanted to, oh how he wanted to look away and pretend it didn’t happen. It was very much like watching a train wreck, so interesting and so drastic you couldn’t help but watch till the very end.

The car hit him full on, Gerard flung onto the windshield, glass shattering everywhere and continuing on to the roof. The body then fell to the ground; Frank could have sworn he heard the thud from the restaurant corner.

He used to love this restaurant. They used to eat outside in their favorite table every Friday night, giggling and telling story’s, kissing in the candlelight and holding each others hands. Now this place was horrible. It was the place he had lost his lover. It was the place he would no longer love. He looked up at the man holding him.

“Look what I’ve done,” He whispered. “Look what you made me do…” The man smirked and giggled a little. Frank couldn’t hear anything but the sirens. He was in a daze, watching the driver get out of the car and run to Gerard. He should have been running to the singer, comforting him, making sure he was alright. Although, clearly he wasn’t.

“That’s all you had to do my love,” The man said to the broken guitarist that was now on the ground staring at the lights from the ambulance. “That’s all you ever had to do” Frank didn’t move when the man bent down and stroked his hair.

“I love you Frank” Frank watched them take the body into the ambulance, and speed off. He looked up at the man and frowned.

“I hate you,” He spat. He got up and looked up into the sick man’s eyes. “I fucking hate you, Mikey” He said. Mikey smiled.

“You don’t mean that.” He said as he wrapped his arms around Frank’s neck. “You know what I’m capable of.” He whispered, bringing his left hand down to his pocket and brushing his fingers over the bump. Frank held his breath and nodded.

“Very good” Mikey said and leaned in to kiss his new found pet. Frank kissed him back, wishing it was Gerard. But the gun in the man’s pocket forced him to think otherwise.

He would always love Gerard… and that’s why he had to be with Mikey.
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