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Deep Cut Road

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Yet another mary-sue high school fic. Somehow meshed with a fantasy horror-esque fic. Will turn out good. Read pls.

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Dis fucking claimer. Lol, I’ve never done one of these, I thought it was obvious. I don’t own Chem. They own me, if anything. They’re just really fun characters to write with cause they’re gorgeous and I know them so well.

Anyway, this will get better as it goes. Sorry about the slow start. It's more of a settler.
If you read it, review and rate it please. I do try to always return the favour. It's really just polite.

Lei rolled her eyes and stared ahead at the blackboard. It was 7th period Math and she was bored. She glanced over to where Frankie and Mikey, her only two friends in the class, were sitting. They were both flipping through a magazine together, laughing hushedly, trying not to be seen by their teacher. The empty seat next to Frank reminded her why she was up the front and across the room from them, isolated. After a heated argument with their (incredible sexist) teacher, fuelled by the two boys, she had ended up calling him a “Nitwitted ole cabbage face” who needed “An earhair cut.” This was much to the amusement of Frank and Mikey, but it had also got her moved. Now she looked over at them with slight envy. Frankie looked over at her and mouthed “Having Fun?” She nodded sarcastically and flipped him off, just as the bell rang. Yes! She though as she crammed her books into her bag hurriedly and jumped up. She walked out of the room, followed by Frank and Mikey, who were still chatting about the magazine. She walked beside them silently to the lockers, where their conversation wound up as they all unlocked and opened.
“So what’s up tonight?” said Frankie. Lei slammed her locker shut and looked at the boys, who looked back at her expectantly. “Lei?” Said Mikey. “Well I dunno. Why are you asking me for?” They both shrugged as Mikey’s brother Gerard entered the conversation. “Hey guys, we should heaps go to that abandoned house down on Deep Cut Road. We could stay the night…” Mikey and Frank both nodded enthusiastically and agreed, and Lei turned around to see her other best friend Eliza walking in with her boyfriend, Ray. Ray was in Gerard’s year. Lei didn’t know him too well but he was a funny guy. She turned around and said “Yeah ok. I’ll just tell mum I’m at your house.” They all nodded and turned to walk out, greeting Ray and Eliza on the way. “Oi Gee, can you give me a lift home?” she asked over Mikey’s head “Don’t I always?” He replied, grinning. she nodded and smiled back. Gerard and Lei were pretty close. Her mum and Mrs Way had been good friends for years, so She’d grown up with the Ways. Her and Gerard used to be “Girlfriend and Boyfriend” When they were like, 5, and since he proposed to her with a 20c ring he got with a gumball before they even started grade school, they’d been good friends. He was a real good kisser too. She looked at him for a little while, took in his slightly chubby but still attractive figure. He was really pale, with blackish hair and hazel eyes that never seemed to be the same colour twice, unlike her standard blue eyes she rather disliked. “hey Lizer, are you and Ray coming to the Deep Cut house tonight?” Eliza looked from Lei to her boyfriend and then nodded. “And can you get your sister to buy us stuff? Hey, everyone, cough up so Lizer’s sis can get us some booze.” She reached into her own wallet and found a twenty. After everyone else has contributed they had around $150. “I’ll get as much as I can, and juice, coke and other shit for mixing, yeah?” Lei nodded as they neared the carpark. Eliza and Ray walked in a different direction towards Ray’s car “Meet at Gerard and Mikey’s at 6!” Called Ray. Mikey gave a thumbs up as they kept walking to Gerard’s car. Mikey. Mikey was this cute kid who although was her age, seemed so much younger. Frankie was a year younger than her and Mikey, but Mikey was just…softer, more innocent. Not really though, she guessed, he just…/seemed/ it. He had blondish brown hair, thick glasses and a cute smile. Was also a good kisser. She grinned to herself as they came to the car and all got in. “Hey Gee, drop me at Wendy’s?” said Frank. “I’m working till 8.” Gerard nodded and started the car. Leo was in the front, with Gee. Mikey and Frankie sat in the back seat, talking about wrestling. Typical. “Hey, did anyone see Bob today?” she said. “Er, no…” Bob was another friend. He was a year above Eliza, Mikey, Frank and Lei, and a year lower than Ray and Gerard. “Yeah I don’t think he was at school. I’ll call him later see if he wants to tag along.” Lei turned around to reply to Frank “I’ll just go round after school.” Bob lived just around the corner, on a street that ran off Salter place, where Mikey, Gerard and Lei all lived. “No, wait a minute, I won’t. I have shamisen practise.” Gerard raised his eyebrows. “I’ll go. Since when did you have a scheduled date for shamisen?” he said, smirking. “Since mum made me play for these friends of hers that came all the way from Aichi and I forgot all the words to the song and failed the bit.” Gee laughed and said “They came from Japan to listen to you play that thing? I wouldn’t go round the corner!” She poked her tongue out and punched him and Frank started rambling fro what must have been the millionth time about if only Lei would let him borrow her shamisen he could make it so much better. She chose to ignore him and looked out the window in stead, seeing Wendy’s loom overhead. “Gee, go through the drive thru, I want a shake.” She said. He nodded, stopping to let Frankie out. “Seeya at your place. 7 okay?” Mikey nodded and then said “Gee, I’ma get out here, go to the mall to check out the games store. I’ll be home in a few hours.” Gerard looked over at him “Ok. See you guys then.” Then he looked at Lei and drove on “So, what are we gonna do?” Lei shrugged. “Mum wants me home for practise at like 4. So we have an hour. Wanna go to Hudson?” Gerard nodded and spoke into the speaker box thingy “Yeah, I’ll have a chocolate thick shake with an extra scoop of ice cream, hold the malt and put a squeeze of caramel in please. And a diet coke and fries please.” Lei smiled as the box growled back at him. It’s a good thing for sure when your best friend, who happens to be a hot guy, knows your favourite milk beverage.

So tell me if you likes. Who likes Lei? She's japanese :D
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