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A girl who marries a very strange man.

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Dacia walked slowly through the grass next to the dark smooth paved road waiting for a bus to come by. Busses in this world didn’t stop at any special places; if they saw a potential passenger then they would stop and let them on, also passengers never paid to ride the busses their taxes paid for that. So Dacia marched onwards, letting her mind wander to better times when she had a hope in life and a good family that cared for her. Right now Dacia was waiting on a bus - that was still not showing itself - in order to go to the house of the dreadful Mr.Adniel, who her evil uncle Ahimelech had engaged her to not long after her parents died. Her soon to be husband Mr.Adniel was not the most handsome of men but he had a thick crop of dark hair he always kept swept back with shine and he was very kind, or at least she heard he was. See this was the first time she was going to meet him and she was only 15, he was 20, but such things didn’t matter to her greedy uncle who immediately after learning of the mans wealth, told him stories of his great and fair niece who was quite a treasure, Mr.Adniel figured he should take the first chance he got to get a wife and quickly agreed to marry her because every other woman thought him an ugly beast, even though he was very humble.
A bus soon arrived and Miss Dacia Capucine boarded and told the driver her destination. The man was a wee-bit surprised but was happy to see the kind man had finally sought himself a wife. Dacia mostly observed the beautiful rolling hills as the bus passed through the countryside until it halted and she realized that the glorious home she saw before her with the elegant green garden was her intended stop. She nervously climbed off of the bus, receiving an encouraging smile from the driver as she made her way through the gate and to the front door.
She observed the huge oak doors with wonder and shyly rang the doorknocker. Almost instantly an old, happy looking maid answered and rushed her in. “Oh, Miss Capucine, please have a seat in one of the masters chairs he will be right down to see you!” Twittered the old lady jollily. The maid soon disappeared up the grand staircase to get Mr.Adniel. Dacia slowly made her way across the vast expanse of bare floor to a Persian rug covered by a nice arrangement of chairs and a red oak coffee table to sit herself down finally and quite comfortably in a large cushy brown leather armchair. Dacia heard a door opening from upstairs, and then the slow almost rhythmic clap of boots on tile as Mr.Adniel followed by the maid came down the staircase.
The first thing she noticed about Mr.Adniel was that he had a small limp to his gait contributing to the lack of rhythm in his walk, a large brown birthmark stretched across his face and a scar slashed across his right cheek that ended at his jaw line contorting the otherwise pleasant features of his pale face. He slightly flinched under the unwanted examination of his countenance. She quickly focused on the maid next to him, to avoid making him feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately it was rather difficult and she ended up scrutinizing him anyways. Dacia realized that he was rather tall, thin but sturdy looking, and did indeed as people had said have a thick luscious mop of short wavy dark hair.
Dacia’s POV
Well he isn’t so bad, well actually to look at he is but I will get used to him and learn to love him I suppose. He seems so shy, I don’t want to stare but I can’t help it! My and does he have the money, some day I will be mistress of all of this if I choose to marry him! Oh but I mustn’t think that way it doesn’t matter anyways.
Mr.Adniels POV
Oh my God, I must be the luckiest man in the world. That uncle didn’t lie; she truly is fair and pretty. What can I possibly do to make her accept me and be happy married to an ugly troll like myself? Oh and she is so kind she tries so hard not to stare at my face or let out a scream at its horrors. I cannot possibly deserve this delicate and genuine jewel of a girl! Oh but I do hope she isn’t in on this only for the money like her uncle; it would be such a shame.
Regular POV
“Miss Capucine it is such a pleasure to meet you, my dear.” Proclaimed He.
“As it is mine Mr.Adniel, oh and you may call me Dacia if it pleases you sir.” She is so truly kind he thought as he gazed with wonder at the woman before him.
“Then you mustn’t call me Mr.Adniel, just Florian will do beloved lady.” He replied with a passion that made him feel like Don Quixote acting like a gallant night after they all disappeared in to history. And such a fool he would feel if he knew she was not looking at his face but at the wall behind him so as not to pity the destruction of his once lovely face.
“D-Dacia,” he stuttered unsurely, “would you like to join me for some tea?” “Oh, I would love to join you for tea Florian!” Exclaimed she.
“Mrs.Tilally please go fetch the tea and bring it to the tea table in the garden while I show Miss Capucine to the roses”.
“Of course master, right away sir.” replied she with a boisterous resolve to make the best tea ever. Florian took her through a pair of glass French doors to a beautiful vastly spread garden with rolling hills and a fountain at its center. Mr.Adniel led her down a white gravel path to a little cul-de-sac surrounded by rose bushes and a weeping willow at the one side. In the middle of this impressive spectacle was a little table perfect for their evening tea.
“Do have a seat my dear.” He said to her.
“Why thank you. Replied the latter with a smile. While they sat down Mrs.Tillaly brought a steaming pot of tea for the two to enjoy. Once the duo was sipping their tea in peace Mrs.T left to give them time alone to discus their business.
Miss Dacia, I would like to know truthfully, would you be willing to marry me? Not for my money but for me? I need to know.

plz comment people. I need too know where to go with this story or if it's even any good! >.
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