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A Random Moment

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Simply a drabble fic. It is mainly a sweet sess/kag moment.

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A Random Moment
By: sesshomaru15 and Kandierain15
Wrote on November 3, 2007
Typed on November 3, 2007
Just a random moment!

Kagome Higeraishi was her name. She was in the Eigth grade and lived with her
mother and brother. That's all he knew about her. But for some strange reason... he
loved her. Hell, she didn't even know his name he doubted. But when she walked
straight through that doorway and walked straight up to him, giving him the chance of
a lifetime to say what he had wanted to say for so long, all he said... no. He didn't
even say anything. All he did was stare.And stare. Until finally she told him, "You have
such pretty eyes, you know that?" he knew he had blushed a deep scarlet red that
day. then he added.

"They're just so golden, so deep, like you could stare at them for hours and never
think about anything else but them, and from your side, you could look into people's
souls. It's amazing!"

But he wondered how she knew he had golden eyes. That may sound stupid to you
but no human was supposedly not able to see them...unless he let them. So he

"How do you know I have golden eyes?'

"You don't? My eyesight must be wrong then."

"I didn't mean that. I meant that how do you know that I do? Many people think I
have brown eyes." he lied.

"well then, I must be special," she chirped happily.

Then she walked away and all I did was do what I do best, I stared. She turned back
at me and did something that made me feel like th happiest guy alive.

She smiled.


well? What do you think? It just came to me and I wrote it as a drabble. My first
drabble too. Arn't you proud!? Bye-bye Review review review! ^_^ -Rakuya
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