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Odessa. Viktor has always felt that guilt. Drable.

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This is the first in a series of drabbles based around the character of Viktor, who has always been one of my favourites in the Suikoden series, and a quite an enigma.
Part 2 coming soon. ^_^


Viktor has always felt that guilt.

She’d been the first person in his life who’d actually listened to his stupid ideas, or trusted his judgement, even when it was based solely on a feeling in his gut. She had been like a brother to him, despite being a woman.
She’d been the first person to give Viktor an order that he’d actually followed to the letter. And he’d had nothing but the highest respect for her as a warrior.
Perhaps it was those eyes. They were the eyes of a dreamer. Not just this, but when he looked into those eyes, he had every confidence that she would succeed in making her dreams for a better world a reality.

Sometimes he finds Flik staring into the heavens and he knows that he’s thinking about her. Occasionally, he has seen a brief flash of hatred in Flik’s eyes. Without a word spoken, Viktor knows that Flik still blames him for Odessa’s death.

It doesn’t bother Viktor as much as perhaps it should. Maybe this is because Viktor blames himself as well.
He never was one for tears, but when he sees that sword of Flik’s, Odessa’s name-sake, gleaming in the sunlight on the field of battle, he has to fight hard to hold them back.
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