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Actually Prose. Okay, well a few months ago in Professional Writing, we were just supposed to write for a while. Then it started to rain, so our genious teacher decided that we would write about th...

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The pouring rain reminds me of my home: England.
But today's rain takes the heat of the day away with thousands of drops of sparkling water pelting down from the dark, grey, overcast sky, intermittent with loud, surprising claps of thunder.
The dripping of water from a nearby window reminds you that it will be a while before the comforting beat of nature dries up.
The rain today signifies a fresh start after a long, hot, sweltering weekend of sunshine and cloudless skies.
Girls are screaming because their hair is getting frizzy or their make-up is running, but I am probably the sole student who marvels the rain, who loves the rain and standing out in it, letting it soak through my clothes.
I love it on a hot day when the rain pours down; it can cool you right off, and you dry quickly in the constant heat.
Many a puddles have formed, waiting to be splashed in.
The sound of the rain in my ears is soothing; beckoning for me to stand outside in the downpour of shimmering droplets as the rain gets heavier, then light once more.
But the sound of thunder isn't; even though it's slowly getting closer to us, therefore louder and at more regualr intervals.
The condensation from the sky is slowly dying down.
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