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Darkest Hour

by RyanRossLuver 2 reviews

Emo....Thats all I can Say...description of what it's about inside

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What the poem is really about:
A girl and her boyfriend are almost the perfect couple, but they have had a major arguement. Her boyfriend leaves, and she thinks he has left for good. The only way that she can feel better after this row is to inflict damage upon herself. Her (ex)boyfriend had an intuition that she had been doing this, because the badsheets were getting spots of blood over them, but he just passed it off as a new sheet set, red polkadots. The girl doesn't think her boyfriend is coming back, so that night she starts to cut herself. But then he comes back inside and sees her commiting the act. Before he can say or do anything to help her, she makes one final cut, an enevitable one. She is not to be traumatized by love again.

Your eyes, chocolate brown, pierce into my heart
Never before had I seen so deep into someone’s soul
I thought trust was mutual in this partnership
But apparently, I was wrong

Never again will I trust someone
Who tells me they know how to make me feel good
But I have my own way to feel something
And it involves myself, alone at night
Nothing in my room but blood stained sheets

The first cut is the deepest, and the hardest to make
But after that, it is easy to continue
Pain so bad, that I finally feel something
Tears prick my eyes, forced back by want
By need, by hope that I can continue,
Before you come home
Before you catch me
Before I make the final cut
The cut into eternity

Yes, emo I know...If i get any reviews on it being emo...
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