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He had hidden the bloodstained note and disposed of both it and the body that same night, deep in the woods, burning them to ashes.

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The Oracle
Chapter Thirteen
Macau Yayome

Sasuke sighed and smiled at the girl he was currently ‘dating’. She stood up on stage and sang a song, for him, even as his eyes watched other women. Yayome was interesting, sure, but her eyes were the only reason he dated her. When she was embarrassed or enthusiastic, they had the tendency to turn a brilliant shade of viridian green, not unlike that of a woman from Sasuke’s past. Her brown hair streaked through with pinkish-purple highlights that hid when she tied it up, as she did now, with a ponytail. The few strands that escaped the ponytail, dark brown and straight, framed her face well, and the length was rather impressive. Looking at the eyes and the hair that framed her face, Sasuke often had to catch himself before calling her Riku. They looked very different, but her eyes… They came so close to the pure viridian hue of Riku’s eyes that he could not help himself.

He clapped when she came down from the stage, dutifully. She was his punishment; he felt sometimes, this woman placed in Konoha by god’s hand was only there to give him hell. He had somehow been coerced into dating the girl, he had woken up with her in his bed, and she would not leave her alone afterwards. The whole hell of it was; they had woken up fully clothed. But with her eyes full of tears, and a conniving smirk on her face, she had threatened to go to Tsunade and call him a rapist. Since then, Yayome had not ceased to make his life a living hell. But when she turned those viridian eyes on him, the only flaw he could find in her was that she was not Riku. It was painful to him that she had somehow stolen those eyes from the dead woman, and could make them as lifeless as the ones he’d seen. When he managed to refuse her anything, she, with her sneaky way, and figured out his weakness was her eyes. Using them, she had turned them murky, filled them with tears, and broken him down until he despised himself for making her cry, filling those viridian eyes with tears, just as he would be guilty if he had made Riku cry. He did not hate Riku. He should, He had every right to be glad for her death, but he did not. All he felt was disappointment in her, the disappointment that she could not control whatever demon had possessed her, and let it take his brother as well.

He had learned Yayome Macau was often hyperactive and easily excitable, she was sometimes a girly-girl, and was usually kind. She was fond of singing, and watching animated movies. Unfortunately, he had also learned she was sneaky and manipulative, and fond of drama. Even to the point of causing trouble herself, she loved chaos and manipulating others to her amusement. In fact, she had caused the rift between his teammate Sakura and Ino, Sakura’s best friend. Yayome had told him this herself, and had looked rather pleased about her part in the whole thing. Strangely enough, he wasn’t allowed to be mad at her for it, because she had only done it to get him for herself, and He was oh-so-happy with her, right? RIGHT? She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly, and he responded dutifully, hugging her back and forcing a smile. He could feel glares in her direction, and it incensed him somehow. He was fiercely protective of the girl for a reason he could not explain, so ferociously protective it was borderline psychotic. The depths of his ebon eyes were turbulent, charged with conflicted emotions. Naruto had tried to free him of her, convince Sasuke to let Yayome go, but he still had yet to succeed. Yayome was crazy, Psychotic-stalker crazy, And Sasuke would be damned if he let someone else go though what he went through, If he’d let Yayome pull a Riku stunt and kill everyone in someone else’s family because he flirted or even seemed like he strayed. The last woman who had flirted with him in Yayome’s presence he found at three in the morning had woken up dead on his doorstep, with a note that read,

“Here, dearest Sasuke,

I hope you enjoy your present. There is more where that came from if you so much as look at another woman again. You are my darling, remember? And I am yours.

From your most darling, loving girlfriend,

Yayome Macau.”

He had hidden the bloodstained note and disposed of both it and the body that same night, deep in the woods, burning them to ashes. He could not bring himself to turn her in, to say something against her, for, what would she do? This woman had weaved her web around Sasuke and now was pulling the strings. Without Yayome, Sasuke could not be. She had worked her magic, secret genjutsu arts over his unsuspecting sleeping body and now he was trapped and would face the consequences. He obediently kissed her, his first girlfriend, but not his last. He prayed reverently that she would not be the last or only girl in his life. It took the combined efforts of his team to free him from her, and she had ended up in an institution once they were through with her. Sasuke ardently worked on her behalf, to try to free her, but his requests were not taken seriously. After all, he was not the only man to have fallen for her obsession jutsu, simply the only one that could not work his way out of it alone. He had grown an obsession with her on his own, with those viridian eyes that lasted even after her jutsu had stopped being cast upon him. They would not let him visit her in the institution, and after some time, he managed to finally forget her and her effect on his life. In the aftermath of this, he vowed to never love a woman. Conniving, all of them. What would come to be known as his trademark?

The cocky, patented, Uchiha smirk that never failed to leave a woman babbling is what would be his trademark.

Yayome was not his last girlfriend. Not by a long shot.


I like this one^^;;. It's evil.
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