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Fire of the Sword

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I got the basic format for this story and its plotline from a writer at I hope he doesn't mind. If anyone wants to continue itbe my guest.

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From the ashes a new fire shall be woken, a dark light shall spring forth and live.


Somewhere in the mountains of Japan, a burnt out fortress stood inside a mountain. At the back of this fortress was fallen arena. Over this abyss a figure robed in white appeared. Smiling she extended her hand and whispered. A light appeared in her hand that floated down to the bottom of the abyss. It surrounded a blackened skeleton and began reforming it. The light brought the body upwards and began to regenerate it. The woman smiled as a figure with black hair and red eyes began to appear.

200 years in the past

A young assassin by the name of Tira wandered the countryside in search of a warrior named Nightmare. She had heard of him from passing travelers and traders, a fierce warrior who killed to feed his demonic blade Soul Edge. She felt excited at the prospect of finding and serving a master more powerful than her. For that is what Tira lived for to serve and be appreciated in return.
One would expect an assassin like Tira to be an ugly behemoth of a woman, but this could not be farther from the truth. Tira was an attractive 17 yr. old petite, slender in her body structure, and well endowed by whoever had been the unfortunate girls mother. Tira sported purple eyes and green hair with varying makeup designs all over her body. One simple purple stripe decorated her cheek and nose and others across her body which showed through her ripped green outfit.
After finding evidence in the form of burned out villages and bodies she started to travel North in hopes of finding him. However, she was disappointed for fate had a different plan in mind.

200 years in the future

The woman in white smiled down at her handiwork, she was sitting on a stone as the body finished regenerating. As soon as it did, she leaned forward and tapped its chest with her hand. The heart began beating and those red eyes opened. Those red eyes blinked as they looked at her in surprise.
The figure sat up and the woman looked pleased with herself. The man took stock of his surroundings then said, “I take it I am not in hell.”

The woman smiled, “No Shishio you are not.” The man stopped looking around and snapped his eyes back to hers, “How do you know my name.”
The woman laughed, “My name,” she said as she rose, “is Eros the goddess of discord.” Shishio looked skeptically at her, again she laughed and they began to rise into the air. Shishio looked at her as they rose with new respect, “would you mind putting me down.”

Eros laughed as they reached the door that led to the arena and set them both down. “Of course.” Shishio glanced at the familiar surroundings and said, “I take it I am supposed to be dead.” “Of course you are,” Eros said, “but I have brought you back for a reason.” Shishio looked at her and sat down on the ground, “What reason?” Eros looked almost sadly at him, “You were a great warrior, one of the highest caliber, and I will not allow such a fine man to be wasted in this era of foolish peace.”

Shishio looked at her strangely and laughed, “Then what am I supposed to do in this era, a hitokiri like me has no place in this world.”

Eros nodded, “That is true but I am going to send you to another era. One in which you will feel you belong, and you philosophy of only the strongest can survive is actually true.”

Shishio listened as she began to tell him of Soul Edge.

200 yr. in the past

Tira had been wandering for some time now and had begun to despair of ever finding a master worthy of her service.
“I’ll never find him, am I going to be alone forever?”

200 yr. in the future

Shishio had agreed to go to the past and create an ordered world like he had been planning to create in Japan.

Eros had finished telling him of the sword Soul Edge and its demonic wielder Nightmare. She had also told him of the warriors who sought Soul edge. She had presented him with a new sword, one that would change from a Katana to a reverse-blade to a serrated edge at his command. She had also restored to him at least 10 years of his life make him a little younger than before.

Before Shishio stepped into the portal to take him into the past he wondered. ‘Will there be any others like me in this new time, I hope so they might come in handy.’
Eros watched her new soldier leave her realm, ‘perfect he will kill so many…’


Shishio exited the portal on a dirt road, his red eyes searched the countryside for signs of life but they found none. He began walking and soon came upon a group of bandits. They sneered at him, “hey kid shouldn’t you bee home with your mother.”
Shishio did not blink, the bandits did when he disappeared and reappeared behind them. All but one of them fell to the ground dead; the bandit shook when he looked at the strange mans red eyes.
“Where is the nearest town,” Shishio asked.
Shaking the bandit pointed, “Thank you but you have to die now.”

Shishio carried on unconcerned by the seven corpses he left behind.

Shishio found the town and tried to find a cheap place to stay considering his money supply was none existent. He did find a place when he heard a disturbance outside.

It was late in the afternoon when Tira reached the town and began to look for an inn; however, her green ripped clothing and trousers attracted the attention of a more unsavory crowd.

“Hey fellas look at what we got here.”

“Ya think she wants to play.”

Tira grinned at their foolish lust and began to sway her body to some unheard rhythm.
“Looks like she does.”
Tira stopped and smiled, “I think I’ll make you regret those little thoughts of yours.”

Shishio stepped out of the inn and watched a young woman surrounded by a crowd of alcohol sodden men shamelessly flaunt her. Shishio did not think much of this until he caught the young woman’s battle aura. A grin touched his lips when he realized these men would not live to see dawn.
“Excuse me, what is going on here?”

Shishio’s question distracted the men long enough for Tira to begin her Dance of Death. Shishio watched impassively while the girl did her work.

What intrigued him the most was her weapon, a ring blade which she clutched at different handholds. It did not take her long to finish them off. Shishio leaned his head forward so his black bangs covered his red eyes.

Tira sliced down the last ruffian and finally looked at the man who had interrupted her fun. He was taller than her and his clothes covered his structure so she could not guess his strength; his black bangs covered his eyes and his hair almost reached his waist.
Tira smiled and began to walk toward him her ring blade twirling in one hand, “Wanna play.”

Shishio smiled and slowly drew his sword. Tira struck first slicing downwards, her blade connected with the earth. She glanced up at the roof on which he was currently standing. Bunching her muscles, she sprang after him swinging her Drossel sideways at him. Again, he dodged further along the rooftops; Tira noticed that unlike those other fools, this one had not even looked at her body or she had not noticed.

Tira smiled as she switched her position and said, “Hm, you last longer than the others I like you.”

A slight grin escaped onto Shishio’s face, this girl knew how to handle herself and what more she seemed to enjoy killing those ruffians. He had watched the crazed and joyful look in her violet eyes as the blood sprayed from her weapon.

Tira swung at him again Shishio dodged and leapt from the roof followed quickly by an overjoyed Tira.

Tira grew a little frustrated as she kept on missing this man.

“Stop dodging and fight me,” she growled.

To her outrage he actually smiled, “Very well, I will not move.”

Finally, Tira thought and she brought her weapon up and jumped slicing down vertically. She smiled as she seamed to make contact with something. However, her satisfaction quickly turned to shock as she saw he was actually holding ring blade in one hand. One Hand?

Suddenly her weapon was wrenched from her hands and thrown behind the man. Unfortunately, this brought Tira stumbling forward into the man’s chest.
An arm that had to have been made of steel fastened around her waist and arms. The sword was at her throat, in awe she looked up into the most fascinating pare of red eyes she had ever seen.

Tira’s breathing increased as she stared into those eyes that were as red and hot as blood. ‘Perhaps he is the one I can give myself to.’
An amused smirk played itself across this man’s lips as he held her.

Shishio was fascinated by the play of emotions across this girls face from shock to horror to awe and finally to longing.

“Who are you?”

Tira gulped, his voice was deep rich and powerful, and now that she could actually feel him, she realized this was a dangerous man. Through her contact with him, she could feel the muscles play across his arm and chest, and his grip, dear heaven he was strong.

Tira gulped again, “An assassin named Tira.”

“Tira…” he said her name as though tasting it on his tongue.
He smiled as he looked at her, “if I let you go will you attack me?”

Tira shook her head not trusting her voice at the moment.

He loosened his arm around her and she slid gently to the ground, her eyes still locked on his. Shishio studied the young girl’s eyes, he knew now she was accustomed to dealing out death. Quite apart from personally she could be useful in knowing the surrounding area.

Tira had not moved an inch while the man studied her. While outwardly she appeared calm inwardly she was ecstatic. This man had the red eyes of her new and hoped for master. But what she had heard is that Nightmare was a monster this man was fairly handsome.

Shishio decided it was time to break the silence, “So little one tell me why did you kill those men.”

Tira smiled her eyes lighting up, “because they were weak and foolish and only thought about there own damn lust.”

Shishio chuckled, “good, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. If you hadn’t killed them they would have killed you. That is way of this world.”
Shishio walked over and picked up her weapon walking back to the still kneeling Tira he handed it to her; she looked at him a little bit surprised.

Shishio smiled at her confused look, “by the look of your weapon, it was built for a little longer range than were we are right now,” Shishio paused and cupped her chin with his hand, “so even if you did try and kill me right now, you would be dead before you hit the ground.”

Tira smiled and purred as he caressed her chin, then looking at him said, “Why should I even want to attack you? I know you are stronger than me just by the feel of your arms. Besides,” Tira sat up and placed her weapon at his feet, “why should want to kill my new lord.”

Shishio smiled at the young assassin at his feet, she had the seductive and feline grace of cat when she moved like that. Crouching he took her chin and raised her head so she was looking him in the eye.
“Good, I would have thought it a shame to kill the first real warrior I came across on this continent.”

Standing Shishio sheathed his sword, “Come Tira we must be out of this town by the time the villagers discover your,” he glanced at the mutilated bodies, “handiwork, I would hate to have to butcher an entire town just to fight my way out.”

Tira grinned and grabbing Drossel walked after her new master.

Ch. 2

After gathering a the few belongings Tira had left on the outskirts of the town the two headed to a nearby village that was only a few hours walk. Shishio realized it would be foolish to start killing people while he had only one warrior no matter how skilled she was.

Thinking of her he watched as she skipped happily by his side and wondered what terrible events had happened to make this young and attractive young girl into the terrible killer she hid beneath her cheerful smile.

Tira immediately turned and looked at her new lord, Shishio had stopped and his eyes were closed. “Yes, master.”
Shishio opened his eyes and grinned at her eager manner, “Apparently there are a few so called ninjas nearby thinking to attack us. I would like you to handle them so I may see what flaws if any that you have.”

Tira grinned at the prospect of killing something, fairly soon the two were ambushed by the ninjas.
Their leader said, “We have heard of a female assassin in these parts and judging from your attire that would be you.”
Tira growled, “Leave now before I kill you.”
The leader snorted, “Kill them both.”
One ninja jumped at Shishio but Tira threw one of her belt knives straight into his throat. Then with a shriek of rage she threw herself at the remaining ninjas, they stood no chance.
Shishio watched with careful attention every move and twirl of his young apprentice, he had already decided that she would become his first one, his new right hand. He had glimpsed in her eyes the fanatical devotion uncommon in other warriors. Others would for fight for power, money or glory, but his little one would fight for the pleasure of serving someone stronger than she.
As the last ninja fell Tira whipped her head around to look at her master, Shishio nodded his approval, “Good, I see some things I will need to teach you but overall you were flawless.” As he started to walk away he noticed Tira searching the bodies of the ninjas. He stopped and stared at her in his time robbing bodies was simply something not even he did. Then it clicked, the ninjas obviously had been preying on travelers for a while. Tira was scavenging the gold they had obtained off their bodies.

At last they reached a village and were able to pass off as traveling weapons merchants.
Shishio finished checking the outside of the inn while Tira observed the inside. He relaxed, there was nobody he could sense who would be strong enough to fight them, turning he watched his young pupil. She laid aside her weapons and checked every corner of the room for traps, her purple eyes checking every last shadow.
Shishio sat on the bed but and laid his sword on it, “Tira come sit down there is no one here who can hurt us.”
Tira obeyed immediately and sat down on the floor near him. Shishio smirked, “Tell me about yourself.”
“I was raised by an assassin group called the Birds of Passage; I was trained to kill since I was old enough. I was sent on a mission when the evil seed reigned down, our leaders mind was burned and the entire leadership structure fell to infighting. When I returned there was no one left.”
Tira shrugged, “since then all I have done is keep myself alive by killing.”
Shishio nodded, “Tira I am going to recreate the group of assassins that were once called the Ten Swords,” Shishio looked into Tira’s eyes, “you I will train personally for only you will be able to reach my level. Once that is done and my warriors are assembled I will hunt this Soul Edge and destroy it.”
“Master Soul Edge is said to be the most powerful sword on earth.”
Shishio grimaced, “No Tira I refuse to believe that a sword can give one power, it is the warrior who wields the sword that must be strong. Remember that. While it is true one would be foolish to take on a say an armored knight with a club it is not impossible.”
Tira nodded, she looked as if she wanted to ask him something but held it back, and Shishio caught this and suppressed a slight smile.
“Now is there something you want to know?”
Tira almost blushed, “I-I wanted to ask about you master I don’t even know your name.”
Shishio smiled, “my name is Shishio I lived in Japan until recently.”
The two warriors talked late into the night until they both fell asleep. The servant curled up at the feet of the master. The world slept uneasily that night for it trembled at ominous events that were yet to come.

Shishio woke the next morning and blinked today he would start training his student, he had decided to be his right hand Tira would have to become a lot stronger and faster. With a thought he remembered a similar child that he had trained that had remained loyal to him even though he deserted in the end. A slight purr brought him out of his revelry to the small form that lay next to him. Tira had curled up next to him like a cat and was using his chest as a pillow. He smiled as she slowly began to wake; her arms were around his chest like a child would hug there mother at night.
Tira awoke and looked up into her new lords face his red eyes captivated her. They both eventually broke their gaze and got up, strapping on his sword Shishio headed for the door. “Master where are you going? Will you need my help?”
Shishio turned and smiled at his overly eager student, “I suppose come and bring your weapon.”
Shishio lead them into the forest nearby and into a clearing.
“Now Tira I told you I would make you the strongest of my ten swords, show me what you can do.” Shishio drew his sword, Tira looked at it strangely. “Master are you sure that is your sword, yesterday I could have sworn it was sharper.”
Shishio nodded, “this is a reverse-blade sword so that if I do hit you it won’t cause permanent damage.”
Tira nodded and readied her own weapon, they sparred lightly for awhile so that Shishio could get the feel of her style, he instructed her on a few basics and then took her to a river.
Tira was slightly curious; Shishio explained that this was how he trained his first apprentice, running against the current. He suddenly picked her up and jumped into the middle of the river. Tira waited for the splash that never came. Shishio smiled, “by running against the current the muscles in your legs will grow faster than by ordinary running.”
He suddenly dropped her in the water, Tira came sputtering and found the water came only to her waist she tried to swing at him but he easily backpedaled. Tira tried to run after him but it was slow considering the current.
“Tira if you were faster than an enemy but he chose to fight you here your advantage would be negated, you cannot allow the terrain to immobilize you or give the enemy an advantage.”
Shishio made her run it until he saw her speed pick up. When she reached the bank she collapsed to her knees. Shishio hesitated, ‘if she is strong she’ll make it back to the inn.’ But then he remembered that Soujiro had also collapsed the first time he had had him do this kind of training and Shishio had had someone carry him back to the fortress. Shishio picked Tira up bridal style and began making his way back to the inn.
Tira stirred slightly and said, “Get me out of these wet clothes.”
Shishio looked at his student surprised at her utter lack of modesty, but then he thought when have such things mattered between assassins.
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