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Xena Returns

by Jida 2 reviews

How did Xena return? Read this so you get all of my stories. :)

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Welcome, welcome! I grew up watching Xena on Saturday afternoons. When they closed it, I ended up buying all the seasons, and some other Xena accesories. Two years ago I stumbled upon role play. Then I joined a Xena fourum, now I am staring FanFic. So... I hope you enjoy. :)

In all of my fanfics, Xena has returned. Gabrielle just stumbles upon a weak Xena dragging herself down the road. Gabrielle is too overwhelmed by joy to ask how it happened. When Xena became strong again, Gabrielle asks her what happened. Xena has no idea. They continue on, traveling. They plan to make their way to the Amazon's land. There they hope to look for some answers. Besides finding answers there is also a rumor with the return of Xena, there is also sightings of the Greek Gods.
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