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Lee meets Bunji on the roof for a little payback.

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Lee watched him creep closer out of the corner of his eye. It was lunchtime and to the secretaries in the Magritt Oil high rise, Bunji Kugashira was a rare and unusual sight. The women watched him stroll past with hands in pockets. He idled up next to Lee, close enough for his forehead to touch Lee's shoulder.

'Hey BeBe,'

'What Bunji?'

'You owe me.'

'I owe you for what Bunji?'

Bunji's head shifted left, then right before leaning close to Lee's ear.

'For Friday,'

Lee's face softened.

Friday afternoon saw Lee retreat to his couch after lunch, fighting a migraine, when suddenly Bunji appeared outside his 20th floor window on a cleaner's scaffold. After much struggle he climbed in and Lee sat up wasting no time unzipping Bunji's suit. As he slid the scruffy one piece sky-blue overalls down Bunji's thighs, his oversized cocked bobbed up and down in front of Lee's face. Lee fought back his urge to laugh when he looked up to see Bunji's grinning dumbly.

'Fine,' he sighed. 'What do you want?'

Bunji leaned close, rose up on his toes and whispered in Lee's ear.


'Just like before!' Bunji snapped.

'One of these days the wind will take you,' warned Lee.

'So what,' Bunji said.


'Up on the roof in ten minutes,'

On the roof streams of air lashed Bunji's hair and jacket; he grabbed the bulkhead balance as he peered down at the fog below and the tops of the other skyscrapers. He turned in time to see the roof door behind him come to a close. No one was there.

'Hey Bunji,'

'GAH!' Bunji jumped out of skin when Lee's voice sounded off next to him. 'How do you do that?'

'Eliminate any hint of ones existence.' He said cocky.

'Whatever,' snapped Bunji, 'On your back,'

'This is so juvenile.'

'Shut up.'

Lee kicked off his boots and lay flat on the concrete. Once comfortable enough he brought his knees up to his chest and his hands up, 'Come on Bunji.'

Bunji took off his glasses and shoved them in his coat pocket. With a grin he charged two wide steps, leapt up and landed his taut abdomen square on Lee's large feet. Lee moved quick and grabbed Bunji's wrists, steadying him and when he was sure Kugashira gained control he carefully let go.

Bunji spread his arms wide, arched his back slightly, and kicked his legs apart, tensing them straight as wind gusted into his jacket and against his face. It whipped through his hair and inside his clothes.

'HAHAHA!' Kugashira yelled out.

Lee looked up at him, envious of Kugashira's ability to be free, even if only for a few moments, but Zen balance always bothered Lee so he bent his knee on purpose, bringing Bunji out of his tranquil flight pattern.

'Hey quit!' Bunji shouted with a grin, 'no turbulence ok,' Lee laughed as Bunji adjusted his wing span and quickly balancing back onto a proper flight pattern. After a few moments Bunji looked down and said, 'I want to turn!'

Lee deftly maneuvered his feet on Bunji's sternum and right hip, allowing flight Kugashira to tilt. Bunji, not one limb out of control, was a natural to flying.

'Are we ready to come in for a landing?' Lee finally asked.

'Yeah I guess,' smiled Bunji.

Lee spread his legs out and Bunji dropped into the V, landing on his palms, careful not to knock the wind out of his ground control. Lee's hands moved under Bunji's shirt and slid against cool skin as their tongues probed and pushed at each other. The aroma of Bunji's body, mixed with the tobacco smoke in his hair made Lee drunk with lust.

Bunji whispered, 'You taste so good.'

'Mmmm...' Lee sang into Bunji's mouth.

'I love that-' Bunji said between lip-covered bites against Lee's jaw and neck. 'I like it when you hum and sing when you suck me too.'

'Why do you think they call me Balladbird?'

'No shit-they call you that because you sing when you suck?' Bunji's mouth merged to the skin of his throat, biting down on the flesh.

'Yeah,' he replied, breathless.

'So what's your real name?'

'Lee,' Lee sighed, 'Lee Vulkan.'

'Who named you Balladbird?'

'Hmmm.../my daddy/,'

Bunji tensed, lifting his head up from the crook of Lee's neck. 'Aw shit BeBe why do you do that!' as he grimaced and griped Lee cackled uncontrollably beneath him, 'you always say nasty-weird shit like that!'

'Sorry Bunji,' said Lee, drawing him back down and kissing him hard.

Bunji whispered, 'I like it when you say my name like that. The way you say it, makes me hot. Say my name...'

'Boonji,' Lee purred against his lips.

'Yeah-like that,' Bunji again feasted on the skin of Lee's collar.


Bunji stopped just as he was about to lose all hope keeping his head straight.

'Hey BeBe,'

'What Bunji?'

'One more time...'

Lee pushed air out his nose and shook his head, again he indulged the Madness in another round of airplane.

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