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Return of a Lord

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Completely AU! Lord Voldemort returns after nearly sixteen years absent from the wizarding world with a new apprentice. How will the wizard world cope when there saviour turns out to be there worst...

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Chapter 1- Return of a lord

Little Hangleton was a typical quant little English village, with it’s cosy little cottages and small village shop, the residents of little Hangleton where quite content within there little village glad that they where away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Of course the younger members of the village thought that it was quite possibly the most boring place in the world with it’s lack of shopping centres and sports centres and when ever one of them would complain an older member of the community would retell the story of the riddle murders, it had become some kind of urban myth as the years had gone by, in fact some didn’t even believe it to be true, but it was the whole riddle family turning up dead without a mark on them had stunned the village.

Ever since that night the riddle house had stood empty, like one big eerie reminder of what happened there all those years ago. From the house you could see the graveyard that held generations of little Hangleton residents. The graveyard was big, a sea of headstones dating back to the sixteen hundreds but it was near the big winged angel that sat right in the middle of the cemetery that something out of the ordinary was happening. Below the winged angel, a tribute to the fallen riddle family that had been slain stood a large bubbling black cauldron. Two figures where stood around it one was short a plump and seemed to be whimpering as he stirred the horrible puce coloured liquid that was boiling, the other figure was tall and stood calmly beside the whimpering man with a large bundle of robes in his arms.

“Wormtail” a high, hissing voice wheezed from the arms of the taller figure “the potion is ready” the man, Wormtail, whimpered again before skulking backwards as the other figure walked forward the bundle of robes in his arms moved slightly in the figures arms. The figure raised his arms above his head taking the pile of robes with him before dropping them into the boiling potion.

“Wormtail” the tall figure barked and the hunched man came back out from the shadows holding his wand in his left arm and floating a sickly pale bone out in front of him.

“Bone of father unknowingly given” the man stammered as he dropped the long bone into the cauldron causing it to hiss violently. Wormtail put his wand back in his robes before raising his hand and wielding a knife in the other. “flesh of servant willingly given” he brought the knife down in one swift movement slicing his hand completely from his arm and causing it to fall lifelessly into the cauldron, Wormtail cried out in pain and cradled his right hand or what was left of it. Wormtail scampered around despite the pain he was in and went behind the winged angel as the other figure just watched on casually. Wormtail returned shortly after with a bound women who was being levitated in front of the plump little man. The women looked ill and barely alive but she had her purpose, Wormtail dropped her in front of the cauldron with a thud as she landed on the damp grass. Withdrawing his knife again Wormtail slit her throat and proceeded to dropped the blood that had gathered on the knifes edge into the potion. “Blood of the enemy forcibly taken”, Wormtail jumped over the women’s now lifeless carcass and fell back next to the other figure, the cauldron began to bubble uncontrollably loud thick pops where heard as the potions thick texture bubbled, suddenly the cauldron burst in to flames and disintegrated leaving nothing but the body of a tall, thin pale man stood naked in the middle of the cemetery.

“Robe me” the pale man hissed and immediately the figure who had remained hooded swished his wand and conjured a simple black robe for the naked man. The pale man flexed his fingers in wonder before running them over his face feeling the eyes, snake like silted nostrils and his lips. “Your arm Wormtail” the man asked with a charming voice, Wormtail looked hopeful and extended his bloody handless arm only to have the man hiss angrily “your other arm Wormtail!” Wormtail whimpered and retracted his handless arm and replaced it with his fully functional one, the pale man lifted the tatty robe that covered Wormtail’s arm to expose a black tattoo that seemed burned into the man’s skin, a skull with a snake for a tongue. “My wand” this was directed to the hooded figure who handed the pale man a thin white wand, the pale man wrapped his long bony fingers around the wand almost tenderly before raising it above Wormtail’s arms and touching the tip of his wand to the mans tattoo making Wormtail shriek in pain. Just seconds later a dozen pops echoed throughout the graveyard, suddenly there where a dozen masked figures surrounding the pale man, Wormtail and the hooded figure all dressed in the same uniform.

“Fifteen years” the pale man told the group of the gathered people “fifteen years I have waited and bided my time! But finally the years of research have paid off, Lord Voldemort has returned” Gasps of shock ran through the circle before one man flung himself to his knees before the snake like man who had called himself lord Voldemort and started weeping.

“Milord!” cried a masculine voice of the man who was on the ground “forgive me, please I never deserted our ways”

“Forgive you?” Lord Voldemort hissed mockingly “I want fifteen years of your life before I even contemplate forgiveness Nott!” Nott scrambled backwards as if stung and not wanting to push his luck back into the circular formation. “not one of you searched for me after my downfall, not one! My most loyal followers abandoned me!”

“I remained loyal” a quiet voice said, Voldemort whirled round and confronted Wormtail who flinched when catching Voldemorts eye.

“you remained loyal out fear! Not loyalty” Voldemort raged “but you have proved useful over the years” he flicked his wand casually making a silver hand materialised in replaced off the hand he chopped off. “But there is one, one who has always been loyal” the gathered masked people all looked around silently sizing up which one it could be. Voldemort motioned with his free hand and the hooded figure stepped forward into the circle “I introduce you to the newest member of our ranks, my apprentice Harry Potter”

Silence complete was what followed Lord Voldemorts announcement, the faint thud of one of the masked people collapsing to the ground was all that was heard for a few minutes, each of those gathered where all thinking wildly about how this could of happened. The hooded figure lowered his hood revealing a young man with dull jade green eyes and long black hair, his face was thin and sharp and his eyes indifferent as he looked the circle.

“M…m…milord?” stuttered a rich quite posh voice.

Voldemort chuckled but some how it came across as humourless “Yes, I suppose it is rather a shock to have the savour of the world standing at my side”.

“But milord, everyone thinks him dead” the same posh voiced man asked in awe “how on earth did you get him to join us?”

“Simple Lucius, when I set about to kill little Harry Potter all those years ago it was because of a prophecy that I had been informed about declaring him to be my downfall. I could not let him be my downfall, years of planning and pushing the boundaries of magic for it to be ended by a mere child?” Voldemort seemed to focused intently on the man he had called Lucius now “And what the prophecy had foretold happened and I admit I was foolish to over look the magic invoked with Lily Potters sacrifice. The killing curse I sent at young baby Harry rebounded back upon me and I was ousted from my body, plagued to be nothing but a mere spirit. Luckily for me I was not alone and Wormtail came to investigate what was taking so long…one of his better ideas, and found me a mere spirit looking at the boy that had caused my down fall in wonder. It would of been easy to flee, easy to hide but I decided that a boy with the power to defeat me with no training would be extraordinary once trained. I trained him in everything I knew, and whats more he made the choice to follow me, I didn’t have to force him or bribe him he choose” Voldemort gave a twisted smile “imagine, the only savoir of the light working with me together we will be invincible! I had Wormtail take Harry and we left Britain. We searched the darkest corners of this earth for a way to restore my body and it took us nearly a decade and a half but we found a way and we found it, an ancient ritual that an Albanian dark wizard had created centuries ago. And now I have returned, returned with a powerful second in command and to find that my friends still strive for our cause. Together we shall finished what we started fifteen years ago”.

“We live to serve” a couple of people from the circle told Voldemort.

Voldemort looked around his followers and noticed that there where several gaps in his ranks, something that displeased him greatly.

“We seem to be missing some of us” Voldemort told the group “where are the Carrows?”

“They have left the country” Nott, the man who had begged for forgiveness answered quickly “we have not seen nor heard from them in fifteen years”

“Dolohov?” Voldemort asked

“Azkaban” came the short reply from somebody in the circle.


“Azkaban too”

“The lestranges?”

“Azkaban milord”

“Karkaroff?” this name caused hisses throughout the circle.

“Traitor” raged one man, “cowardly TRAITOR!”

“He gave names to the ministry. It is because of him that Rookwood and Barty crouch jr where caught and placed in Azkaban, he‘s now head of Durmstrang” replied the more reasonable voice of Lucius.

Voldemort growled “calm your self Macnair, his days are numbered don’t worry”

“What about Wilkes?”

“Dead milord, killed by the aurors. Travers too he was killed by mad-eye” replied a previously quiet man.

“I see” Voldemort said “we shall have to fix this, soon I shall have my most loyal servants back amongst us, but first tell me what of Severus?”

“His loyalties are unknown milord. I fear the old fool has changed his beliefs” Lucius answered.

“Dumbledore” Voldemort spat visibly angry at the mention of the Famous wizard “will learn not to interfere in my dealings. Lucius I need to intrude upon your hospitality until I can get riddle manor into a suitable headquarters”

“No problem my lord” Lucius replied.

“I will also need you to make a trip to the ministry as well as gringotts to get Harry full access to his family vault and enrol him in Hogwarts” Voldemort requested as Harry turned to face the masked man.

“My lord, if we activate his gringotts account Dumbledore will know! I am positive the old fool has goblins monitoring the vaults” Lucius informed Voldemort “and I don’t understand how you can enrol him in Hogwarts if people knew him to be Harry potter he would be hid from us and have more security than the minister!”

“Valid points Lucius. I am glad at least some of my Deatheaters retain some intelligence. Goblins are easy to solve, they will do anything for money and I’m sure you can strike a deal with them in favour of letting us have access to his vault. As for Hogwarts, well I have ideas for that but that is for another night” Voldemort explained “and with the help of your children… I trust your children are loyal” The man asked looking around at his gathered followers. Various answered where told to him.

“Yes milord”

“Of course milord”

“Good” Voldemort replied “where was I…oh yes and with the help of your children we will begin to teach a whole new generation of Deatheaters”

Nods of approval went around the circle and shouted there agreement, Voldemort walked over to the lifeless corpse of the witch that had provided his blood…Bertha Jenkins, such a waste she would have been a useful acquisition to his ranks but he had no time for the feeble minded.

“Nagini my pet?” Voldemort hissed in language that only he and Harry understood, another unusual side effect of the failed killing curse was that Harry seemed to have acquired the parselmouth ability that Lord Voldemort had.

“Yes master” A giant green snake replied slithering out from her hiding place behind a tombstone.

“Feast” Voldemort told his familiar who nodded gratefully before going to devoir her meal. “My friends we shall leave now, I will be in touch soon in the mean time keep a low profile, we have a head start on both the ministry and Dumbledore I would be most angered if we wasted it”

The Deatheaters nodded and started to apparate back to there families to tell them of the good news. Voldemort walked towards Lucius with Harry just behind him.

“Are you ready milord” Lucius asked respectfully

“In a minute Lucius” Voldemort replied once more turning his head to Nagini “Nagini when your finished return to the house I shall be by in a couple of days, kill anybody who trespasses” and with that the three wizards apparated away.
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