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Raid on Azkaban

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Chapter three-raid on Azkaban

It had been a week since Harry had returned to Malfoy manor after visiting gringotts and the ministry, himself and Lucius had excepted the punishment that came with displeasing Voldemort fortunately for Harry he received a lighter punishment than Lucius thanks to his years of loyalty, Harry had not seen Mr Malfoy for four days after his punishment and was glad that he had not been on the receiving end of it. Harry had spent the week going over plans with Voldemort for how to effectively use the head start they had been granted, surprisingly Draco Malfoy had proved to be very adapt at strategy and had won favour with the dark lord; Voldemort had been making frequent visits to Riddle manor to get it ready as a headquarters, Nagini was currently guarding the manor until it was in a position for the fidilus charm to be cast over it but for know the main aspect that the dark lord had been concentrating on was Azkaban and how to get him imprisoned followers out of course that had been made difficult by the fact that Harry and Lucius failing to bring back the guard shifts for the month. Luckily Malfoy wasn’t the only person who had access to the ministry it was Christian Parkinson(who’s daughter Pansy Harry had meet the other day) who had managed to get the Azkaban shifts. He had managed to get them when he had been visiting Madam Bones, who was head of the magical law enforcement, she hadn’t been in her office when he had arrived and Christian had taken the chance to do a quick search and luckily for him he was able to make a duplicative copy of the timetable, this allowed Voldemort to pick the day that Azkaban was at it’s weakest and then they would raid.

And so on the fifteenth of August at eleven o’clock Harry found himself gathered in the kitchen of the Malfoy’s along with Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle and the slightly blood thirsty Macnair along with Voldemort himself, all of the gathered deatheaters wearing there masks and robes, Harry had been given special robes to that of the other deatheaters; his robes where black like the others but where finished with silver trim and his mask instead of being the eerie pale creamy colour was a shiny metallic silver. The mask, like the other deatheaters, covered the upper part of his face leaving his mouth free but effectively covering the upper part of his face.

“but why cant I go” whined Draco in a very child like manner

“you are not ready!” Lucius insisted as he attempted to reason with his son.

“I admire your eagerness Draco” the clam voice of the dark lord cut through the room “but your father is right you are not ready for what we will be doing but soon you will have the honour of serving our cause”

Draco seemed to accept this as he walked back to stand beside his mother as the small group of deatheaters rallied behind there leader. Voldemort the only man who wasn’t masked pulled up the hood on his cloak and action mirrored by those present, they may be masked but that wouldn’t do any good if they where caught before even getting to Azkaban.

“Azkaban is located just of the coast of Scotland, apparate to Wick you all know the coordinates” and with that Voldemort apparated away and was shortly followed by Malfoy, Macnair Crabbe, Goyle and last but not least Leo. Harry had always hated apparation ever since Voldemort had taught him when they where staying in the forests of Romania, it literally felt like you where being squeezed to death by a python. Moments Latter the squeezing stopped and Harry opened his eyes, he was stood behind his fellow death eaters, Voldemort stood at the front looking out into the blistering sea. Wick was on the very coastline of eastern Scotland and Azkaban was located ten miles into the north sea. It was raining and the wind battered against them, the black cloaks billowed as they waited for orders.

“Kill all those that appose us” Voldemort hissed before raising his wand and doing a series of flicks and swishes and Harry and the others watched on in awe as Voldemort proceeded to summon the visitors boat that would take them to Azkaban. The boat lifted to the surface, water from the sea spilling out over the edges fish as well jumped from the previously sunken boat. The boat it’s self was small and looked old and I didn’t help that wood the small boat was made off appear to have started to rot. Voldemort stepped into the boat without hesitation and seeing that there leader showed no fear the other soon followed, once everyone was crouched into the boat it started to move on it’s own on the presumed course of Azkaban. It was cramped within the small boat to two massive hulking figures of Crabbe and Goyle where taking up most of the room, Macnairs big metal axe gleamed in the moon light as he rubbed it tenderly, Voldemort was focused his eyes never straying from the spot where he new Azkaban to be.

“Excited” Harry asked Malfoy.

“But of course” Lucius replied “it has been to long since we have had any type of fun”

Harry nodded and looked ahead, they could just make out the outline of the wizarding prison that sat isolated in the middle of the ocean. As they got closer the prison got the thicker the layer of fog that surrounded the prison got, Harry supposed it was a by-product of the dementors . Azkaban was huge, the building it’s self was dark and gloomy looking and looked like it had been carved completely out of rock, Harry could just make out the bars that where attached to the windows, it seems like the place had little light not even a candle flickering could be seen on the island. The sea was constantly bashing against the island and every now and then Leo would see water splash through some of the windows on the lower lever of the prison, they could hardly see as the tiny boat clattered against the hard rock of the famous prison. The group of wizards clambered out of boat and there feet touched the sea soaked rock that led to the big black doors that held Azkaban prison inside.

“There are only two human guards on patrol tonight kill them!” Voldemort hiss menacingly “be careful of the dementors they are not on our side at this moment in time” Voldemort told them.

Voldemort took out his wand and started work on the wards that surrounded the impressive doors that where currently the only thing that stood between them and liberating there allies. If there was one thing that Harry could never get the hang of it was wards, Harry knew enough to erect basic wards and was able to tear down basic ones but was not able to do anything near what Voldemort had tried to teach him. Harry waited anxiously as his mentor worked to bring down the wards, fingering his wand anxiously the cold metal mask becoming sweaty in anticipation, the wards began to shimmer as they weakened Harry could see the sweat beginning to form on his mentors pale white forehead as he completely destroyed the wards that where denying them access.

“Crabbe…Goyle open the doors” Voldemort hissed as he regained his breath, the two bulky figures of Crabbe and Goyle almost ran to the doors and reached them open using the considerable size and strength to pull the door open leaving Azkaban at the mercy of the deatheaters. “Take care of the guards!” Voldemort shouted as Harry and the others ran into Azkaban. The doors led to a courtyard like place, the cells that held the prisoners lined the sides of the prison leaving the middle unoccupied and empty all except a small little bungalow like building on the far side that Harry presumed housed the guards on duty, Harry could see that there entrance had gathered the attention of the prisoners that where on the ground floor and closest to the doors, there anguished faces peering hopefully through the bars. Harry pulled down his hood clearly showing his metallic mask, raising his wand he shouted in a very dark angry voice.

“ACCIO GUARD!” across the courtyard the sound of shattering glass echoed through the prison effectively catching everyone’s attention including the other guard that was on the third floor of prison cells, Harry took some pleasure at being able to see the horror on the mans face as he saw his colleague fly across the courtroom and land ten feet away from the group of wizards with a sickening crunch. Macnair was heading off to cut the other guard off swinging his axe wildly and cackling in a deranged manor, Harry walked over to the crumpled form of the guard, the figure was bloody probably from where he went through the glass of his little hut it was hard to see what he looked like there was that much blood, the mans arm was bent at an unnatural angle and Harry could see several teeth laying scattered around on the hard unforgiving ground. The man groaned and began to try to pull himself up, blood was pouring out of his mouth and from his head.

“Mercy…Please” the man begged meekly. Harry watched as Lucius opened a cell to his right and pulled a tall gaunt looking man out of his cell.

“Why should I have mercy when you showed non to my allies” Harry asked tilting his head.

“please” he begged again as he scrambled along the viscous rock floor in an attempt to get away from Harry. A scream erupted from the second floor of cells on the left hand side of the prison, Harry looked up to see the other guard that Macnair had gone after with Walden’s trademark axe embedded in his leg.

Harry looked back at the guard that he was stalking dispassionately, the man was now on his back clearly displaying his battered face and bloody chest the bone in his arm sticking out in an awkward angle.

“whats your name?” Harry asked mildly

“Daw…Dawlish” Gasped the man his course voice from obvious pain.

“well Dawlish you shall be for ever remembered as the first casualty in Lord Voldemorts upraising” Harry informed the man in a chillingly calm voice. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Harry shouted, his voice was cold and dripping with malice the bright green spell rushed from Harry’s wand and hit the maimed of Dawlish and the already dying man was dead in an instant.

“Dementors” Shouted somebody from one of the cells, Harry looked up from his kill to see maybe twenty or so dementors floating in through the roof, clearly the dementors of Azkaban didn’t live in the prison but only helped guard it and keep the prisoners subdued. Harry backed up a little bit, looking around Lucius was still helping the gaunt looking man and Macnair was having fun with the remaining guard, Crabbe and Goyle where helping to men out of there cells so it was only Harry left on the first floor. The dementors soon noticed that there where intruders within there prison and this seemed to spur them on as they swooped down towards the Deatheaters, not wasting any time Harry raised his wand and shouted “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” thinking about the moment he had been introduced as his lords apprentice a large silver serpent slithered out of wand and went straight for the dementors. Some of the dementors fled at the sight of the Patronus but Harry Snake wasn’t strong enough to fend them all off and casting the Patronus was more of a mistake than a blessing as it seemed that the dementors that had been going for prisoners had now turned there attention to him. As the dementors got closer Harry’s mind fogged and he found himself reliving his worst memories; he saw himself being punished by Voldemort because he didn’t get enough herbs for a potion, he saw Wormtail putting him under the curciartus curse for failing the animagius transformation, he saw himself running from a bear in Romania that had decided he’d make a good meal.

“expecto patronum!” a high voice hissed, Harry’s mind began to become clear once more until the memories where once again suppressed behind his shields, looking behind him relief washed over him as he saw Lord Voldemort stood just inside the gates of Azkaban, his wand raised high and the dementors fled as the Basilisk chased them out of the castle.

Whispers where echoing around Azkaban at the sudden appearance of the supposedly dead dark lord. “where is bellatrix?” his voice alone silenced the prison.

“m…master?” an uncertain voice asked from the second tier of the prison, Voldemort turned his head in the direction of the voice, a smile graced his lips.

“Malfoy” Voldemort snapped “get Bella, Harry help Dolohov” Harry looked over at Malfoy who had leant Dolohov against the rough wall as he ran off to get his sister in law.

“MILORD” shouted another voice this time from the bottom floor, Harry turned his head as he walked over to dolohov to see a elderly looking man with greying hair and a hollow face screaming through the bars.

“Rookwood” Voldemort said passively as he walked towards the man, who whimpered an backed away. “I find myself in a dilemma with what to do with you, you are no longer in a position of use”

“Milord I beg, please I was loyal please” the man snivelled. Harry had managed to support his weakened comrade and was now walking slowly towards the exit where who he presumed the lestrange brothers leaning against the wall. Dolohov was heavier then Harry even with being imprisoned for fifteen years but Harry managed to support his weight before turning his attention back to lord Voldemort. Voldemort was looking at Rookwood in obvious thought clearly deciding if it was worth rescuing him.

“you are lucky you proved useful last time because had you not I’d of left you to the dementors” Voldemort hissed and the man wept in joy at being released, the bars that locked him into his cell creaked backwards and Rookwood flung himself at Voldemorts feet. “get up Rookwood we haven’t got time to waste” the man slowly got up and walked several paces behind Voldemort as he returned to where Harry and the other Deatheaters where waiting, Harry could see malfoy carrying a women in a bridal like fashion as she lay limply in his arms as he ran across the court yard back to his master and allies.

“welcome back my faithful” Voldemort greeted at his weak but loyal followers.

“save me”

“I’m loyal”

“I’ll serve you”

Where several shouts that came from still imprisoned men and women, desperately trying to get out of this god forsaken prison, the dementors had flied although weather tha be because of the basilisk Patronus or because of the sudden appearance of the former master.

Voldemort turned and surveyed the prison, the people inside it where clearly desperate but not loyal. Harry watched as his mentor turned towards them and hissed quietly “Burn this place to the ground” he walked past them shortly followed by the newly released prisoners leaving Harry and the five original deatheaters.

The five deatheaters that had come to Azkaban originally ran manically around the now defenceless Azkaban , Azkaban would be hard to burn due to it being rock but thankfully Malfoy wasn’t as stupid as Crabbe and Goyle who had promptly started trying to set fire to the walls of Azkaban, Lucius conjured hundreds of pillows (not in one go but one after the other in rapid succession) and promptly set them alight making the prison fill with smoke, by now the prisoners seemed to have figured out what they where doing and where now desperately trying to escape from the cells. The lighted pillows seemed to spread the fire and the plant life that had randomly sprouted up in the prison had now caught fire. The prison was rapidly going up in flames, Harry had set fire to several of the wooden beds in prisoners cells to help the fire along and then Harry heard a shout from Macnair who was stood near the entrance.

“come here! Quickly” this caught everyone’s attention as did the insane gleam of joy in his eyes. Harry quickly made his way over to the axe wielding maniac as did the others it was then that Macnair shouted.

“BENCINA” liquid shot out of Macnairs wand and landed on the flames and it made the flames erupt skywards, Bencina…the incarnation to conjure petrol, Harry had to admit it that it was a stoke of genius on Macnairs part. The group started to conjure petrol and the fire was spreading rapidly through the prison as they conjured litres and litres of petrol that practically covered the prison. It was when the heat became unbearable that the five that had just set fire to the wizarding worlds most secure prison ran for the exit leaving nothing but the screams of the inmates.

As Harry ran down the sea soaked rock he saw that the boat was empty and the newly escaped deatheaters nowhere in sight. The heat from the burning prison was unbearable a small pang of guilt washed over him but he promptly squashed it.

“Back to Malfoy Manor!” Lucius shouted over the roaring flames that had now completely swallowed the prison. Harry apparated without hesitation to the Malfoy’s apparition point in there out house. Harry walked through from the apparation point to the kitchen where he found everybody gatherer, Narcissa was hugging the women he knew was Bellatrix, the gaunt looking Dolohov was sitting in a chair at the table looking sleepy and the Lestrange brothers where bowing to the master.

“I trust everything went well?” Voldemort asked when he saw Harry walk through the door of the kitchen.

“Azkaban has been destroyed” Harry confirmed.

“You have pleased me greatly Harry” Voldemort praised him and Harry gave him a nod of the head.

“Master” Bellatrix whimpered, he head now looking at the Dark lord whilst she was still in the embrace of her sister “who is he?” she asked breaking away from Narcissa and pointing to Harry.

“This Bella is the person who will ensure our victory” Voldemort said tenderly as he stroked the side of her face.

“Who?” Bella asked quizzically looking at Narcissa.

Narcissa grinned with excitement “he is our Lords apprentice” Narcissa exclaimed , Harry was watching Bellatrix intently; this was the women his mentor had spoke about so highly, his most loyal servant the most fierce of his Deatheaters. A women who wouldn’t think twice about cursing you straight to hell and killing your family.

“He is responsible for bringing our lord back, he has been trained by the dark lord ever since he was one!” Narcissa told her sister who now was looking at Harry with a mixture gratefulness and doubt.

“But who is he?” she asked as if she didn’t think he could hear her.

“Harry Potter” Harry replied evenly, seeing all the eyes from the recently broken out Deatheaters flick to him. The reaction was immediate the deatheaters they had rescued from Azkaban all gasped and looked at the dark lord all except Bellatrix who growled like an animal and launched herself towards Harry. Luckily due to her weakened state of health she didn’t weigh much and wasn’t exactly strong so Harry managed to catch her, she was failing about like a mad women…which he supposed she was so making sure she didn’t do much damage he put her small frame into a fireman’s carry she proceed to beat his back whilst he legs kicked into the air. Harry walked with the mad women over his shoulder to the lestranges brothers and dumped Bellatrix unceremoniously at there feet.

“I suggest that you keep your wife under better control because next time she attacks me I wont be gentle” Harry hissed, he could see that Rodolphus, Bellatrix’s husband was struggling not to attack him and Harry suspected the only reason he hadn’t done so was due to his lack of wand. “I’m going to bed” he announced and being it the early hours of the morning Harry was knackered and began to walk back to the room he was staying in, thoughts on what they had achieved at Azkaban tonight.
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