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Seven Heavenly Virtues

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Sequel to Seven Deadly Sins. Read that one first

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Kindness (satisfaction, opposes Envy) —
Giving, compassion, friendship, and sympathy without prejudice
Brendon walked casually down the empty hallway of the hotel as he wiped the dried blood from his nose, wincing in the process. It wasn't broken but it was going to leave a bruise none-the-less. He wiped the excess blood off and onto his black pleated slacks. He just couldn't believe what had just happen so he decided to walk back to his room and give Pete and Patrick time alone to talk. Brendon continued on his way and passed by an open door on the second floor.
“Mr. Urie?” a female poked her head out of the door. It was Karen, Panic's personal assistant.
Brendon stopped dead in his tracks and turned around.
“Yes, Karen?” he said bleakly.
She gasped and held her mouth. “What happened to your nose?”
“It's a long story, trust me.”
Karen nodded, not saying a word.
“What was it that you wanted?” Brendon asked exhausted.
“Oh. It's nothing really Mr. Urie.”
“It's fine... and call me Brendon.”
“Alright Mr. Urie. I mean Brendon.” she laughed hesitantly before she slid the door open more. “My nieces decided to spend their job shadowing project for their class with me in hopes that they might meet you or one of the other guys.” the door practically flew open at the mentioning of her words. A set of blond twins giggled in anticipation as they stood before Brendon.
“Brendon, these are my nieces Jaime and Jordan. They absolutely adore you.”
Brendon grinned. “It's a pleasure to meet you ladies.” he said with a bow.
They squealed and blushed right before his eyes. He guessed that he must really have that effect on giddy school girls.
“Can we have your autograph, Brendon?” one of them blurted out.
“Of course. Anything for my adoring fans.” he said as he took their notebook from them; signing it and giving it back to them along with the pen.
“Thank you, Brendon.” Karen said. “What do you say girls?”
“Thank you, Brendon.”
“You are most welcome but I must go now so you ladies have a good time with your Aunt Karen. She's a great lady and a hard worker.”
They giggled and ran back inside of the room as Brendon began to walk off.
“Hey Brendon.” one of them called as she ran back to the door.
He turned around.
“You forgot your Sharpie.”
“It's okay. You can keep it. You'll need it for everyone else to sign your notebook as well.”
She smiled and ran back to join her sister. Brendon smirked and headed back to his room. At least someone was nice enough to him today.

Chastity (purity opposes Gluttony) —
state of purity of the mind and body
Ryan watched as Brendon left the room holding his nose, trying to stop the flow of blood. Ryan looked away from Brendon and looked at Spencer. "Where do you think he's going?" he asked Spencer wonderingly.

Spencer looked at Ryan for a minute wondering why Ryan had his hand on his knee.
"Well, he could be just getting himself cleaned up or whatever." Spencer replied as he removed Ryan’s hand from his knee as Andy came up to them.
"Hey guys want to go to the bar and get a drink?" Andy asked getting out of his seat. Spencer nodded getting up as well. "Ryan, how about it?"
"I don't drink, Andy." Ryan said not moving from his seat.
"Ah, Come on Ry just one." said Joe coming from behind Spencer making Spencer jump.
Ryan stood up getting irritated. "I DON'T DRINK!" he exclaimed. Ryan turned and walked away past two girls that were headed toward the door Brendon went through earlier.

"What was that all about?" Joe asked looking confused as Jon came up to join them. "Ryan doesn't drink for a reason." Jon stated. "Why not?" asked Andy.
Jon looked at Spencer for a minute then turned back to Andy and Joe. “His father was an alcoholic. Ryan was close to his dad when he past away. That’s why he doesn't drink." Said Jon.
Everyone around Jon was quiet for a minute, until Jon spoke again this time only to Spencer. “Spencer, go follow Ryan.”

Liberality (will, generosity, opposes Greed) —
Generosity. Willingness to give.

Brendon and Jon headed to the mall when everything had settled down for a moment. Jon had told Brendon about Ryan storming off and figured that Brendon needed some form of company from someone in this time of chaos. It was December and everything in the mall was decorated for the season and its holidays.
Brendon and Jon wore Santa hats in red and green; their body guards around them as they browsed around at the open shops.
After an hour, Jon spoke up.
“What are we here for again, Brendon?”
“Because I needed company and I’m stressed. I shop when I’m stressed.”
“Obviously.” Jon answered and continued to walk beside his band mate carrying half the bags full of items Brendon had bought.
“Is most of this for Pete?”
“Funny but no. I just felt like going out without being in an environment where I get busted in the nose.”
“You know it wasn’t your fault, Bren. You didn’t know Patrick had felt that way.”
“True. It still hurt my feelings that he couldn’t just talk to me about it though.”
Jon shrugged.

They rode down the escalator to the first floor discussing further.

“You know Jon; I’m not going to let Patrick get me down. He’s just going to have to move on with his feelings. I’m not really forgiving him but he’s just going to have to suck it up you know.”
Jon nodded.
“I’m just going to pretty much just forget about him for a while.”
“Whatever you do, Bren, I just want to remain friends with Patrick.”
“Whatever floats your boat.”

As they stepped off, Brendon saw a little girl in the Build A Bear store, filling a small, brown bear with stuffing and a heart. Brendon smiled for the first time in hours. This girl had no other care in the world than taking a stuffed animal home and giving it love. He wanted to feel this way. This was the season of spreading good will towards men right?

“I think I’ve had enough shopping today, Jon.”

Jon did a double take.

“Good Lord, Brendon. You just scared this shit out of me by saying that.”

Brendon gave him a ‘shut up’ grin.

“Really though. I just want to get my stuff back to the hotel and wrap all of it to be sent out.”

Jon shrugged once again as they continued towards the exit doors, their body guards hot on their feet.

The automatic door opened and the sound of a familiar bell began to ring in their ears.

It’s the person you always see this time of year. The Salvation Army greeter.

She looked pretty warm in her fluffy, pink coat despite the crisp, coldness of the winter air. She continued to ring the bell as Brendon approached her. Her back was facing towards Brendon and Jon. The guards started to go after Brendon but after seeing that it would only take a second, they stayed with Jon.

Brendon stood before the faded red, metal bucket. He pulled out his wallet and counted out $500 dollars in 100’s. Placing the wallet back in his pocket, he folded the money up and stuck it in the slit in the top of the bucket. It fit precisely in the little hole; the woman still not looking. Brendon smirked and walked off with Jon and the others.

As Brendon and Jon got about ten feet away, the greeter turned around and unwrapped the money. Seeing the amount, she clasped the money to her chest and looked around for the generous person. Brendon turned and waved at the woman; Jon taking notice of the situation asked: “What are you so happy about?”
Brendon smiled and said: “The kids need it more than I do.”

Abstinence (self-control, opposes Lust) —
act or practice of refraining from indulging sexual relations
Joe sat at the bar sipping on his drink thinking about had happened earlier with Brendon and Patrick. He sort of knew that Pat had a thing for Pete, since he had been watching them both. Yet he didn't know if it were true until the confrontation with Brendon had happened. He took another sip when Ryan came to mind. He never really knew that Ryan's Father was an alcoholic, though he he did know they were close. As he took another drink Andy came up to him, saying “Hey you left pretty quick after what Jon said about Ryan you okay?”
“Yea, just thinking about what all has happened today.” Joe said fiddling with his napkin.
“Yeah, I never really knew that Pat really felt that way toward Pete.” Andy said taking a seat next to Joe his back to the bar.
“Actually I kind of knew.” Joe said looking at Andy seriously.
“What?! How long have you known?” Andy asked surprised.
“Not long really, just a couple months. Most of the time I just catch Pat staring at him, or brush up against him. I never really cornered Pat and asked him about it either, I just took a wild guess.” Joe answered shrugging his shoulders.
“Well, your wild guess was dead on.” Andy said smiling.
Joe smiled back. “Yeah, talk about surprising.”
Andy looked away and saw Jon and Brendon come back into the hotel carrying what seemed like a billion bags. “Hey Joe.”
“Yeah” Joe asked as he took another sip of his drink.
“Jon's Back with Brendon.” Andy said smiling knowingly.
Joe turn to see that Andy was right. He smiled to himself knowing that Jon will make his way over to him soon. Andy started to laughing. “What the fuck are you laughing about?”
Andy calmed down enough to say, “Nothing, I just think its cute that you and Jon are together and no one really knows about it.”
“Well sorry for wanting to keep my relationship with Jon to be private, I don't if Pete wants everyone to know who it is that he is with, But Jon and I are perfectly fine with keeping what we have a secret.” Joe said standing up for himself and Jon.
“Do any of the guys know about you and Jon, besides me?” Andy asked seriously.
Joe thought for a minute thinking of who else would know and came up with a blank. “Can't think of anyone at the moment.”
“Have you done it yet?” Andy asked getting curious.
“Wow way to be forward Andy!” Joe said wishing the conversation would stop there.
“How does Jon feel about it?” Andy pressed wanting Joe to be truthful with him.
Joe put his face in his hands and sighed deeply. Joe knew the answer to it before he even thought about it. He knew he wanted to take it further with Jon but knew that their relationship had just started about two months ago today. He didn't want to rush into things but he wanted to so bad be intimate with Jon. But they already a talk about wanting to take things slow so he restrained himself and was content to just make out with him and/or cuddle. “He wants to take it slow so that what we're doing.” as he looked at Andy, he saw Jon come up to them.
“Hey Andy.” Jon said as past him and came up to Joe. “Hey beautiful.”
Joe smile and kiss Jon sweetly. “Hey have fun at the mall with Brendon?” he asked when he pulled away.
Jon grunted.”That's an understatement, if I ever heard one.”

Diligence (ethics, opposes Sloth) —
Pete lounged on the sofa in his room. Not wanting to be anywhere near Patrick, Brendon or the others. He knew he loved Brendon but with the news of Patrick being in love with him surprised him a lot. Pete strummed his bass thinking of the day's events. A knock came at the door. Pete put down his bass and slowly made his way to the door. His hand on the knob he called out. “Who's there?”
“It's Ryan.” Ryan answered. Pete opened the door to let him and then shut and locked the door.
“Hey man, you okay?” Ryan asked putting down his lyric book and a few pens on the coffee table. Pete grumbled something unintelligible as he grabbed his bass and started to play again. Ryan watched as Pete played a key that sounded familiar but not at all. “You know what I hate is the fact the he had the guts to go and ruin my happy day and yet I feel very confused right now. I mean I am completely in love with Brendon and now Pat had to say that he is in love with me?” Pete said as he finished the chord. He put the bass down and looked at Ryan. “What?”
“Nothing, just wondering if you're okay.” Ryan said sitting down beside Pete.
“I'll be fine, but I can't really think right now. Both are just swimming in my head and it's just so much to take in. Maybe if we work I can get my mind off of both of them.”
“Yeah, maybe. Lets start.” Ryan said grabbing his notebook and opening to a page he had folded over.
Pete and Ryan started coming up with new ideas for at least two new songs. Pete felt that if he wrote down his feeling for both Brendon and Pat he might just feel better. Writing out his feelings made him feel better anyway so that's what he did. After about two hours of finding the right words for both songs. Pete and Ryan finished their rough draft of two new songs.

Humility (modesty, opposes Pride) —
Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self.

Andy twirled one drumstick between his fingers before landing them back down on the drum set. His foot repeatedly tapping the kick drum. Patrick stopped singing as he turned to look toward Pete.
“I don't think that vocal sounds right. You think I should raise it a octave higher?” he asked.
Andy stopped what he was doing and wiped the sweat from his brow; his drumsticks rested in one hand.
“I think it sounds good the way it is.”
“You really think so?”
“I hear you repeat it over and over again. I think I know what would sound best.”
“I agree with Andy. It sounds great.” Pete added. Joe nodded.
“Alright then.”

They continued to play the song from the beginning; stopping every once in a while to discuss their plans for the rest of the song list.

“Alright guys, I think everything sounds really good. I think we're ready to start recording these.” Patrick said excitedly. “You did an awesome job on your solo, Andy.”
“Nah.” I answered “If it wasn't for your singing, Pete's bass work, and Joe's guitar we wouldn't be in the places we are today.”
“Don't say that, Andy.” Joe said “We're all in this together and you are just as important as the rest of us.”
“I guess you're right but I'll think what I want to believe.” I joked.
The rest of the guys formed a circle around me.
“You know what? Let's make a pact that we're all going to stay a group until we all die.” Pete smiled.
“Totally.” Patrick placed his arm of Joe's shoulder.
“I think we all know what to do.” Pete spoke as he put his hand out in front of me.
The rest of us did the same, one hand right on top of each other.
“On three.” I said. “One, two, three.”
“We're in this together.” We said simultaneously.

Patience (peace, opposes Wrath) — Pete - shared
Resolving conflicts peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive; to show mercy to sinners.
Pete waited patiently on his hotel room bed for Patrick to come up as he had asked. He flipped open his phone to check the time. Patrick was 20 minutes late. He tapped his foot nervously on the floor. He knew he had to get this settled without hurting Patrick or Brendon's feelings. He loved Brendon, this was true and he didn't want that to change but he didn't want his friendship with Patrick to end either. That would definitely cause the band to break up and no one wanted that to happen.

There was a knock at the door.
“Come in.” his voice a little shaky; unknowing what to say exactly.
Patrick walked in slowly shutting the door behind him.
“Hi.” Patrick said quietly as he sat down next to Pete.
“Hey.” Pete said back. “I really don't want to hurt your feelings but I really do love Brendon and you have to see that.”
“ I know that, but seeing you with him hurt. I knew you loved him and I didn't know why. I just thought that since we lived in such close quarters you would grow to love me the way I love you. Seeing you watch Brendon just cut me deep. I shouldn't have done what I did. I never knew I could be that jealous of Brendon.” said Patrick looking down at his hands in his lap.
Pete shook his head, closing his eyes. “Patrick...” he sighed “When someone is around like that it makes it feel like a sibling kind of thing. It does to me anyway.” Pete opened his eyes again, searching for any kinda of reason in Patrick's eyes.
“You just don't understand how hard it is. I watched you google all over Brendon since the day you met him. It absolutely drives me insane.” He held Pete's hand in his. “You have to see how much you hurt me before you can move on with your life with Brendon.” he moved his hand to Pete's face; removing the hair that covered his face before putting it back into his lap . “I've always cared for you, I've always supported you when you asked approval to do something, and I've always loved you no matter what you did. I'm just asking you to look inside and see what you really want. If you choose me, I'll be thrilled and if you choose Brendon, my heart will still hurt but it will heal and I'll get over it. It won't change anything about us or the band. I'll always be here for you whenever you need me and that's all I can offer.”

Patrick smiled weakly before getting up and walking out the door.
Pete raised his hand up toward his face, wiping away the tears spilling from his eyes.

“Goddammit Pat, why did you have to say that.” Pete said mostly to himself. “Why did he of all people have to say that? Now I'm totally confused does he want me to choose between him and Brendon now? He knows I'll go for Brendon. Pat must have said that to make me feel guilty.”
Pete got up and went to the bathroom and turned on the cool water. He cupped his hands together and splashed water on his face. Pete looked in the mirror at his puffy eyes. He hated feeling like he was stuck in the middle, he just wanted to live his life with Brendon. The more he thought about it the more he knew that all he wanted was Brendon.
Pete went back into the room and got his cell from the nightstand. Pete thought for a moment, all he wanted to do was spend sometime with Brendon. Maybe they should go see a movie or something. Pete texted Brendon:
:you want to get out and see a movie? Just the two of us?:
:I'll see you in ten minutes downstairs then?:

Pete and Brendon went out as planned and all that could be said was that Pete was even more in love with Brendon though he did still need to give Patrick his answer. This time he went to Patrick. He walked the 10 blocks from the theater to Patrick's apartment; admiring the newly fallen snow on the trees. He zipped his jacket all the way up and put his hood over his head, braving the freezing temperature. Pete walked up the staircase and knocked on Patrick's door.

“Pat, I've made my decision. It wasn't easy but I just wanted to tell you...”

3 months later

The guys were in Chicago after a show. Pete ran up to Patrick and jumped on his back. “Glad to see you're happy, Pete.”
“Couldn't be happier Patty, couldn't be happier.” Patrick chuckled as he carried Pete around piggyback style.
Just then Pete's phone rang in his pocket.
“Sorry Patty, I gotta get that.”
He hopped down and answered his phone.
“Oh hey! Yeah, I'm great. Yeah, we just finished the show. Uh huh. You still working on that album? Good. Can't wait to hear it. Love you too baby. Bye.
He walked over to Patrick. “So where were we?”
“I was giving you a piggyback.”
“Right, right.” Pete hopped back on his back as they walked outside and onto the tour bus.
“You know you're my best friend, Patty?”
“I know Pete. I know.”
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