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The blind harpist

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A one act Play I wrote for an english assignment about a blind man who plays the harp in ancient Greece.. I really liked it so I decided to post it. Hope you enjoy!

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One Act Play

The scene: Greece
Characters in the play
Lucico- Young blind man who plays the lap harp by Ellena’s shop
Ellena Lavira-Shop owner, wife to Kirlou and a mother figure to Lucico
Kirlou Lavira- Old seaman with half a face, husband of Ellena, father figure to Lucico
King Antoni- The young king of Greece, friend of Lucico
Lodovico-Merchant from Florence, brother to Domino
Domino-Merchant from Florence, brother to Lodovico
Officers-officers who arrest the merchants
Hangman- Man who hangs the merchant brothers from Florence
Citizens- Everyday people of Greece

Act 1; scene 1

Greece. Shop square
The buzzing in the air began about seven in the morning; it continued to rise to an inexorable noise as people moved about the little shop square on the edge of town off the coast of Greece. People opened shops and rolled their primitive little carts across the old loose cobble stones dirtying the hems of their gowns and togas as the sun began to rise. Off in the distance an unstable clacking of a walking stick is heard. A young blind man in worn rags is making his way to the corner of Ellena levira’s shop to play his lap harp as he does each day to earn what money he can. As Ellena’s husband Kirlou the seaman walks off to the docks, he passes the young man. The seaman Kirlou had lost half his face serving his country and knew the pain of living with a disability, because of this he liked to think of the young man, Lucico as his son.

Kirlou. [To Lucico] Hello there my boy! Hollers with joy This be a fine morning to go sailing or playing music don’t you think?
Ellena. Leave the boy alone Kirlou, he comes to play music not hold idle conversations. [Goes to Lucico to carry his harp for him and helps him take a seat by the doorstep] Come young man and play a joyous tune for me and my customers, Gods know we need your blesséd music.
Kirlou. [From far away] Aye wife, I recon he could do with some talk though, but no worries I must be off. [Sets off to work his ships]
[Lucico Prepares to play
Ellena. Now come Lucico, sit and relax a bit before you play. I have some sugar cakes if you would like one.
[Lucico attempts to give her money.
No, no, I will not take any payment. Take it as a gift in return for your company. [She shuffles around in her shop as Lucico eats his treat]
Lucico. [Carefully eats his pastry then licking his fingers strums a few notes on the harp strings] Ellena, may I play now, I have finished my snack?
Ellena. Very well Lucico, play your heart out, Gods know I appreciate the customers you bring in.
Lucico. [Begins to play] ♪♫♪♫♪♪♪♫♫♪__________
[Antoni; the young king enters the square
Antoni. Ah, Lucico you play once more, I don’t know what I would do if you were to stop. [Says as he approaches]
Lucico. Thank you young King, your compliments make it all worthwhile.
[Blushes humbly]
Antoni. Toni, it’s Toni. [Tosses coins into the tin next to him] I truly love your music, one day if you would permit me, I would have you play in my courts.
Lucico. Much appreciated my Lord Toni, but I play for the people and myself. Though my Lord if you truly wish it I would oblige myself to play for you.
Antoni. Thank you so very much Lucico! I still find it hard to believe a blind man can play so well and better than anyone else I ever heard, even with their two eyes intact and functioning well! You are truly blessed!
Lucico. Blessed no, the gods simply switched my sight skills for music skills. [Gives a harsh laugh] Unfortunately eyes would probably pay better.
Antoni. Well other jobs might pay better, but you don’t enjoy your work as much or really have a natural skill with them. [Gives him a sympathetic smile even though he can’t see it.]
Lucico. Yes, I suppose so. [Sighs]
Antoni. Well as much as I hate to say so, I must be going. Good day Lucico!
Lucico. Good day to you too young king! [Hollers back in his supposed general direction, and continues to play until noon]

Scene Two
It is a warm day with a slight sea breeze. Lucico remains seated playing his harp, as two intoxicated merchant brothers, Lodovico and Domino chance to pass him. Seeing the blind man still alive and playing a harp angers them. They believed that people with disabilities should be beaten and killed. They advance on the innocent Lucico.

Lodovico. Hahahaha, stupid sightless dunce, I bet when you were born your mother died of fright. Hey dolt, tell me what color the sky is. - So sorry, how inconsiderate of me, you don’t know!!!! [More laughter
Domino. Blind fool, tell me how do you see the strings you pluck? Oh my bad, you can’t see! Silly bastard! [Laughs even more]
Lucico. True, I may not see the strings but I can hear them just as I hear you. Oh and I have been told the sky is blue.
Lodovico. [Snorts] Oh is that what they say. - Well guess what, the sky is blue here. In my city, Florence the sky is gold, because we are so much better there, we would have killed you along time ago, you ugly mutated mongoloid, you disgrace to the Gods!
[Ellena comes to intervene with the dispute]
Ellena. You scoundrels better shoo before I make you! Shame for speaking to him like that, he a poor disabled man, and he, just like anyone else is a child of the Gods! Just who do you think you are!
Lodovico/Domino. We are the great Lodovico and Domino, the merchant brothers of Florence! [Grin foolishly]
You old wench, have no right to speak to the likes of us! And you blind ass, better learn how to fight for yourself!
[Brothers wander off to find trouble]

Scene Three
Many people come and go from the shop, always giving loose change to Lucico. Around five in the after noon he gets up to leave.

Lucico. Bye Ellena, say bye to Kirlou for me when he gets home.
Ellena. All right Lucico you be careful now. You know how much you mean to us so try not to get hurt.
Lucico. I’ll be fine, no one wants to hurt a blind man. [Shrugged off an uneasy feeling]
Ellena. If you say so, but they might attack a blind man with money. Good-bye [calls after him nervously]
Lucico. [Gathers his harp in his left arm and his cane in his right, and proceeds from the shop down a small alley that goes strait to his house]

Scene Four
It is rather dark and one of the grimiest places in the whole town. Things lay strewn all across the path causing Lucico to stumble repeatedly. He stumbles again and suddenly stops, he hears voices and laughter, angry crude laughter and someone walking towards him!
Lucico. Whoever you are, please identify yourself! Hey, who are you? Wait wahhh, stop, hey don’t do that! [Yells angrily as he is grabbed and hit repeatedly before being knocked to the ground] If you want money just take it, but please leave me alone!
Lodovico/Domino. Hey blind fool, you remember us, well guess what? We are going to do your county a favor and rid it of you! Are you scared little ass? You had better be! [Laugh menacingly]

Scene Five
Suddenly Lucico is lifted in the air and a sack is secured around his head, the brothers carry him through the alley to the docks where they prepare to launch him through the air and into the ocean.

Kirlou. Stop!!!!!! You bastards better place him down on solid ground and take that sack of or I’ll run you through with my saber! You dirty little duo of scrawny varmint filled shit bags, how dare you treat him so! If you have caused him any severe pains you will pay for it ten fold!!!!
Run Lucico and go home, best you don’t stay here to long. [Said as soon as he is released]
Lucico goes quickly with a very uneasy clackity clack from his stick, not even bothering to go back to the alley for his harp he goes to Antoni. Officers are sent to the docks to arrest the merchants.

(In the mean time)
Lodovico/Domino. Die you old monster; I’ll take the pleasure of taking the other half of your face! Hah! [Yelled as they dart forward with daggers drawn simultaneously]
Kirlou. Scoundrels can’t take me on-one-on one, eh. Little cheating dirty spoilt Florentines! [Darts their movements responding with his own slashes and strikes.]
Domino. [Fakes being struck and falls to the ground] Ohhh owww, the pain, the pain! [Screams convincingly]
Lodovico. Hahaha, to slow old man![Dodges around Kirlou and comes back at him from the front swirling around him again causing him to have his back to Domino lying on the ground] [Gives his brother a grin and charges forward as Domino comes from behind screaming to distract Kirlou as Lodovico slips his dagger through Kirlou’s gut]
Kirlou. No, not possibly [Hoarsely] [falls to the ground with a tremendous thud, dust swirls up around him]
Antoni, Lucico, and Ellena gather at the scene of the murder as the officers arrest the merchants and prepare them to be hung. Immediately once Kirlou’s body is cleaned and taken to his home the brothers are set up on stools and have nooses fastened around their necks.
Hangman. Rotten dirty bastard, once your dead you’ll rot in hell! Are you ready to dance you filthy cold-blooded murderers? Well ready or not here we go! [Shouts as he kicks out the stools from underneath them]
Many gasps are heard and screams as people gather around to watch the brutal punishment. Some of the more vengeful people throw rotten food at them. The two brothers twist and jerk for a few excruciatingly painful seconds and then lay still in death.
Humble citizens cower in fear and cover their faces to hide from the sight, even Ellena and the few citizens wishing for revenge, but not Lucico, he is blind.

Anyone out there, Please comment. I need to know how this play is percieved by other people!
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