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That old feeling

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After watching Kagome sleep for awhile Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo kick in and he has a HARD time telling them apart. My stories are better than my summaries

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Disclosure-I do not own Inuyasha or any of the charters.
A/N-This little note is for real Inuyasha fans. I don’t follow the story to“T” It’s all just stuff that’s in my head so please don’t get offended if something doesn’t seem not right.

I was wide awake, I couldn’t sleep. Every attempt I’d make at forcing my eyes shut was futile they would just spring right back open. I was uneasy something was wrong. I didn’t feel any demonic aura and couldn’t smell blood, but yet I kept getting this feeling that would go and come something wasn’t right and I couldn’t put my claw on it. Oh well!

I sat up and looked to my right and saw Kagome sleeping. She’s lying there looking like an angel. WAIT! I just say ANGEL? I’m getting way too attached to this human. I have to remember I’m just using her to get the Shikon jewel. I don’t want her friendship, I don’t need her friendship. Or do I? Watching Kagome sleep makes me think of Kikyo. Kagome and Kikyo have are so much alike but at the same time so different. Even though the two girls resemble each other there were still slight differences in their face and attitude. Take Kagome her face was so angelic, pure, and sweet. But Kagome’s inside was the complete opposite. She is fearless willing to put her life on the line for her friends. She’s fierce willing to stand up for what she believes in and willing to stand up to me. And such a hard worker. She worked her fingers to the bone learning some hand to hand combat moves I was teaching her. Kagome’s fighting sprit is a lot like Kikyo’s face. I can still remember Kikyo’s face so vividly. Always serious tough and brave. Her voice so mono-tone never showing any emotions. But don’t be fooled the outside doesn’t always match the inside. Kikyo’s sprit was a lot like Kagome’s face. She cared for everyone and everything she vowed to protect. The people of her village and the Shikon jewel. But at the same time she cared deeply for me. The half-demon who only wanted the Shikon jewel to turn himself full demon. My intentions towards the jewel have always been bad, while hers where always pure. Kikyo wanted me all human. She made a vow to herself; she vowed to protect me for me. Even if it meant pinning me to a tree for 50 some odd years. She’s humble even though she was a trusted priestess and a powerful maiden she never considered herself better than anyone else. She loved everyone and everything. She loved being around the villagers they were her family. Any hardships they faced she faced right beside them. And she loved it. And they loved her for it. Hell so did I. What can I say I was in love with Kikyo and it hurts to see Kagome because she reminds me of her so much. So I can’t help but have feelings for Kagome nothing I’m proud of. Ow! Oh! God there it goes again. That feeling is turning into a pain. And it’s hitting me straight in the chest. What’s wrong with me? I’m stronger than this.

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