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Slippery Slope

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Written for the Week 11 prompt at bleach_contest: Good vs. Evil (Aizen). Over dinner, Aizen shatters an illusion of Orihime's.

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Slippery Slope
by: eternalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach and all of its characters are owned by Tite Kubo, his Japanese publishers, and Viz. I only write fanfics for fun with them.

A/N: Written for the Week 11 prompt at bleach_contest: Good vs. Evil (Aizen). The title comes from slippery slope type of argument. I'm not quite sure how this ended up being an Orihime-centric fic, since I don't like her, but it is what it is. Orihime has just had an illusion shattered by Aizen regarding good and evil.


Troubled, Orihime wandered the halls of Aizen's palace. Her ever-present shadow, Ulquiorra, followed several feet behind, allowing her the illusion of privacy. Conversation at dinner had taken a disturbing turn, and she was trying to outrun her unease.

Somehow, the topic of good versus evil had come up, and she had attempted to explain why she saw Aizen's actions as evil. The master of Hueco Mundo listened attentively, nodding in occasionally. A few times he asked for clarification on a point. Perfectly civilized dinner conversation.

Once she was finished, however, he calmly – gentlemanly, even – tore her arguments to shreds. She shivered slightly, remembering the former captain's words.

“Good and evil are determined by society and current morality, my dear. As both can and do change, what is good and evil is not truly a constant.” He held up a hand to stop her complaint. “Please hear me out, Orihime-chan.”

Waiting until she had quieted, Aizen continued, “Take this example. When you first arrived in Las Noches, I offered you a glass of wine with dinner that night. You refused, stating that you were underage. In effect, it would be evil of you to accept, since you would be violating your societal taboo.”

He looked at her, and she nodded in agreement. With a small smile, he continued. “If you remember, I told you that that was foolishness, since if you were old enough and capable enough to go into battle, you were an adult here. Still, you demurred.

“Tell me, what are you drinking right now?”

She looked at the glass in her hand, and discovered to her horror, that she was drinking wine. Dimly, she could recall accepting it from Ichimaru when he had poured it from the crystal carafe earlier. Had, in fact, refused both tea and juice when they were offered.

Aizen smiled then, pure unholy joy lighting up his handsome face. “You see, my dear, your perception of good and evil has shifted slightly. I did nothing more than make sure the wine was always available to you, and consider you an adult in regards to it. You made the decision to drink the wine yourself. No force was involved, not even an illusion crafted for the purpose. What other shifts are occurring within you, I wonder?”

She had fled the room then, Ichimaru's hateful laughter ringing in her ears, doubting herself for the first time. If she had given in on something so simple, so unimportant, how long would it take her to be like Hinamori-/san/, believing every word out of Aizen's mouth; needing him to give her a sense of self.

How long until she betrayed her friends?
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