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Miss American Dream Since She Was Seventeen.

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Delilah and her husband Dale take a roadtrip to try and reconcile their troubled marriage, it soon turns out to be a roadtrip they'll never forget.

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Disclaimer: Anything you may recognize in this story was unintentional, i made these characters purely for fiction and they are not in any way related to real people etc.

Summary: Delilah Thomson is married to a wealthy man; she has everything she wants except children. Her husband refuses to have any. This may all change with a bit of goodbye sex though.

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Delilah Thomson is a complicated yet beautiful woman. Delilah has the body of a goddess, curvy and nicely tanned. Her complexion is immaculate and her hair is a dark chocolately brown which is wavy and drops down over her shoulders, her blue eyes pierce you. She is the women of every mans dreams. But Delilah Thomson belonged to one man, and only one. Dale Thomson a very wealthy stockbroker. Delilah knew she had made the right decision when she accepted Dale's offer of marriage. Dale gave her everything she'd ever wanted in life. Love, lust, security, a wonderful home everything she wanted. But there was something she wanted that he just didn't, children. But Dale couldn't think of anything worse. Her yearning for children resulted in numerous fights between the couple and soon neither of them could take each other’s company anymore.

"Dee, I’m leaving I've fallen in love with Samantha" Dale said one night.

"Samantha!?...THE SECRETARY!" Delilah said angrily "How cliche" She mumbled under her breath.

"Dee you knew this would e-"

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Delilah yelled through tears that were now pouring down her face.

"This isn't your house, it is my house!" Dale said angrily as soon as Dale said this he regretted it.

"Whose name is this house under? Who’s Dale!" Delilah said angrily as she advanced on the cowering Dale.

"Y-you" Dale stuttered.

"Exactly, now pack your things and LEAVE!" Snarled Delilah into Dale's face, Dale backed up and walked to the closet grabbing out his suitcase, Delilah walked to the door but couldn't resist having the last word.

"Oh by the way Dale honey, don't think you’re the only one whose been sneaking around" Delilah said coyly as she left the room.

Of course this was a lie, Delilah would never think of cheating on her husband. Even if he was an A grade asshole. But she couldn't resist having the last word, and the look of anger on Dale's face mad it all worthwhile. She knew her marriage would end sooner or later; it was a only matter of time. Delilah was quite happy though, the only problem that posed any threat was that she would need to get a job to support her luxurious lifestyle or she would have to remarry a rich, reliable man.

"DEE! I need to talk to you!" Dale yelled down the stairs.

"I'm coming!" Delilah grumbled she hopped up off the lounge and began up the stairs when she reached their bedroom she saw Dale sitting on the bed with a suitcase next to him.

"What do you want" Delilah said icily with her hands on her hips.

"You look so sexy when you’re mad" Dale said smirking.

"Why the sudden change of heart?" Delilah said confused taking her hands from her hips.

"I just thought because I’m leaving we could have a bit of a good bye session if you know what I mean" Dale said winking; he had now gotten up from the bed and was walking towards a confused Delilah.

"Dale...what, what the hell?" Delilah said as Dale wrapped his arms around her and began kissing her neck softly.

"Stop...Dale, Dale god dammit!" Delilah said pushing him off.

"Oh i like it rough" Dale said smirking and he began walking towards her again but Delilah put her hand up.

"Dale, what the hell has gotten int-"

"Hush" Dale said putting a finger to Delilahs lips.

"I just want some goodbye sex...please" Dale pouted.

"How can i refuse" Delilah said now sucking on Dales finger.

"That’s my girl" Dale said warmly.

Dale now had Delilah pinned up against the wall only in her bra and underwear. He himself had gone for the fully naked approach. As Dale held Delilah's arms in place he kissed her neck travelling down to her stomach and soon in between her legs. He had pulled down her panties and thrown them across the room, he now had his head lodged in between her two soft thighs and was tasting her special honey. Every time his tongue ventured further into her she would moan softly she held his head in place scared he might try and move away before her pleasure was through, soon enough Delilah let out a loud moan and she let go of Dales head, he looked up at her and smiled.

"That, that was amazing" Delilah said panting a little.

"Why thank you Dee" Dale said smirking.

With that Dale grabbed Delilah’s legs and put them around him then he pushed her against the wall and went inside her, Delilah gasped a little when his member entered her but when he started moving in and out she felt pleasure once more and her soft moans began creeping from her mouth once more. When Delilah was close to climaxing she dug her fingers into Dale's broad back and he let out a moan of pleasure. Then she felt him erupt inside her it was at that moment she realised something, they hadn't used a condom.


A/N - Okay so this is nothing like my summary said ey? Well thats because this is a starter chapter my lovelies and it will get into the story after chapter two, i promise. Then you will have all the horror you can shove down your lovely throats i swear.

Up next - Delilah is feeling a bit sick.
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