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An Angel and a Demon

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Franks head angel, Gerards head demon, what happens when they fall in love? (Kinda like a romeo and juliet sorta thing but with a twist) please read :]

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A/N: Okay people, this is a new story (obviously) but this doesnt mean I wont be adding to my other story, its just I've had this idea in my head for ages and I was gonna wait until my laptop got fixed to write it but since that doesnt seem to be happening very soon I'm just gonna make do with using other peoples computers when I get chance, because I really like this idea and want to write it :] Anywho, please review and let me know what you think about this first chapter.
Love you xox
p.s - Franks pov

"You will not go unrewarded for this, there will be a place in heaven waiting for you." I said softly, smiling gently at the man who was on his knees, tears sliding down his face as he clung to his shirt and sobbed. "Thankyou, thankyou." He whimpered. I placed a hand on his forhead and made the shape of the cross and he smiled up at me through his tears. "Thankyou so much." He whispered.
"God bless you." I smiled and with the image of his smiling face imprinted in my mind I slowly dissapeared, re - appearing unknown to him on the street outside his apartment. I smiled to myself, and Renardo thought that I wouldnt be able to get him to repent. I chuckled softly to myself, I am not the head angel for nothing you know. I can make anyone make their peace with god, regret their sins, become good and all that jazz, the man I had just seen happened to be a murderer, rapist and theif, and this was all after he had commited adultery. Deciding I deserved a reward I stopped by a small shop and bought a small strawberry flavoured candy lolly. I hadnt had one of these in years. I pulled off the wrapper and popped the candy in my mouth, sucking on it with a satisfied smile.
I was walking to the nearby church, my 'heaven point' as Renardo called them, where I could appirate back to heaven and tell everyone the good news. I was only about a block away when a man walked past me and pulled the lolly out of my mouth as he went. I spun round in shock and saw him looking over his shoulder with a smirk, my lolly lodged in his mouth. My jaw dropped and I stormed after him, he turned into an alley and I followed, seizing him by the shoulder. He spun round and grinned at me. "That was mine!" I said angrily. He shrugged.
"Mine now kid, run along home now." He answered with a flick of his hand. I glared at him and put my hands on my hips.
"You cant just go around taking things from other people." I insisted. He grinned at me and his hazel eyes seemed to swallow me whole, making it difficult to keep my focus. "Why the hell not?" He asked.
"Because...b - because..." I stumbled over my words and stared at him with my mouth open. He contemplated me for a moment and his grin widened, he took the lolly and shoved it into my mouth, catching me off gaurd. "Come get a coffee with me?" He asked, almost demanded. I nodded stupidly, I couldnt help but agree. I followed him out of the alley and down the street to a nearby coffee shop.
We were sat looking at eachother, he was beautiful. There was no other way for me to put it, his black hair was shaggy and fell to his shoulders, his skin pale and smooth and he always seemed to have a teasing smile. He placed his chin on his folded hands, elbows on the table. "So, whats your name?" He asked, his voice was almost...seductive.
"Frank." I mumbled.
"Iero. Frank Iero." I answered. He smiled and tilted his head.
"Cute. I'm Gerard, Gerard Way." He said. I nodded slowly, I knew I should be going. I had been late when I had left the guys house and sitting here drinking coffee with practically a stranger wasnt helping, one of the Angels might even have come to find me. But this man, he was so handsome and he had a sort of irresistable charm about him, I just couldnt stop myself from sitting here and staring at him as he sipped coffee. "So, tell me about yourself Frankie." I blushed at the new nickname, and smiled like a school girl. "What do you want to know?" I asked.
"You religious?" He asked. The question seemed so ironic I couldnt help but laugh a little.
"Oh sure, you could say that." I smirked. He smiled and his eyes sparkled. "What about you. Are you religious?" I asked. His smile faded and he leaned back with a sigh, he clicked his tongue a few times, he seemed to be thinking. "Uhm, now that could be debated. I am religious in a way, I believe lets put it that way." He answered slowly. I was confused slightly by this but nodded anyway. "Yeah, I get you. Do you ever worry that you wont get into heaven?" I asked, the question just seemed to come out without me thinking about it, I dont know why I was interested to know the answer but I was. Gerard grinned, a mocking, sinister grin.
"Hell no, I dont worry because I know I wont get there." He chuckled. My stomach lurched.
"What makes you think that?" I asked. Gerard smiled.
"Do you want to go to heaven Frankie?" He asked, knocking back my question with his own. I didnt quite know how to answer this, since I was already part of heaven. Head angel in fact. I opened my mouth even though I still had no answer when someone I knew walked in, looking stressed. He spotted me and stormed over. "Geez Frank, I've been looking all over for you. You should have been back an hour ago." Snapped Ray. Gerard looked up at him and Ray stared back. "Who are you?" He asked. Gerard opened his mouth when another man walked in, he too was handsome and he walked over and gripped Gerards shoulder. "Gerard, what the hell is taking you so bloody long? Havent you killed the bitch yet? -" The man stopped when he spotted me and he raised an eyebrow, I looked at Gerard and he looked back at me. Killed the bitch yet? What did that mean? Surely Gerard didnt kill, I felt a pain in my stomach like I had been stabbed when I saw the truth in Gerards eyes. I looked up at the man by his side but he wasnt looking at me anymore, he was looking at Ray and Ray was staring back, recognition on their faces. "Well well well, Ray Toro. Who would have thought?" Snarled the man.
"Mikey Way, long time no see." Ray snarled back.
"You know eachother?" I asked quietly. Ray glared at me and Mikey glared at Gerard.
"What are you doing fraternising with Angels!?" Snapped Mikey, Gerard gasped and stared at me.
"He's an a -"
"Angel, yeah." Snapped Mikey. Gerard stared at me in horror, I didnt understand how Mikey knew, but Ray was about to give me an answer. "Why are you drinking coffee with a demon!" He demanded. My head snapped round to look at Gerard, he stared right back at me. I couldnt believe it, he didnt seem like a demon. He seemed so...nice. "Come on Gerard, Satans gonna have a fit." Cried Mikey, dragging Gerard off his chair and leaving the shop. Gerard shot me a wistful glance before dissapearing out of the door. I looked back at Ray who glared down at me, arms folded. "I swear I didnt know." I insisted.
"I dont care Frank. We're going back." I allowed him to pull me off my chair and out of the coffee shop. He didnt talk to me the whole way to the church. Once inside its doors we found a secluded corner where he spun me round to face him. "Your not going to tell god are you?" I asked. He sighed and his anger dimmed a little.
"I have to Frank, its the rules. Angels cant befriend Demons." He said simply.
"But Ray I didnt know -"
"That isnt the point, I have to tell Frank. Its for your own good." Ray placed a hand on my shoulder and gave me a sad smile before we dissapeared for heaven.
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