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The question that had burned inside Flik's broken heart for so long, was "Who?"

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I felt like I'd been leaving poor Flik out, so I decided to write a short introspective piece about him. It deals with his anger towards the traitor Sanchez.
Suvere spoiler rating cause you don't find out about sanchez until late on in the gameplay.
Maybe I just can't rate stories?

I don't own Mr Blue Lightning here, I'm just borrowing him. I'll give him back, Konami, I promise.

Flik felt helpless.

He’d spent so many nights awake, staring bitterly into the darkness, feeling more alone than he knew possible.

The question that had burned inside his broken heart for so long, an ache, a wound, an illness with no cure, was “Who?” . Who, out of that small group of comrades and friends would be savage enough to betray?

Those men, he had considered brothers. He’d fought side by side with them, and had considered every one an honourable man. Odessa had been their leader , the bravest of all of them, even as a woman, she had the one who had been seemingly respected and revered most.

For so long, the question had gnawed viciously in his heart. “Who?”

And now he knew the answer.

He knew the answer, and he didn’t care about the bastard’s reasons.

Sanchez, with the hands of the empire, had killed Odessa.

He had killed her auburn hair and gentle smiles, her quiet confidence and whispered words of love. Never again would Flik gaze into those eyes, in which he had seen so many things that had stolen his breath.

All he wanted then, the only hateful desire left to Flik, was revenge. With all the power of his being he wanted to bring that coward to justice.

And yet, he couldn’t.

As a man of honour, a man of his word, he was bound to the orders he was given. The orders that prevented him from killing Sanchez.

A part of him understood. A part of him knew why his revenge was denied to him. Perhaps one day, all of him would understand. But for that moment, the hurt, the rage was still too raw.

All he could do was try to avoid the murderous traitor, and his un-wanted apologetic glances.
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