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Just the begining

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Paramore before they were Paramore. Maybe some F.O.B. Things will get interesting.

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“Allie! Get off of me! You’re squishing me!” I yelled at my little sister of eleven years. “Allie, please get off of Kae, again.” Spoke my father without taking his eyes off of the road. “Fine daddy.” She acts like a little angle to them, but really she’s the devil. Oh, I guess I never properly introduced myself. I’m Kaelin Marie Cook. At the prime age of fifteen, I’m moving to a different state with my sister into my grandparents. You see, my mother was recently killed, and my father works about 364 days a year, so he believed that it would be better for us to live with Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Ralph. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I finally had everything that I wanted back in North Carolina. I finally got the boy of my dreams, made the field hockey team, and got my learners. Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Ralph aren’t exactly the ideal Grandparents. Instead of going to bingo every Tuesday night, they go roller skating. Grandpa Ralph cooks like the little Asian men that entertain you at those restaurants. My father, well he’s different. He’s an owner of two of the biggest hotels in North Carolina, he’s never seen with out his blonde hair slicked to one side, and him wearing a suit and tie. You would have never guessed that he is their son. My mother on the other hand, well she is…. Excuse me, she was like no other. She was care free, didn’t care what anyone else thought of her, and she was the person who told me to just be me. As I looked down at Allie, with her head on my lap, I realized how lucky we are. “Kae, why don’t you wear something more appropriate to wear. We’re about ten minutes away.” I looked down at my outfit; a pair of black skinny jeans with rips all over, neon pink tights under them, a white v-neck t-shirt with neon pink paint spatter, and black flip flops. “Fine whatever.” I replied while rolling my eyes and moving to the back of the Explorer. Reaching into my huge zebra print luggage, I pulled out a pair of electric blue zebra print tights, a plain white v-neck t-shit, and my black chuck taylors. I put the electric blue zebra print tights on, then my black jeans, and my father wasn’t so pleased. “Kae!I thought that I told you to change! You still look the same!” He yelled at me, and I just rolled my eyes. “Dad, I don’t care. And there’s the house.” Who could miss it? It was just like them; painted bright blue, and white trim. “I care, because I don’t want you to look like them.” He pointed to a group of about five kids about my age laying down on the front yard of the house next to our grandparent’s. There was one girl with dark red hair, and four boys with brown hair. Once we pulled into the driveway, all of them shot up and watched us. I made sure that I looked okay, then I jumped out to meet my grandparents. “Gramy! Grampy!” Allie yelled running up to them and practically tackling them. I walked up to them and gave them both hugs and received kisses. “Hey baby girl. How are you doing?” She asked me after hugging me pretty tight. “Hey Grandma. I’m doing alright. How about you?” She pushed some of my blonde hair out of my face and gave me a weak smile. “I’m alright I guess. How’s Allie and your father doing?” I looked over to where Allie was playing with Rusty, their wiener dog, then I looked over to where my father was leaning up against the Explorer talking on his cell phone. “Allie’s alright, but my father just shut himself out of our lives.” She gave a little frown, but quickly wiped it off when she looked towards the lawn. The five kids from next door were walking up to the porch which we were standing on. “Hey Sherry! Hey Ralph!” They called out to my grandparents. I looked over to my grandma, and she was smiling ear to ear. “Hey guys! I want you to meet some people!” They all had big smiles on their faces when they came up and gave my grandma hugs. “Guys, this is my lovely granddaughter, Kae. Kae, this is Hayley, Hunter, Josh, Taylor, and Zac.” We all exchanged our hellos, then grandma had the great idea for them to help get our stuff out of the car. “So Kae, how long are yall gunna be in Franklin for?” I believe Hunter asked. “It’s just gunna be Allie and myself, and probably until I graduate. Which will be about three years or so.” I replied while grabbing one of my many zebra bags and walking into the house.
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