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No One On Earth (Like You)

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This is a Ferard romance about Frank coming out of the closet and them just generally talking about the relationship. It contains fluff but no heavy stuff.

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Down through the dark trees
You came to save me
You're so ugly and you're so beautiful
You're like no one on Earth could be

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

"No, I love you more."

"Nah, I love you the most. You are my savior angel sometimes..."

Take me home
Let me be the one

Frank exhaled deeply. "I wanna live with you so bad..."

"I want you to live with me too...I want to marry you."

"I wanna marry you too, but there's just certain people that won't let us be together..."

"Why can't we just be open about each other? I could take it."

Gerard laid his head on Frank's shoulder. "It'll be really hard for you. It was really hard for me. I don't want you to get hurt because of me."

All of my life I've been waiting
For you
I wanna be the one that you take home
Let me be the one
'Cause I'm so lonely

"All of my life, I've been waiting for you and I want to you to be the One."

"Well, I'm not sure if I'm the One for you."

Take me home
With you
No one on Earth knows me like you do
Take me home
In time you'll love me like one of your own
So come on...

"Have you ever heard the song, No One On Earth by Above& Beyond?"

Gerard sat up with a look of curiosity on his face. "No, what is it?"

"It's dance trance music, not something you'd listen to really, but the lyrics...they would make you understand why I love you."

Gerard smiled widely, and began to hold hands with his partner. "Really? What's it say?"

Frank blushed, and wiggled around in his spot on the bed. "Well, I know the chorus is this," and he started to sing to Gerard.

Take me home
With you
No one on Earth knows me like you do
Take me home
In time you'll love me like one of your own
So come on...

This brought a smile to Gerard's face, and Frank buried his head in the crook of Gerard's neck, so he moved just enough to kiss him on the neck. It sent chills down his body, like always. He would never forget how it felt to be with him.

"We will be together. I promise, one day we will be."

"I don't want to wait., come with me."

"Where are you taking me?"


Gerard was confused as his cuddling buddy got up and grabbed his arm, motioning for the door. Outside, there were many people walking around, seeing as they now lived in Trenton. Frank grabbed Gerard's hand, and before he could stop him, Frank yelled, "I don't care who hears this, but I am in love with this man!"

Gerard started to frown, but the happiness on Frank's face was too content to not smile with him. Nobody seemed to really care what Frank had just said, seeing as they all had their own lives, but it made the world much happier for a certain couple as they walked down the street together. Hand in hand, they strove to show the world that being gay isn't bad, it's about love.

Take, take me home
With you
No one on Earth knows me like you do
La la la la....I'm going home.

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